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  1. Sooo Firebird two things. One there is someone interested in translating mondaiji and has left a message on your discussion page! Bad news…I told Magref this and he decided to lay down his translator pen…T^T

    1. Well, it happens. Magref has a lot on his table nowadays, so it’s understandable.
      On the topic of the new translator, I will carefully inspect the epilogue when it’s done and decide if it’s alright to continue. It’s not really my style to refuse people that want to help, but I want to keep the quality near magref level in the future, even if it means slower translation speed. I think accurate translation is especially important in this type of light novel.

  2. Can I ask you somethin Firebird? Do you intend to keep on translating this novel? I ask because I heard about DMCA, and you know I doubt B-T can handle it without problems-

    1. Since only the first 5 volumes were removed from Baka-Tsuki I think there should be no problems with continuing same as before.

  3. Hi! I really appreciate your work on Mondaiji, keep up the good work!
    I want to ask you if you know anyone who has made a complete backup of every novel of Mondaiji before the DMCA. I was starting to translated the novel into my language…

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