Sorry about the long silence

I’m sorry to everyone for the long silence, my jobs really left me half dead in the last 3 month, so I couldn’t spend any time on translating or managing the blog.

I’m currently translating the next few chapters of Hello Work since it’s the most important translation I’m doing and I feel really bad that I couldn’t do the sponsored chapters on time.

28 thoughts on “Sorry about the long silence”

  1. No problem. Half dead means you’re also half alive. As long as you’re alive, there is still hope. 😛

  2. Half dead?

    Dam Zombies. So many movies about them. 😥

    Anyway, being half alive means you are eating properly. 😇

  3. Your all good with us thanks for the update, we will be here ready to read when you have time, real life takes precedence as it’s what pays the bills and keeps instant ramen in the belly =)

  4. No problem, take care of yourself first. Thanks for the update, I was afraid something bad had happened to you. Stay well and thank you for all of the translations 😀 you rock!

  5. Heya Fire! No probs…we will wait as long as it takes ! Take ur time.
    rl comes first anyway.

    P.S : I don’t know if its intentional or not the dates of the last 2 posts are mirrors of each other 😛

  6. He is aliiiiivvveee!!!!!! Heeeeee lllllliiiiivvveeesss!!!! Well we….would…..wait……for…..elizabeth……*….scene…..

    1. SC 2 has hit me hard. I read this in the voice of dahaka. And dont ask for elizabeth when you can ask for all of the eros!!!!!!!!. I havent read vol 3 so I dont really know if it has the eros…..

            1. jimmy was and her got separated executed so she went to and hold and small hive in that place and took control of it contacted the brood mother and with it swarm slaughtered the terrans (dominion) to give jimmy time to escape but got captured and supposed executed kerrigan in her anger went to a leviathan nearby in the closest zerg territory and from there she rebuilt it made it stronger and striked against the dominion and some times the protoss she meets Zerathul that takes her to the zerg homeworld Zerus and she transformed again into the Queen of blades but more powerfull than before and clensed from the mind control corruption that the zerg had because of Amon got back to dominion space she kill Amon’s underling (don’t remember his name) whit the help of Stukov (From SC Broodwars) got intel that jimmy is alive recued him with help of mat and the rebels intel went to Korhal Killed Arcturus Mensk and then left for deep space to prepare the Swarm to fight with Amon, don’t know what happens afterwards haven’t got the legacy of the void xd

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