Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Blacksmith Berga

After finishing with exchanging the magic stones and reporting the incident with the Death Armed at the adventurers’ guild, Luce and I proceeded to walk around La Colina.

Our goal was to try and find a capable smith and ask them to make new level appropriate equipment for us.
That was our original reason for going to the Centipede Pit and gathering all those black steel items too.

“I-Is this really fine, Elma-san? For me to have such an expensive weapon….?”

Luce muttered with a black short sword in her hand.
It was the item that dropped from the Death Armed, the Venomous Centipede’s Short Sword.

〈Venomous Centipede’s Short Sword〉《Recommended Level: 70》
【Market Value: 28 million gold】
A short sword coated in the venom of a centipede.
In addition to its high Attack bonus, it sometimes poisons the enemy.

Its Market Value was 28 million gold.
The Recommended Level for it was a bit high, but Luce’s level already rose into the sixties with the defeat of the Death Armed.

If you don’t reach the Recommended Level requirements, then your Status gets a small penalty, but with a level difference this small, it won’t be anything serious.
On an emotional level, getting a weapon that you won’t have to replace for a while is also greatly appreciated.

“It has a high Attack bonus and also has a useful bonus effect. Selling a weapon like this would instead be the wasteful thing to do.”

In addition to that, the bonus poison effect, which ordinarily should only be a small plus with its low probability of triggering, is based on the user’s Luck value with items like this.

In Magic World, the poison status effect was fairly powerful against enemies that had no resistance to it.
The more the enemy moves, the faster the poison effect deals a certain percentage of the opponent’s max HP as damage.
It also decreases the Agility of the opponent by 【10%】.

“B-but….Elma-san, please listen to me! If we sell this, then we will be able to eat a lot of delicious food every day! We could eat to our heart’s content, and even get desserts too!”

Luce verbalized the highest, yet still meager luxuries she could envision.

“….we should visit a nice restaurant soon here in La Colina too. With how developed this city is, we should be able to find a good one.”

Even without counting the item drops which was our main source of income, with the magic stone we got from the Angel’s Toybox and the Centipede Pit, also the subjugation reward for the Embryo, we should have about 24 million gold in savings.
It wouldn’t hurt to splurge a little.

“That aside, I would like to use the black steel we gathered for a set of armor….and the mythril for a weapon for me. Would that be fine with you? Counting in the work fee for the blacksmith, all that may turn out to be even more than the Market Value of the Venomous Centipede’s Short Sword.”

Indeed, the Mythril Ingot and Venomous Centipede’s Short Sword are both about equally expensive items.
Also, the money needed to hire a blacksmith that can work with mythril would also be quite a sum.

〈Mythril Ingot〉
【Market Value: 25 million gold】
An ingot made of mythril.
A magical metal that was affected by powerful mana.
It’s also sometimes called magic silver.
It’s a valuable rare metal, so much so that people will respect you as an adventurer if you have some kind of equipment made out of it on you.

If we add the material cost for the black steel armor and the manufacturing costs, then it will be quite a hefty total.
With just the Mythril Ingot the material cost would already be 25 million gold.
When you add the black steel too, it will certainly exceed 30 million gold.
From that point of view, rather it’s me that should be feeling apologetic.
There was already the cost of getting the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] as it is.

As for my shield, I can keep that for a bit longer.
There isn’t much of a difference between my current Mad Demon Shield and the Black Steel Shield anyway.
However, I want to do something about the same Iron Armor I had on me since the very beginning.

“S-so, essentially….the total value of all our equipment is around 60 million gold……”

Luce gulped.

“Only, a Blacksmith that can work with mythril will necessarily need to be at a certain level, which we might not be able to find, even here in La Colina, the City of Adventurers.”

To reforge metal obtained from a Dungeon, you need a Class specific Skill Tree of a Blacksmith.
In this world, where death means the end, high level Blacksmiths should be even more treasured than they were in Magic World.

After that, we wandered around the city for a while in search of a Blacksmith that could work with mythril.
However, just as I feared, most higher level Blacksmith were working under some nobles or had large businesses in the capital city, so we could only find at most 【Lv:45】 Blacksmiths.

After half a day of asking around….we finally managed to find some information about a 【Lv:60】 Blacksmith.
However, people didn’t really recommend going to him, since he was apparently an obstinate, eccentric, and ill-natured old man.
Allegedly, he had a troublesome personality and if you managed to offend him once, then no matter how much money you offered, he wouldn’t accept any jobs from you.

“This doesn’t look like a place where a first rate Blacksmith would be living….”

We arrived at a dilapidated house far from the main street.

“Will this be really fine? I’m starting to have some doubts.”

Luce knocked on the front door, then slowly opened it.

“Helloo….sorry to intrude. We heard that a Blacksmith called Berga was living here…..”

“So you came here again you damn brat! No matter how much you keep threatening me, I don’t have any weapons to sell to a miscreant like you!”

Someone shouted at us with an angry and hoarse voice.

“Hiiiih! I-I’msorryI’msorry!”

Luce started earnestly apologizing before we had any idea what that was about.

“Huh, I guess you aren’t that damn brat.”

A bulky, white-haired, and bespectacled old man appeared from the back of the store.
He had a stiff white beard and was holding a large hammer in his hand.

I was wondering what the hell happened when he started shouting at us, but it seems it was a case of mistaken identity after all.
…..however, he really seemed to live up to his reputation as an obstinate and eccentric old man.

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