Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Battle at the horse pasture

When we got back I changed to casual clothes and Sati also changed to the clothes that she bought with Elizabeth the other day.

It’s a one piece that reveals her shoulders and it also has frilly laces so it looks very cute. It looks good on her. Somehow my heart started beating profusely.

We are doing the reading and writing practice, but I can’t calm down. Sati is also restless and can’t seem to be able to concentrate. Also, she is sitting a bit farther than usual and every time our bodies touch she reacts with a twitch.

This is not good like this. Let’s stop for today.

“Sati, go and bring some pudding. Let’s take a break.”

“Y-yes. I’m sorry.”

Sati must’ve known herself that she couldn’t concentrate. She went to bring the pudding from the refrigerator with a crestfallen expression.

Well then, what should I do.

There is still time until night, but even if I want to go have fun somewhere, there isn’t really any place for that in this town. Apparently, if you go as far as the royal capital there is a theater there.

For an adventurer it’s probably common to go to the bar, but unfortunately I’m bad with things like that.

Lately I read books when I have free time, but I don’t think I could concentrate on it on this particular day.

I should go and take a bath.

I make sure to take a bath every day lately, so I’ve come to mind the sweat even after using Purification. It’s better to be hygienic after all.

“Should we go take a bath?”

Maybe today, no, isn’t today finally the day when I should have Sati wash my entire body? Angela and Elizabeth also had it done to them and they gave high praises so I really want experience it for myself.

When I returned to the dressing room after pouring hot water into the bathtub, Sati had already taken off her clothes and was completely nude. Okay, calm down, me. We will soon be doing it, so this is within the tolerable limits.

I thoroughly appreciate Sati’s naked body.

She looks fleshier compared to before after all. She is still slim, but maybe because I’m having her do training too, her body has become tight and her skin is smooth. She is very beautiful. Her breasts are also bigger than I thought.

Although they are small.

“Uhm, is there something strange…..?”

Ah, I stared too much. Sati is embarrassed after all, she is fidgeting.

“Ah, nn. You are beautiful.”

So much so that I want to push her down this instant.

“Then let’s go in.”

Sati’s full body washing was exceptional. I understand why Elizabeth said she wanted her. But she is mine you know? And then, to return the favor, I also washed her.


We both soak in the bathtub. I’m hugging Sati from behind currently.

“Forever……I want stay together with Masaru-sama like this forever.”

Firmly grasping my arm, she suddenly said this.

Forever, huh.

If I return to Japan after the 20 years are up, what should I do with Sati….. take her with me to Japan?

Will Itoushin allow that?

Should I stay here?

No, I can’t. I want to go back after all. The reason I can endure my current lifestyle is because I believe I can go back.

If it became certain that I would bury my bones in this different world, then I might not be able take it.

“Is it……is it not possible?”

Sati says after seeing me staying silent.

“Well….we’ll see. What I’m about to tell you is a secret from everyone, okay?”


“My home is very far, you see. I’ve been sent here with something like Transfer Magic. So I can’t go home now, but there is a promise to pick me up after 20 years has passed.”

“Twenty years…..”

“Yes. So at the very least I can be at the side of Sati for 20 years. However, beyond that I don’t know. I might go back to my home, or I might feel that I want to stay here.”

“Take me with…..”

“I don’t know. What that Transfer Magic is like. But if I can take you with me, then I will absolutely take you with me for sure. I promise.”

“Yes, Masaru-sama.”

Sati was satisfied with that it seems. She relaxed and leaned into me.

Twenty years, huh.

I have to survive twenty years. But I wonder what the ‘world falling into ruin’ means. Will the Demon King revive or something? If I ask Priest-sama he might know something perhaps.


We got out of the bath and moved to our room.

She is wearing that revealing clothes that she was wearing when I bought her.

“This is what I was wearing when I first met Masaru-sama.”

I got flashback to when I first saw Sati at the Slave Merchant.


“Nn, that takes me back. I’m really happy that I was able meet Sati that time.”

Sati, who showered even someone like me with a great deal of affection, feels very precious to me from the bottom of my heart.



After that, the two of us had plenty of tender fun. It was a bit painful for Sati, but…..Recovery Magic is really convenient.

Also, big sister, what the heck did you teach Sati.

Thank you very much.


“I should start preparing dinner soon.”

Said Sati as she sat up on the bed.

“Let’s eat boxed lunches today.”

I take out the same kind of boxed lunches that I took out on the day I bought Sati.

This is also nostalgic, right?

“Is this……”

I put two in front of Sati.

“There is also wild rabbit skewer if you want.”

“T-thank you very much……”

Sati was saying ‘it’s delicious’, ‘it’s delicious’ as she ate while sobbing.

After we ate? Of course, we resumed what we were doing before.


That day we enjoyed ourselves until late at night, then slept until just before noon the next day.




There are also Skills named Endless Sexual Stamina and Sexual Techniques. Although I won’t take them at this point. I don’t think Sati could take it if I go too hard.

There are also Skills like Mesmerize and mind control type Skills that, although have big Point requirements, I can take. However, there is a law that prohibits things like that over here. It’s the same as using Crest of Subordination to control someone without permission, a serious crime. You will be arrested.

For example even if I made a harem with Mesmerize, if I get found out by someone like Tilika-chan, then it will end with ‘Guilty.’ and ‘Police officer, it’s this person!’.

I just have to do things with my own power. It’s unexpectedly strict for a different world.




The next day when I woke up it was already almost noon.

After we had lunch and went to the Guild, people there were already sparse.

As we tried to go through the Guild Hall to the training field, an out-of-breath man rushed in.

“Bi-big trouble! The horse pasture is under attack by a flock of harpies! Please help!”

“Calm down. About how many harpies were there?”

“Don’t know. There were at least 20 or 30. The soldiers from the gate are currently fighting them.”


“Masaru-sama, is the horse pasture……”

Hearing the exchange between the man who came to notify us and the adventurer, Sati and I looked at each other.

“It’s where we buy the horse milk in bulk.”

“I-it’s terrible then! Let’s go and save them at once!”

Well, if the horse milk runs out, then we won’t be able to eat pudding, but isn’t she a bit too frantic?


As I was hesitating whether or not we should go to their rescue right now as Sati said, a Guild staff member called out to us adventurers to wait for a bit. The adventurers who were at the training field gathered at the Guild hall.

“Adventurer ladies and gentleman!”

The Vice Guild Chief appeared and raised his voice.

“As you’ve heard, the horse pasture is under attack by harpies. The subjugation reward is doubled! Please head to their rescue at once!”

Ooooo!, the adventurers raised their voice.

“Okay, Sati. Make absolutely sure you don’t leave my side, okay?”

“Yes, Masaru-sama.”

If it’s just harpies then it probably won’t be that dangerous even if there are many. It’s an opportunity to have Sati gain some experience points.

The two of us follow after the other adventurers. While running I open Sati’s menu and raise the Archery and Swordsmanship Skills to Level 3. With this Sati’s Points are gone.

Shit, I should’ve practiced the spells I learned yesterday. I guess I’ll have to use only fire magic today.


Kaan kaan kaan, from somewhere the sound of a bell can be heard.

We come across some townspeople who are taking refuge, then we leave through the west gate. If you leave through the west gate and then head to the north side of the road you can see the horse pasture shortly. The pasture is surrounded by a sturdy looking fence, but of course that doesn’t matter to monsters who attack from the sky.

A few horses got taken out already and they are being swarmed by harpies.

Looking at the barn there were many harpies that were trying to get in and a few soldiers who were fighting them with their backs to the front door.

The the number of harpies were far from 20 or 30, there were at least double that, so much so that it’s hard to know the exact number. Even if we want to go the rescue of those soldiers in front of the barn, we aren’t able to approach.


The adventurers at the front let out a war cry. They are trying to lure the harpies away probably.

“Sati, come here.”

I pull Sati by her hand and hide in the shadow of a tree.

The distance to the barn is big, so I don’t think magic would reach. A portion of the harpies that noticed the war cry started heading towards the adventurers. I take out a few big boulders from the Item Box and make an impromptu protective wall.

“Can you aim from here?”

The two of us take cover behind the protective wall made of big boulders and I ask Sati.

“I will try.”

“Aim for the ones up high so you don’t hit the adventurers.”


Sati pulls the bowstring to its limit, then shoots. The arrow accurately hit the shoulder of a harpy high up in the air, then after a few seconds the harpy hit the ground while screaming kii kiii. Then the adventurers deliver the finishing blow with a sword to the harpy that is struggling and squirming.

“Good work, Sati, keep it up. Keep shooting steadily.”


Alright, I will do it too. 【Fire Lance】 chanting! I shoot spells while hiding behind the boulders.

From Sati’s arrows and my magic the harpies are falling one after the other. Even if there are ones that come our way we shoot them down on the way.

The large number of harpies at the barn probably recognized the adventurers as hard to handle so they started heading this way one after the other.

Some of them are wandering towards us. However, a few adventurers noticed that we are providing covering fire to them, so to defend us they wedged themselves between us and the harpies.

But the number of harpies was too much. The adventurers were fighting desperately, but the situation was unfavorable. A few of them got injured already and fell down. Bit by bit, there were adventurers who come in to reinforce, but it’s not nearly enough.

This is bad. At this rate even we will get killed…….is there something I can do?

I open Sati’s menu. Her level went up by two. I raise her Archery to Level 4 and hand her additional arrows from my Item Box.

Should I use a big fire magic? But with the explosion or the firestorm the adventurers might get dragged in.

That’s it! I have just the one.

【Grand Blaze】 Begin chanting–

“I will soon shoot a huge fire magic!”

I say to the nearby adventurers with a loud voice while chanting.

—-The long chant is over.

“Hell! Fire!!”

I call out the improvised spell name, then release the magic. The target is between the barn and the adventurers.


Doonn, a giant pillar of fire rise up reaching 30 meters in the air. 20-30 harpies got swallowed up by it and were burned to cinders.

Seeing that, the harpies become agitated. Good, get scared get scared. Many harpies are vigilant and took some distance. However, it looks like they don’t want to flee.

Even so, we were finally able to take a breather.

It would’ve been nice if they had fled because of that.

It’s dangerous, but it can’t be helped. I will directly fire a spell in the group that is near the barn.

“Sati, stay here.”

I leave her with those words, then I head towards the adventurers that are protecting us.

【Huge Explosion】 Begin chanting–

However, unexpectedly a single harpy let out a loud shriek, then all the harpies in the area started heading my way all at once.


What? My chant was detected?

Crap, the chant is not even close to done!?

The nearby adventurers move to defend me, but their numbers are overwhelmingly insufficient. About half of the harpies came my way. I give up on the chant, pull out the sword on my back and take a stance.

Sati is behind me! I have to protect her!

I cut down the first harpy that came to attack me.

But the next few attacked at the same time.

I cut down another one, but I get hit by the attacks of the other harpies.

I tried to protect myself with my small shield, but the number of attacks by the harpies are too many. I get kicked by their clawed legs a number of times. It’s over my armor, but it’s still a brutal impact.

I’m surrounded by harpies and can’t swing my sword properly.

I got staggered, so I hugged a harpy and fell over with it.

“Get off-, you-! You-!”

The harpy’s beak opened wide and tried to bite my head.


The harpy that was leaning on me was brought down by Sati’s arrow. But as I was trying to get up, I got tackled by another harpy and was blown away.

My consciousness is fading…..

I collapsed onto the ground, I tried to get up, but I can’t move my body.

My whole body hurts.

It’s hard to breathe.

I can see that a few harpies are coming my way.

Is this it…..shit.

Even though I finally lost my virginity, I will die at a place like this…..Sati!?

Wielding her short sword, Sati leapt out and barred the way between me and the harpies.

“Stop it, Sati……run…..”

I can only let out a hoarse voice.

But Sati, who should be able to hear it, doesn’t try to move. A few harpies started attacking.

Sati is desperately fighting too, but the harpies mercilessly shave away Sati’s body.


I try to use Recovery Magic, but my consciousness is hazy and I can’t focus my mana.

My whole body hurts and I can’t even get up.

I open the menu and try to take out an item, but I can’t even do this properly.

Potions…..where are the potions…..

Then finally, Sati collapsed.



Is this it……

As I was thinking that, cheers of joy rose from the adventurers.

What is it?

The harpies that were trying attack me and Sati left us and went somewhere too.

“It’s the Templar Knight Order! The Templar Knight Order came—-!”

Looking at the entrance of the pasture, the people of Templar Knight Order were lined up in formation as they rushed in while raising a war cry.

The harpies are heading towards the new enemies. However, the heavily armored Templar Knight Order advance to the center of the pasture without paying any heed, then set up their battle formations.

With swords, spears, bows and magic, they rout out the harpies.

Are we saved now……

“Masaru-sama! Masaru-sama!”

Sati pulled the collapsed me with herself and brought me behind the boulders.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Even though I’ve been told to stay here. I did my best by shooting them with the bow, but there were too many, so then, so then”

“Don’t cry. It’s alright…..Sati. You did great.”

I finally take out a beginner potion from the Item Box and drink it.

My head finally cleared up. My whole body hurts. It hurts when I breathe. Maybe I broke a few ribs.

I endure the pain, focus my mana, and put Recovery Magic on Sati and myself.

“Sati, are you still hurting somewhere?”

“No, I’m alright.”

Looking at it now the number of harpies decreased quite a lot, it’s should be only a matter of time until all the harpies get defeated. Reinforcements from the adventurers also come one after the other.

The Templar Knight Order is strong, damn. We narrowly escaped from death……

I confirm that my body doesn’t hurt anymore, then I stand up. The progress of battle is overwhelmingly in our favor. It doesn’t look like there is a need for us to fight anymore. I’ve had enough of danger for today.

“Sati, follow me. If a harpy comes close, then shoot it down.”


I check Sati’s menu. Her level has risen by two yet again. I set Archery to Level 5.

As I checked my own, it turns out my level has also risen by one.


We cautiously head towards the entrance of the pasture. The evacuated adventurers are gathered there, groaning on the ground.

There were adventurers there who were defending us until just now.

“I can use Recovery Magic. I will treat you.”

“Thank you! This guy, please save this guy.”

Taking a look at it, he was torn up from the shoulder to the abdomen and is covered in blood. Will I make it in time? 【Extra Heal】 Begin chanting–

“Hold on just a bit longer! A healing specialist will heal you right now.”

The chant is long. Maybe I should’ve used Heal first? But, this injury. I don’t know if a half assed Heal would make a difference, no matter how many.

–Chant finished. I activate Extra Heal. The wound closes before my eyes and the expression of the suffering adventurer becomes much more relaxed.

“A wound this bad, at once……”


“Ah, right.”

There was another person with a serious wound, so I healed him with Extra Heal too. After that there weren’t any people with that serious injuries, so I healed everyone with Heal in turns.

There were two others who were sitting at the wall, leaning against it, but as I tried to go towards them I was stopped.

“Those guys are already……”

Two people died. If the Templar Knight Order didn’t make it in time, then me and Sati would most likely be…..

With somber feelings I gaze at the tattered dead adventurers covered in blood.

I look towards the pasture, the battle is still going on, but the adventurers and the Templar Knight Order were steadily exterminating the remaining few harpies.

“Oi, you. Are you a healing specialist? Please come with me. There are heavily injured people at the barn!”

“Got it. Let’s hurry.”


The soldiers who were protecting the barn were entirely covered in wounds. There were two adventurers putting Heals on them.

“I brought a healing specialist.”

“Ooh, that helps a lot. We can’t heal this many wounds with just us.”

They already used up all their potions of course.

There were also three here who had deep wounds. Thankfully the injured could retreat indoors, so apparently there were no casualties.

I heal them in turns. As I finished, a group from the Templar Knight Order arrived.

“Is there any wounded here? We will heal them.”

“Ah, thank you. But this healing specialist-dono already handled everything.”

“I see. Muh, it’s Masaru-dono, isn’t it?”

“Aah, so it was Tetian-san. I couldn’t tell because of the faceguard.”

“If this place was handled by Masaru-dono then we will look at other places. Well then, farewell, Masaru-dono.”

Saying that they try to leave.


Tetian-san stops and looks my way.

“Thank you very much. You saved our lives.”

I lower my head.

Tetian-san walked away after waving his hand.

“You too. Thank you, we were saved.”

I was thanked by the soldiers.

“Not at all. I’m just thankful that we survived.”

“Aah, that’s true. Very true. Much thanks to the Templar Knight Order.”


Apparently there were really only a few harpies at the beginning. The owners of the pasture engaged and drove them away, then notified the soldiers. After that, a few dozen of them. One after the other they came.

According to Sergeant-dono, they may have been chased away from the forest by that dragon and wandered till here.

The harpies’ attack began right at the time when the least number of adventurers were present, at noon, almost like it was intentional. If it was in the morning or in the afternoon, then a lot more adventurers would’ve been mobilized and perhaps it wouldn’t have ended in such a hard-fought battle.

According to what I heard the next day, four adventurers lost their lives that day.

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