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Idle talk – The observation records of a certain veteran adventurer

That girl was brought to the training field by an adventurer who seems to be barely an adult. The reason I payed attention was because she was a beast person, just like me. Most certainly not because she was a cute young girl.

She was still too young to start working as adventurer, but many beast people start training from a young age.

Also, I noticed that the girl had a slave crest on her.

“Poor girl….”

But that’s not that rare either.

There is not much that can be done for someone else’s slave, but if I find that she is being abused, then I will search for an opportunity to help her in some way. I noticed that the young man sticking close to her and touching her, but it seems he is treating her kindly, so I felt relieved.


It seems she trained a bit with Instructor Vaught, then she was entrusted to Instructor Samson. That instructor should be able to guide her well.

It looks like this is the first time she held a sword. She listenes to the instructor’s advices and tries her very best to swing the sword. I must have looked the same when I first held a sword twenty years ago, it was heartwarmingly smile-inducing.

Her body is thin and small, but her physical abilities are not bad. Also, she has the willpower to keep fighting even with her body full of bruises. She should make a fine swordswoman after a few years of training.

After training, that young man came to pick her up, so they went home together after healing her injuries.

If she comes again in the future, I will make sure to keep an eye on her. I’m quite worried whether or not she will be fine. Most certainly not because she is cute and I took a liking to her.


The next day the young man and girl came to the training field once again. Good dedication. She is a beginner, so training every day is a must.

While the girl was training the young man was at first training with knives in a corner of the training field, but now he is putting his head together with two other young adventurers.


The girl on break found the young man and waved her hand while calling out to him. The young man waved back, looking happy.

However, the two adventurers the young man was talking with suddenly started a fight with real swords.


The young man was strong. It took only about a minute against two of them. In the end he finished it with magic. His skill with the sword is still raw, but if he uses magic, then even I might not be able to win against him. The young man, along with the other two young adventurers, got chewed out by Instructor Vaught for using real swords in their squabble. The girl was was sending worried glances towards him while training, so she was scolded by Instructor Samson and was told to focus.

So her name is Sati, huh. It’s a cute name.


Next morning, the young man and Sati-chan came once again as they should.

Yesterday, after that I asked around about the young man and I got some amazing gossip. It seems he is small celebrity. They say that he has fighting prowess, like what he displayed yesterday in that squabble, that is inconsistent with his appearance and even though he’s young, he is an excellent mage. I laughed a bit when I heard the story with the wild rabbit, but he participated in a dragon subjugation and performed well enough to be called Dragon Slayer.

Then he probably bought Sati with the reward from that, my source said. Truly enviable.

It seems he is facing off Jend today. Jend is rude, but has good skills and shows great promise as an adventurer, but he’s not the young man’s enemy.

Sure enough, Jend underestimated the young man based on his looks, so he easily got the tables turned on him and the instructor got angry, telling him to calmly watch out for the opponent’s movements. However, even when fully prepared the young man is a difficult enemy. Then, as expected, he fell to the ground once again, without being able to recover from his disadvantageous position.

I too became interested in checking out the young man’s skills directly. But right after the mock battle the young man left the training field, leaving Sati-chan behind.


The next day the young man and Sati-chan came to the training field, but the young man left Sati-chan in the care of the instructor and left immediately. Maybe he has some business to take care of. It’s a shame since I was thinking of asking him to be my opponent. But this time I have a lot of free days because of the injuries my teammates suffered. There will be plenty more opportunities.

I also wanted to speak with Sati-chan, but it seems for some reason she is on good terms with the Truth Official, she often comes to check up on her and they talk for a while. When she noticed that I was looking at Sati-chan she glared at me for a while. I couldn’t bear with that and took my distance. I’m bad at dealing with that Truth Official girl.

Most certainly not because I had ulterior motives in speaking with her.


Today the young man left once again after leaving Sati in the instructor’s care. I continue to pretend that I’m doing practice swings and observe Sati-chan as usual.

Then I noticed immediately. Sati-chan’s movements improved beyond recognition. It seems the instructor also noticed it before long.

Other instructors were called too and they instructed Sati on how to use the bow and the sword without pause. There is no room for me to call out to her at all.

But to think that she would show this much improvement after just a few days…….as expected of someone I had my eyes on.


Today neither Sati-chan nor the young man is here. Maybe they are resting.

After finishing my lunch I returned to the training field, where the Guild staff members hurriedly told the adventurers to assemble. Right away I went to the Guild Hall, where the vice Guild Chief just took the stand.

“Adventurer ladies and gentleman! As you’ve heard, the horse pasture is under attack by harpies. The subjugation reward is doubled! Please head to their rescue at once!”


The number of the harpies is high. Looks like I need to resolve myself.

Some of the harpies coming this way are shot down with arrows and magic. Looking at it the young man and Sati-chan are hiding behind a big boulder and providing us with covering fire.

I called out to a few people around me and we took up a position to defend Sati-chan.

It seems that judgment of mine was correct. By the hands of those two the number of harpies are dwindling. These two are pretty reliable for someone so young.

Even so, the number of harpies are overwhelming. A few people are already seriously injured. I’m also not without injuries.

“I will soon shoot a huge fire magic!”

After the young man shouted as such, an enormous fire pillar rose up between us and the barn. The harpies are on the back foot. That saved us, with this we have a bit of breathing room. As expected of someone who has the title of Dragon Slayer.

Right after that, the young man came out from behind the big boulder, leaving Sati-chan behind.

Then a large number of harpies started flocking towards us. This is bad.

From a glance I saw that the young man was brought down by the harpies. I have to save him, I thought to myself, but there are too many, I don’t have enough leeway for that at all. I have my hands full with just saving myself.

Seeing that the young man way brought down, even Sati-chan ran out from behind the big boulder. Even with that small body of hers, she heroically forced her way through and stood between the young man and the harpies with sword drawn.

But even that Sati-chan fell down. Then because of that I let my guard down for a moment and took the attack of a harpy squarely and fell to my knees.

The guy next to me also fell over after a harpy cut him up from the shoulder to the stomach. I guess this is it. When I was thinking that, the Templar Knight Order arrived.

The harpies ignored us and headed for the newly arrived enemies. I pulled the dying adventurer with me and retreated back to the entrance of the pasture.

The young man and Sati-chan came this way too. It seems both of them are safe, so I feel relieved. No, this is not the time for that.

“I can use Recovery Magic. I will treat you.”

“Thank you! This guy, please save this guy.”

The young man is performing the chant for the magic. But the injury is too deep…..he lost too much blood. He’s already…..

“Hold on just a bit longer! A healing specialist will heal you right now.”

To my surprise, from the young man’s Recovery Magic, the huge wound is closing up right in front of my eyes.

“A wound this bad, at once……”

This guy might be able to make it.


“Ah, right.”

The young man is skillfully healing everyone who is injured, including me. A magic swordsman and healing specialist while being so young…..truly terrifying.

After finishing up the treatments around here, this time he headed for the barn.


The next day, I wanted to thank the young man, no, Masaru, so I was searching for him, but neither Masaru nor Sati-chan showed up at the Guild since then.

I was a bit worried, but they must be taking a few days off. Even if they were healed with Recovery Magic, the damage from injuries remains for a few days.


After a few days I was finally able to meet Masaru. We invited him to a nearby bar where we thanked him for healing us and we mourned the adventurers that died. He probably didn’t even know any of them, but he is a fine young man that cries together with us.


Sati-chan also returned to training. It seems Sati-chan went through a metamorphosis during the harpy battle and became even stronger. Truly a monstrous speed of improvement. There is no doubt that the first time she held a weapon was a mere 10 days ago. Judging from her first day of training, she probably had no prior experience with the sword.

Probably to let her gain experience, the instructors are letting her face off against every adventurer on the training field one after the other.

And the small Sati-chan is bringing down those arrogant adventurers one after the other. About half of the adventurers can’t even serve as her opponent. She isn’t quite at my level yet, but one day I won’t be able to win anymore. That day is probably not too far off.

Adventurers that live off their sword can’t win against a little girl who became an adventurer not long ago. The training field became very active. A line has formed for those who wanted to compete with Sati-chan.

Then it all ended when her master, Masaru, came to pick her up.

Those guys must not like it, since it’s like Masaru is monopolizing Sati-chan. Some of them who don’t know about Masaru even try to pick a fight with him under the guise of a contest. He turns all of them down, but those guys really don’t know any better. If someone knows about Masaru even a bit, they wouldn’t want to make him angry.

Also, after seeing the scene of her trying protect Masaru during the harpy battle even at the cost of her own life, I don’t even feel jealous anymore.

I want Sati-chan to be happy.


Next month. I finally lost to Sati-chan.

Of course I can’t say that I’m a top-class swordsman, but even so, I diligently trained with the sword for twenty years and also possess plenty of physical strength that comes with being a beastman.

But strangely I didn’t find it vexing.

The other adventurers are just celebrating the fact that she is cute and strong, but me and the instructors who watched her since the beginning noticed it.

If Sati-chan keeps improving like this, then she will leave her name in history for sure.

Perhaps in the future I will be able to boast that I witnessed her first steps, crossed swords with her, and fought beside her.

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