Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – Breaker Magic Sword

After that, Celt was healed by Mabel’s [Heal] without any further incidents.
However, since she didn’t have too much MP left, Celt was just healed up to half his max HP, leaving the rest to Healing Potions and his natural recovery to take care of.

“Thank you very much, Celt-san. If you hadn’t come to my rescue at that time, I might’ve died there.”

“I just didn’t want to keep being in debt with people like you.”

Celt looked pretty awkward from Luce thanking him.
He stopped speaking, creating an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds, but then he bit his lip and started talking again in a serious manner.

“….I won’t apologize for taking the last hits. Even if that decreases the efficiency of the party, that’s how I operate. It’s obvious that we can’t work together on things where our interests do not align. If you don’t like that, then find yourselves some more bosom buddies and create a fixed party that can work together like clockwork.”

“It looked like you were gearing up to say something important, but it was just this.”

I couldn’t help but let out a wry laugh seeing Celt’s surly expression.

“However…..I apologize for immediately trying to run away from a fight we could win. I’m sorry. I hindered everyone because of an error in judgment on my part.”

Celt lowered his head towards us.

He is hard to deal with and generally an unpleasant guy for sure, but he’s not someone who is rotten to the core.

“At any rate…..I didn’t think you would be able to take down a Patchwork all by yourself, Elma-san. I was even thinking how we should hurry up and defeat ours, then go and help you as soon as possible. Are you really just a simple adventurer? I thought Heavy Knights didn’t have that much Attack power…..”

“I’ve heard before how to deal with a Patchwork. It’s partly thanks to this Mythril Sword….and partly, well, a somewhat rare Skill Tree as well.”

“I wouldn’t have expected that you would even come to help us out instead. Elma-san, are you perhaps even stronger than Celt-san?”

“…..oi, Priestess, you really do have quite a mouth on you once you discard the sheep’s clothing.”

Celt started roughly scratching his head.

“But don’t mistake me, okay? Like I said before, I just didn’t like the thought of me owing you people something. I have no intentions of chumming it up with you all. People having different interests during a Raid Quest is obvious. We are not playing around here. I have no intentions of changing my methods after this either.”

“We got it, we got it.”

After I brushed off Celt, I saw something within the remains of the Patchwork.
The swords are part of the monster too, so they should have all disappeared as well, but a single one neatly remained.

It looks like the Patchwork I defeated first already mostly disappeared, barring its magic stone, so it seems only the one Luce and the others fought against had something drop.
I walked closer and picked up the sword.

〈Breaker〉《Recommended Level: 60》
【Market Value: 14 million gold】
A rusted greatsword formerly wielded by a patchwork warrior.
With its cutting edge subpar, it depends on its weight to cut things.
Even though it’s long, heavy, and unwieldy, it’s extremely powerful.
The one who can swing this greatsword is truly deserving of the name Breaker.

It’s not a bad weapon.
However, now that I have my Mythril Sword, it’s just an unwieldy weapon, with only its long reach the sole positive thing about it.
Even so, its price is very nice.

“….and another one dropped again. Do you have a Luck increasing Skill or something?”

Celt gave Luce a sideways glance.
As expected of someone so experienced, he is well informed.

“Thanks for covering for Luce. If you didn’t, she might’ve been in a lot of trouble.”

I said as I held out the Breaker for Celt to take.

“Hah? What are you playing at?”

“I didn’t have much to do with your fight against that Patchwork. I was only able to deliver the finishing blow because you three distracted it.”

“Are you trying to mock me with this, because of my focus on drop items? I don’t need that; I was simply working within the rules of the Raid Quest, and only saved the Clown girl to repay my debt.”

“Ah, that wasn’t my intention….”

“If I keep looking at how naive you’re all acting I’m going to start to have a bad taste in my mouth. Hey, get a move on already.”

Celt started walking further down the corridor while glaring at the map.

“If you walk ahead too much, then I won’t be able to defend you from the attacks of monsters if they show up.”

“You are slow as all hell and your armor keeps clanking. I’m saying that I will take the lead since I’m more experienced, I have good ears, and have a [Stealth] Skill, okay?”

“That’s not what you’ve said before….”

I already expressed my opinion that someone else should take the lead since I wasn’t fast enough for it, but Celt was against it that time.
Although, I won’t complain if he decides to take up a dangerous role by himself like this…..

“…..he is a bit of a contrarian, but he’s still a cute mister.”

Luce whispered while looking at Celt’s back.
Celt shot us a glare, urging us to get a move on already.
We hurried to catch up to him with quick steps.

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