Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Uneven Party

“[Stunt Barrage]”

Luce kept slashing with her knife while spinning.


The Mummy Rana fell over with its back to the floor and stopped moving.

Below the cover of bandages, a dried up husk of a body could be seen.

【You have gained 639 experience points.】

One of the four Mummy Ranas was finally defeated.

With this we managed to eliminate their number advantage.

The HPs of the remaining three were also on their way down.

We should be able to push on like this.

“Tsk……she took the final hit with a Skill. Damn, I wanted to take down at least three.”

Celt grumbled quietly.

It seems he really was after the last hit experience and the drop items.

Celt got even closer with his bow at the ready.

He must’ve decided that as long as he’s careful, he should be able to come a bit closer, now that the number of opponents went down.

With Luce taking the first one, he must be chomping at the bit to make up the difference.

However, he came simply too close.

It’s not a distance where a long range Class should be staying at.

At the same time Celt let loose an arrow, a different Mummy Rana than the one he was targeting spit out a purplish beam of water.

It was the Skill, [Venom Shooter].


Celt contorted his body, but the purple line connected with his shoulder.

It punctured through his clothes and gouged into his flesh.

In contrast to magic type Skills, the wind-up time of the Mummy Rana’s [Venom Shooter] is short.

In addition to that, the Mummy Rana possesses the advantage that its eyes and face are mostly covered by bandages, so it’s difficult to notice any signs of Skill activations through them, making it hard to react to.

It deals a decent amount of damage and even inflicts a poison abnormal condition on its target.

It’s a fairly troublesome Skill.

And even though it’s just a single ranged Skill from a lower leveled opponent, a Hunter’s HP is quite low.

The poison status effect is also pretty serious for a Hunter.

The greatest threat from the poison is the constant decrease of HP, but it also inflicts a decrease in speed.

It all but destroys one of the most important advantages of a Hunter.

It just became highly difficult for Celt to continue with his gung-ho fighting style.

“That damnable frog! A potion would take too long to heal me! Oi, use your magic to cure me! You have [Poison Heal], right!?”

Celt ordered Mabel.

“T-that is….something I can’t do right now.”

Mabel replied in a troubled manner.

“What did you say?”

“[Poison Heal] takes some to cast and if Luce-chan as a Clown with low HP somehow gets hit more than one time, I won’t be able to cover her, which could lead to our front line collapsing.”

“That’s not a front line that would break in a moment from opponents at those levels! Don’t just pile assumptions on assumptions like that!”

“I also can’t use [Poison Heal] one after the other when we are up against an opponent with a poison attack. If you get hit again before the fight ends, I will have to use even more of my MP. Another thing is that the front liners are much more in danger from poison than the back line. In this situation I would rather hold off healing the back line until after the fight, since that would be much more efficient….”

Celt was glaring menacingly at Mabel, but then his expression suddenly softened.

“I got it, I got it, Priestess girl. You are bothered by the fact that healers only get a smaller share, right? I will make sure you get some extra later, okay? I’m not telling you to play favorites with me. It’s easier to work with a flexible adventurer that listens to what someone more experienced has to say, right?”

I kept an eye on them while I was fighting the Mummy Ranas.

Celt was speaking very smoothly.

He tried shouting at first, and when it didn’t work, he moved on to trying to placate her right away.

That guy is really experienced in this.

According to psychology, people tend to trust someone more when just after getting yelled at they get treated nicely, due to the release of tension.

If he keeps playing a verbal tug of war like this in the middle of combat, it could lead to a serious accident.

It might be too dangerous to let Celt have free rein like this.

“Celt-san, I can’t do something like that. You might be a lot more experienced with delving into Dungeons, but as a healer I take pride in my ability and decisions. Even if you laugh at me and say that it’s inefficient, I want to prioritize the safety of our teammates. That is my policy.”

Mabel answered resolutely.

Celt looked like he bit into a lemon as he clicked his tongue.

I thought of Mabel as just a reliable black-bellied healer, but I might’ve misunderstood her somewhat.

After that, every time I glanced at Mabel during the fight, she was wearing a cold little smile as she kept her gaze on Celt’s back.

I remembered what she said before we entered the Dungeon.

“That guy is the type that calms down in the end if I act subservient but keep putting off healing him for some reason or another.”

….I almost believed there that it was her real self just now, but this current situation is exactly what she said she would do.

Only someone with the same Class could know what’s the best move in each situation.

“Until now I thought that Mabel-san was a bit scary, but it seems she is a passionate and gentle person instead….!”

It seems Mabel made a deep impression on Luce.

I couldn’t say anything to that.

…..rather than Celt, Mabel might be the one who was more crafty and even more troublesome.

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