Heavy Knight Volume 3 – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – A single hit from a Reaper

“Thank you very much, Snow-san…..!”

Luce started to run up vertically on the side of the ice pillar.
She was able to do that thanks to her [Acrobatic Steps] Skill.
With that, she will be able to get close to the Podarge, which was hovering near the ceiling.

….however, it seemed things wouldn’t go that easy.
Some monsters thus far appeared to be somewhat smarter than their game selves, but even among those, this Podarge was on a whole other level.
It seems to be aware of the System and its possible uses, as well as the fact that because of that sometimes retreating could end up as the best way to attack.

Trying to get closer to a Podarge, a magic type combatant, via a straight and narrow foothold is not a good idea.

A large magic circle was deployed in front of the Podarge’s face.

“Get out of there, Luce! It intends to blow you away along with that pillar!”


A bolt of lightning fell on the pillar of ice.
It was the wind magic Skill….the [Thunderstorm].
That one has a pretty long activation time and takes a lot of MP, but its area of effect is wide and its firepower is also high.
It’s perfect for blowing up enemies along with the ground they are standing on, like what happened just now.


Luce kicked off from the pillar and escaped into mid-air.

“[Float Lift]!”

Snow quickly activated her next Skill.
A small foothold made of ice was deployed right in Luce’s trajectory.


Luce managed to neatly stand on top of it.


The Podarge kept glaring at her with a frown on its face.
It must’ve wanted to deal with Luce once and for all with the [Thunderstorm].
Not only did it miss with its finishing blow, it seemed to be in a panic now due to Luce managing to get closer despite its efforts.

Both the timing and control of magic was perfect on the deployment of that foothold.
As expected of someone who is called a genius with the sword.
The part of the rumors that described her as a cunning and black-hearted woman was astonishingly inaccurate, but labeling her as a genius seemed to have been correct in turn.

“We can do this…..with this, we can take it down! [Life Shield]!”

I activated my Skill while running towards it.
My life force manifested and covered my body with a radiant defensive membrane.
It’s a Skill that takes twenty percent of my maximum HP and turns it into a shield that protects my whole body.

〈Half-Dead Savage Dragon〉【Special Skill】
When the user’s HP is less than 20%, Attack and Agility is increased by 100%.

With this, the requirements for [Half-Dead Savage Dragon] have been met.
My body was covered by a red light and my speed increased right away.
Where I was heading was directly underneath the Podarge.

“[Dragon Killer Thrust]…..!”

Luce kicked off from her icy foothold and thrust her knife towards the Podarge.


The Podarge started to spin up a magic circle to shoot her down.
It was the one famous for its fast activation time, the [Sylph Cutter].

Snow, with her Snow Crystal Knight Class created the footholds, and Luce as a Clown made good use of them to get closer to the Podarge.
It was an excellent example of teamwork, but the Podarge still had the advantage, since it only had to shoot down anyone trying to come closer.
The [Sylph Cutter] proved one step faster.

“[Shadow Stomp]!”

I stomped on the Podarge’s shadow with all my power.


Suddenly the large body of the Podarge greatly wavered in the air.

The effect of the [Shadow Stomp] lessens with distance.
If the difference in stats is high enough, it can even be broken by the opponent.

However, it’s more than enough to disrupt a monster’s actions for a moment.
Especially in this case….where the Podarge’s attention was focused entirely on the incoming Luce.
Suddenly getting pulled on out of nowhere should’ve been a particularly effective distraction.

The trajectory of the [Sylph Cutter] sent by the Podarge was slightly off because of that, only grazing Luce and destroying her icy foothold instead.

Then, Luce’s [Dragon Killer Thrust] pierced the Podarge’s neck.
The skull made of light created by the [Abyssal Dagger] Skill appeared once again.
The flesh of the monster’s neck ruptured, letting out a great deal of blood.


Suffering a great deal of damage, the Podarge started to fall straight down.
That was also its last desperate attempt to get away from Luce as far as possible.

“It’s a real tough bastard, being able to still move after that.”

I aimed my sword at the falling Podarge.

“[Relentless Vigor]!”

Blue light mixed in with the preexisting red light covering my body.

〈Relentless Vigor〉【Normal Skill】
Can only be activated when the remaining HP is under 50%.
It lowers Defense to 【0】 and increases the Attack by the same amount.
While it’s activated, it continuously consumes MP.

With this, the preparations are complete.


The Podarge forced its off-balance posture to twist towards me and lashed out with its talons at me.
Although it indeed managed to hit me, there wasn’t that much power behind it in the end.
It only broke my [Life Shield].

With the Podarge showing a large gap in its defense because of that, I hit it with a combo attack of my [Half-Dead Savage Dragon] and [Relentless Vigor] Skills.
I managed to slam down the Podarge’s large body onto the floor.
Even through the Podarge’s body, the force of my blow cracked the floor beneath it.


That was the last screech of the monster.

【You have gained 6725 experience points.】
【Your level has increased from 72 to 74.】
【You have gained 2 Skill points.】

We managed to defeat the Dream Lord of the Phantasmal Beast Tower, the Podarge.

I planted my sword into the floor, then leaned on it with my whole body as I deactivated my two ongoing Skills.
The two colored lights disappeared from around my body.
That was somewhat dangerous, but all four of us managed to get through it in one piece.

“Finally……it’s over……”

Izabella bonelessly crumbled to the ground.
Apparently her knees gave out now that the fight was over.

She then turned to the remains of the Podarge, going pale immediately.

“But…..what, was, that monstrous power? Having something like this as a hidden ace…..who the hell are you…..?”

“It’s a bit of a desperate measure. Not something I can use whenever I want.”

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