Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Invitation

After that, we talked a bit more with Guild Leader Hallein about the Death Armed incident, but didn’t gain any more concrete information.
In the end, the reason why the Death Armed’s Evolution requirements were fulfilled remained a mystery.

It’s not even clear if there was someone behind it all, or some kind of natural phenomenon that wasn’t present in Magic World was responsible for it.

For the time being, the Great House of Marquis Howlod will be handling the investigation, so a simple adventurer like me shouldn’t have to worry about it any further, but….

“Well then, we will be excusing ourselves now. Thank you for listening to us, Guild Leader-dono.”

“Ah, wait just a moment. I’m now aware of your real strengths and I don’t think you are telling some kind of pointless lie. Ordinarily, a promotion from C rank usually focuses more on your achievements and the specifics of your activities rather than pure fighting prowess, but…. With a special exemption I will recognize both your promotions to B rank adventurers.”

“To B rank adventurers?”

A rank skipping promotion to B rank adventurers from D rank.
It’s a welcome development.
Generally, even if you produce some results, you can’t really get a promotion if you are only delving into Dungeons.

In this world, your rank as an adventurer also serves as proof of identity.
It has an influence on the hidden Fame parameter and also affects the maximum number of points you can invest into your Skill Trees.
I thought we would need to accept a few minor requests to get promoted in the future, but it seems we won’t need to worry about it for a while.

“Ha-Hallein-sama! Are you sure!? Declaring a special exemption just like that….! You should take some time to think it over….!”

Maltida, the receptionist girl, hurriedly interjected.
Hallein just scoffed at those words.

“I don’t mind. I’m the Guild Leader of La Colina and someone personally appointed by the Lord Marquis. No other Guilds would object to my decision.”

“That’s certainly good news for us, but…..are you looking for some kind of compensation for that?”

I have no idea why Hallein would promote us by using a special exemption, putting the responsibility for it on her shoulders.

“No such thing. It’s my natural responsibility to place outstanding adventurers to their rightful positions. If you keep working as adventurers after this, then that’s plenty. That will benefit the Guild…and even the country in the long run.”

Hallein declared, brooking no arguments.
I didn’t have that good of an impression of the Howlod Family until now, but I can at least feel a sincere desire to fulfill her responsibilities from her.

“S-so cool…..!”

Luce kept looking at Hallein with a faint blush on her cheeks.

“…..now as for something completely unrelated….I was thinking of increasing the number of adventurers in our Guild staff. I try to make those decisions on a strict merit basis, but there is the reputation of the Guild to consider. So, it becomes a choice from B rank and above adventurers. This would guarantee you a steady income and I’m confident I can provide a competitive salary. You wouldn’t need to worry about dangerous assignments either….”

“….so that was her real aim.”

Luce dropped her shoulders in disappointment and kept looking at Hallein with disappointed eyes.

“What do you think, Elma-san? I will go along with whatever you decide…..”

“That’s somewhat impossible with my situation….. However, if you want to accept, then I won’t stop you, Luce.”

Even if I was thrown out, I’m formerly from the Edvan Family.
It’s not because of some feelings of duty to my former House, but I don’t think I would be able to work under the Howlod Family like that.

“In that case, I will have to decline as well.”

Luce bowed her head to Hallein.

“Mhm….I didn’t think you would refuse without even hearing the terms. Even though there are many adventurers that made it their goal to work for La Colina’s Guild. I greatly value your abilities. I could promise you at least twice the pay other similar level adventurers would get….”

Even if I disregard my relation with the Edvan Family, I still don’t want to have my actions constrained by the Guild.
There are still many things I want to try, various Dungeons to visit, and plenty of items to acquire.

As for the compensation….I don’t think the wages of a Guild staff member could ever compete with Luce’s item drops.

“If that’s the case, then we would like to refuse the promotions as well.”

“Haah, it can’t be helped. I would’ve liked to get you two as subordinates by any means, but….I don’t think any further negotiations would help in that. I’ve told you that those two are entirely separate matters. That was the honest truth of the matter. There is no need to consider yourselves indebted to me because of it.”

“In that case, we will gladly accept it.”

“…..however, if, IF, either of you change your mind, then you are welcome to come see me anytime about it. I’m usually quite busy, but for you two I will make time with the highest priority.”

S-she really doesn’t know when to let go….

I became somewhat anxious about whether it was really fine to accept the promotion, but it’s really a welcome turn of events.
So Luce and I were promoted to B rank adventurers.

B rank adventurers should be the cream of the crop, even here in La Colina, the City of Adventurers.
There might be a few A rank adventurers here too, but probably not more than two or three at most.

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