Redo Prince – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Teleportation Magic!

“That being said, I have no idea where to find those spells for Dark Magic.”

Books containing Dark Magic spells do not exist, at least here in Luxia.

That’s probably true for most human countries as well.

No one would try to use Dark Magic, knowing that once they do, they will turn into a devil.

Nonetheless, there were a few incidents where people who received a Dark Crest tried to use Dark Magic.

However, all of them ended up turning into a devil, so there were no written records left in the end.

Still, I’m very curious as to why I didn’t end up turning into a devil.

Also, the devil might know something about Dark Magic as well.

Maybe I should ask the devil within me….

I focus my attention on the voice of the devil.

“Let me out! Now!! You brat! You brat, you brat, you br- ouch! I bith mah tongh….”

….well then, let’s work it out by myself!

Who knows what strange magic it would try to teach me if I tried to ask. Most of all, I don’t think it’s reliable at all.

That being said, creating spells from zero is not the least bit easy.

Then, let’s find some records of people fighting against people who used Dark Magic.

I took a book from the bookshelf which has written reports of fights against devils.

There are quite a few records of battles against devils and monsters.

I have even read a few of them before my jaunt back in time.

…..what I’m most interested in right now is one specific magic. Teleportation.

A magic that lets you instantly move from one place to another.

Even if there are obstacles between those two places, like a wall for example, it makes no difference.

Devils frequently used this magic in battle and to travel.

It’s considered the most troublesome magic used by devils.

I wonder how that teleportation really works.

Nowadays, magic besides Dark Magic have been thoroughly researched, so no new spells have been created for a while.

Apparently, a clear image was considered the most important when creating new spells in the past.

How exactly you need to move and alter the converted mana and some such….

Though, even if you try to move with the help of mana, you may get caught on obstacles in the way.

Well then, what if there was already Dark mana at the place you intend to move to?

It might be enough to imagine using that as a foothold and teleport straight to it.

…..I guess I’ll try that one out now.

I carefully looked around to make sure, but it seems no one else was around. Okay, let’s do this.

I imagined gathering mana on the other side of the bookshelf while converting the mana on my side to Dark attributed mana.

Then, I willed myself to teleport to the other side of the bookshelf.

Should I say it out loud to reinforce my image of…

The scenery in front of me changed. I checked the books on the shelf in front of me, but it seems I’ve really managed to teleport to where I wanted.

“It seems I was able to do it…..Neat.”

I was able to discover a spell right away.

Now I only have to find out how far I can teleport currently.

At that moment, a voice could be heard from outside the library.

“So this is where you were, big brother! You must be oh so hurt right now! As someone blessed by the God of Light, it’s my sacred duty to cheer you up!”

It was Ruivel’s voice.

Cheer me up, huh.

Last time around, Ruivel showed up at my room around this time, with my former cohort in tow of course.

He started spouting nonsense like how I might not actually be a prince, or how I did something evil in my past life and such.

Anyhow, Ruivel just wants to flaunt to everyone around him how our positions got suddenly reversed.

“Perfect…..might as well try this out.”

Let’s target my room first.

Though it’s a bit far away, so it might be somewhat difficult.

If it doesn’t work, then I can target the closest restroom instead.

“Big brother! Are you here somewhere!?”

“What do you want, Ruivel!?”

“Ohh, so you were here! I’ll be right there!”

I could clearly hear the grin in his voice, but then the scenery before me changed to that of my room.

“Nice, it worked!”

It went splendidly.

Nothing happened to my body, nor did I leave my clothes behind.

“But, this is really some amazing magic….”

Even if I only had this teleportation magic, it would allow me to do so much already.

I can also run away from troublesome things, like I did just now.

Ruivel must be searching for me in the library as if he’s ‘it’ in a hide-and-seek game.

While I was thinking about that, I could hear a voice in my head. It was the voice of the devil.

“Huh? Eh? Wh-what was that?”

“What do you mean? The teleportation magic?”

When I asked back, there was a strange silence.

“Eh, ah….yeah, that. That one, teleportation magic.”

Hearing the almost scared sounding voice of the devil, I tilted my head to the side.

…..could this be that?

The devil within me might not be that well versed in magic.

So it might not be able to use teleportation magic that well.

That might also be the reason why it can’t take over my body.

In other words, it’s an ignoramus….

Anyway, this is starting to get fun.

Let’s continue this and develop a bunch of new Dark Magic spells!

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