Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 2

This new chapter marks the beginning of my new schedule where I release at least 1 chapter a week as a regular chapter and if the queue is filled for the sponsored chapter, then another one within the same week.

The results of the poll I made the other day overwhelmingly favor continuing this series, so I will do so. The other poll shows that setting up a sponsored chapter queue is not an absolutely detestable idea, so I did that also.

I was thinking for a while about what specifics would be best for the sponsored chapters and I ended up with the current specifications. I’m very new to this kind of thing, so if you have any constructive criticism on the subject, I would welcome it very much.

Without further ado, here is Volume 2 Chapter 2

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    1. Rebirth Online is doing the WN version, this is the LN version. Also, they are doing a Machine Translation and the general consensus here seemed to be that it wouldn’t hurt to have a traditionally translated version.

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