Redo Prince – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – A safe place

“I underestimated that monster region…..”

After returning to the headquarters in Lobrion, I was sitting on a chair, pondering.

I didn’t expect a large number of monsters to attack all at the same time.

I shiver even from remembering the other monsters descending like a locust swarm on the remains of monsters we defeated.

“Their numbers are also a problem, but what’s even worse is no matter where I 《Teleport》, there would already be monsters there.”

We have no hope of gradually exploring the territory like this.

…..should I take down as many as I can with Dark Magic?

If I decrease their numbers, then they will most likely learn to fear me eventually.

However, there are a lot of monsters that don’t fear death…..It’s possible that they would be able to surround me and make me use enough of my mana that I wouldn’t be able to 《Teleport》 anymore.

Let’s keep the use of force as a last resort for now.

“Maybe trying to estimate our ultimate destination would be the best idea here….”

Tialus is a very large territory that’s rich in nature.

Plains and forests extend from its northern border that’s adjacent to Count Lobria’s territory to the southernmost point of the continent.

In its eastern parts, a mountain range cuts through it from north to the south.
There are mana filled minerals called mana ores within the earth there.

Its western and southern borders face the ocean, with a giant bay called Tialus Bay to the south.

Within that bay, a large island called Alus Island can be found.

During the Luxia Empire days, the provincial capital could be found on that island.

The most likely reason why the provincial capital was there is because it was easily defendable.

“Since it’s also surrounded by the ocean, monsters can’t attack it easily. It’s the best place to create a base.”

Let’s try to aim for Alus Island first.

If we manage to find documents from the era of the previous empire, then we might find some information about the location of natural resources as well.

“Well, we can’t be sure that Alus Island wouldn’t be overrun with monsters either…..”

Let’s take a bath and go to sleep for now.

We fought a good number of battles today, so I’m a bit tired.

I started heading to the bath on the first floor.

On my way, I noticed a number of blue haired guys still working in the workshop.

“Hey, shouldn’t you be off for today already?”

“Ah. Alec-sama. It’s still a bit early to take a break yet, I think…”

A young man answered.

I guess they are used to working till later before this.

“Just don’t overdo it…..That reminds me, I heard business was booming today.”

“Indeed. We repaired some weapons for the guards that came for the chains and also sold some armors. We got quite a sum already.”

I heard from Elysia that they managed to earn ten gold today. That’s apart from the price of the chains.

The man had a large grin on his face.

“That’s why I was thinking about tomorrow’s stock. I was thinking of making scarves out of the skin of the Death Snakes that Alec-sama gave us just now.”

I’ve killed a lot of Death Snakes on the highway.

I’ve put their remains into my 《Pandora’s Box》 as they were, and I was able to bring them back without any of it rotting.

The meat of the Arrow Crows we took down before is also still frozen…..
Maybe time does not move forward inside my 《Pandora’s Box》.
I plan on performing more experiments with it in the future to find out more.

To get back to the topic, I decided to entrust the Death Snake remains to the blue hair brigade.

There were ten of them in total, but it seems they already managed to process them all.
The skin and meat were already separated.

I guess he wants to make scarfs out of those skins.

The skin of a Death Snake feels nice to the touch, quite sturdy, and somewhat resistant to magic attacks. It’s a high value commodity.

“Rich people would probably buy it. We should be able to sell it for 1 silver per.”

“Yes! For Alec-sama’s sake, I will do my best!”

“Thank you for the sentiment, but just don’t overdo it….”

I told the blue hair guy that eagerly resumed working.

At any rate, it seems that having the blue hair brigade create products to sell is a great success.

After that I soaked in the bath for a while, then went back to my room.

When I opened the door, Elysia and Yuuri were waiting for me inside.

“Did you both take a bath already?”

“Yes. As you suggested, both Yuuri and I took a bath a while back already.”

Elysia replied.

Yuuri looked very tired, so I let them take a bath first.

The aforementioned Yuuri was now deeply bowing her head to me.

“I’m truly sorry that I’ve caused so much trouble for you today, Alec-sama….”

“Don’t mind it. I did not intend for you to get into a fight at all to begin with, I only wanted you to take a look at the minerals. If you don’t want to come with us anymore after what happened today, then you can stay here starting tomorrow.”

Depending on the person, a scene like that could be emotionally trying.

Even I feel a shiver run down my spine, when remembering that large swarm of monsters.

However, Yuuri shook her head in negation.

“Please, let me still accompany you. I won’t be making a mistake like that anymore.”

“Got it….I’ll do my best to keep you from being scared as well. I’ve decided where we are going too, so don’t worry.”


Yuuri’s face was bright red.

“Y-Yuuri? Do you have a fever or something?”

“No! No….I just got fired up!”

Elysia then addressed Yuuri.

“Let’s do our best from tomorrow onwards, Yuuri-san. But before that, to Alec-sama.”

“Right…..Alec-sama, please take this.”

On top of the bed where Yuuri was looking, a pure white sheet was laid out.

“Hmm? ….it’s not a normal sheet? It seems a bit glossy.”

“Yes! The sheet and the pillow are made from Death Snake skin.”

Yuuri nodded in affirmation.

“Hoh. In just a few hours…..”

I tried to touch the sheet on the bed.
It was nice and smooth to the touch.

“Did you make this, Yuuri?”

“Yes! I wanted Alec-sama to have a good rest.”

“Yuuri…..I am very particular about how and where I sleep.”

“I’m confident in my work! Please, try it.”

I tried it by lying down in my pajamas, but it was pleasantly cool.

It was all soft without any stiff hair clumps in it. It was really well made.

It seems the blue hair brigade can make a lot of nice things and not just by smithing. If they can make weapons from magical ores, then we will have some nice products to sell.

“I think I can sleep soundly with these…..Yuuri, you’re amazing.”

“I’m just happy that you liked it, Alec-sama.”

“Thank you. Then I think I will go ahead and sleep now.”

Yuuri and Elyisa kept watching me lie there with smiles on their faces. For a bit too long, really.

“This really feels nice….thank you.”

I said again, but the two of them just kept smiling.

… they intend to keep watching me until I fall asleep?

“Then, good night…..Tomorrow will be an early morning, so the two of you better go and sleep now.”

“Yes, good night!”

The two answered in unison.

I kept an eye out for them for a while, but the two of them just sat down on my bed and kept watching me, saying ‘So cute, so cute’ all the while….

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    1. Indeed theres no need for him being so young and it hinders the story somewhat. A tiny 7 year old child was allowed to inspect that lords territory and was sent off happily by the guards to chase down escaping saboteurs? Who takes a 7 year old seriously even if hes a prince. Making him 15 would at least remove that stigma and make the women drooling over him less creepy.

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