Redo Prince – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – And then everyone went away (Good riddance!)

After receiving my Dark Crest, I retreated to my room in the palace.

Closing the door of my room, I blurted out some words without thinking.

“Every single one of them vanished without a trace….!”

Every noble child that used to follow me until this morning moved on to my younger brother, Ruivel.

Though, the same happened last time as well.

However, this time even the butlers and maid disappeared into the sick room, all of them pleading some kind of illness. Last time they stayed for one last day, trying to console me, but then stopped coming the next day….

“I guess trying to laugh things off backfired on me….”

There are many deeply devout people in this country.
It must’ve been quite a shock to find out that they were serving someone who will one day become a devil.

That being said, it doesn’t really matter whether they go away today or tomorrow.

“Rather, it’s even more convenient this way….”

Like this, I can try out Dark Magic immediately.

Using it in front of other people would just lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. It’s better to do it when I’m alone.

“But first── Oh light, cleanse and illuminate. Shine.”

A ball of light launched from my palm.

The light ball hovering in the air was created by Holy Magic. It was simply a mass of Holy mana.

The Dark attribute is weak against Holy. To counter Holy Magic with Dark Magic, it’s said that you need double the mana.

First, let’s try to use that light as a target and shoot a Dark Magic blast at it.

“That being said, I don’t know any spells for a Dark attribute spell….”

There are no known methods of using Dark Magic in this country. That means no spells either.

Although, forming mana into a sphere is the basic move of every attribute.

“Just like a Fireball──Uwah!?”

When I tried to create a small black cloud at my fingertips, a sphere as large as someone’s head appeared on top of my palm.

The cloud started to suck up the mana in the environment, getting larger and larger.

At first I panicked that maybe I was starting to turn into a devil after all.
But that wasn’t the case.

I simply was able to gather that much mana in my hand.

When using magic, people convert the mana in the air into Holy or Fire or other attributed mana. The amount of mana a person can convert at one time is greatly influenced by what type of Crest they have.

In my case, I have a Dark Crest, so it seems I was able to convert a large amount of mana like this into Dark attributed mana.

At any rate, I need to stop this for now.

If I don’t, then this might just erase the whole room── this mana is at that magnitude already.

I strongly focus on the image of my mana safely dispersing.

With that, the black mist disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“…..fuh. I was able to get rid of it somehow.”

I was able to gather five, no, ten times the mana than I was able to last time around.
If I didn’t hold back, then I most likely could’ve gathered even more.

“….I need to be careful about using this. Also, I need to learn a spell for it somehow; that should be able to stabilize it….hmm?”

When I listened carefully, I heard a somewhat familiar voice.

“──whyy!? Why can’t I take over this brat’s body!? Why can’t my esteemed self-!”

I say my next words out loud on purpose.

“Too bad for you, it seems I won’t be becoming a devil.”

“Wha-….No way, you can hear me!?”

“Yeah, I can hear you.”

“How dare you lowly human speak to me! You deserve to die a thousand deaths for that! Hand over your body to me right this instant!!”

“No way. What good would that do me?”

“Kuh! How dare a human like you refuse my beautiful self!? Let me iiiin!! Let meee iiiin!”

I just covered my ears.

“Just shut up….I don’t even know how I could let you in──Oh, I can’t hear it anymore.”

I was worried about it shouting in my ear the whole time, but thankfully I can only hear it if I concentrate on it.

I will master this Dark Magic for sure.
There is no way I would let some devil take over my body.

“Anyway, now that I was able to verify things, I should continue my research….or rather, before that-”

Let’s visit the palace library first.

I quickly left my room in high spirits.

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  1. why does everyone else get taken over by the devil when our mc can just ask him to go away?

  2. (sighs) I get it now, people let devils in because they fell into despair, if you don’t feel alone and don’t despair at all then you can just ignore the devils and master dark magic instead, nobody could discover that because they shunned dark magic to begin with, what a bunch of supreme morons.

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