Redo Prince – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Imperial Envoy

A month has gone by since Tika and Nat became my Servants.

“Ooh….ooh!── Ooooh!?”

We were at the square in front of the governmental building on Alus Island.

Serena kept disappearing, reappearing and disappearing again in front of our eyes. Then finally she reappeared again.

“Chuu! That’s amazing-ssu! Chuu!”

Next to her was Tia, the mouse person, who also kept disappearing and reappearing as well. She went out of her way to change her pose every time she reappeared, so it wasn’t boring to watch either.

Behind those two, a huge silver colored pillar in the middle of a fountain was towering over the surroundings. In terms of height, it was approximately three times an average person’s height.

Looking at the pillar carved with flower patterns, I murmured.

“Good, it seems to be working well.”

Next to me, Yuuri nodded in agreement.

“Yes! With this we can go between Alus and Lobrion by ourselves!”

This pillar was made of mythril.

There are another two besides this one, one of which was placed in the inner courtyard of our headquarters in Lobrion.

The last one I’m planning on placing somewhere in the capital, so it’s currently in my 《Pandora’s Box》 still. We already verified we can reach that far by placing it in the woods away from people near the capital.

In other words, this is a magic tool that lets you use Teleport Magic…..a kind of Teleport Pillar, so to say.

“It must’ve been a chore to gather this much mythril….It’s amazing you were able to make something like this.”

It was a pillar about the same size as those in the temples.
The reason Yuuri and the others were able to make this was most likely because they worked on that enormous chain in the past. The blue hair people all have superhuman strength and smithing skills at their disposal.

As we were admiring it, Yuuri spoke up with a somewhat astonished expression herself.

“No no, you are much more amazing, Alec-sama…. You were able to enchant this large pillar in a second with 《Teleport》, and you can even put it away in your 《Pandora’s Box》 like it’s nothing…..”

“It’s because I’m so used to using 《Teleport》 by now……As for my 《Pandora’s Box》, that came as a surprise for me as well. I didn’t think I would be able to store so much in it.”

It’s been a month since our fight with the Angel and since Tika and Nat joined us.

Within that time, I kept training and experimenting with my Dark Magic.

One of those was to test how much my 《Pandora’s Box》 can store inside.

Thankfully, there was an inexhaustible supply of water near Alus, thanks to the ocean.

So I kept storing more and more water, but….

I was able to store so much water that, though not quite enough to form a lake, it was enough for a large pond. At that point I was too scared to continue the experiment, so I stopped.

I could not see a limit to it at all.

The limit of what I can store at once seems the be approximately the same as the size and weight of these pillars.

However, if I keep gradually storing something, the volume of things I managed to store already makes me think that there doesn’t seem to be a limit to it…..

Remembering that kind of makes me shiver a bit, but then I turned to see Elysia proudly say something to Yuuri.

“Alec-sama will get even more amazing in the future! …..he is still growing up in various ways.”

“Don’t treat me like a child…..”

As I replied with only that, Elysia just laughed in a happy manner. So much so that…. I felt like I was in danger somehow.

“A-anyway, I will go to Lobrion to test it as well…..ah”

I arrived at the inner courtyard in Lobrion in the blink of an eye.

“Thankfully this headquarters was perfect for this.”

Since the building is shaped like a 口, the courtyard is covered by the building, hiding the pillar and the teleportation from outside eyes.

Elysia and Yuuri also teleported after me right away.

“With this it will be much easier to transport the mythril. We will be able to carry it over even without you needing to be present, Alec-sama!”

Yuuri said.

Until now, I kept transporting the mythril ore with my 《Pandora’s Box》, but now the slimes should be able to bring it this far.

“I want to leave one at the capital as well, but….we need to obtain a base where we can leave a pillar. For that, we need to make more money, so we can buy some land.”

We can only buy or rent a building and land from merchants in the capital.

However, land in the capital is very popular, so it won’t be easy to obtain, even putting aside the high price.

Buying from my father is impossible, but my brothers…..It may be a good idea for example to buy an empty house from the Fourth Prince, Wiltas. That elder brother of mine should sell one to me, depending on the money.

“…..anyhow, let’s do our best to make more money after this.”

Elysia and Yuuri nodded to my words.

Yuuri opened her mouth to say something.

“There are a lot of huge shellfishes on the continent side, aren’t there? I think they are monsters by the name of Killer Shell.”

“Hoh. The ones that sometimes drop giant pearls, right? If we make rings out of mythril or gold and put those on them….”

“We should be able to sell those for quite a sum…..fufufuh.”

Yuuri and I grinned at each other.

Just then a blue hair boy came running from inside the headquarters.

“A-Alec-sama! You are here, perfect! It seems a servant came to visit from Count Lobria! They summoned Alec-sama to Count Lobria’s castle with all haste! It appears an imperial envoy has come!”

“An envoy, you say?”

He must be here to convey the orders of the emperor.

….he’s most likely trying to call me back.

A month has passed since the fight with the Angel.
It wouldn’t be strange for Burios in the capital to judge at this point that my assassination has failed…..

It might be him that told the emperor to call me back.

I headed to Count Lobria’s castle right away.

I reached the reception hall inside Count Lobria’s castle.
Normally, the chair at the end should’ve been the place for Count Lobria to sit at. However, now a white clothed envoy was sitting there.

As I kneeled, the envoy stood up and proclaimed from up high.

“This is a direct order, Sixth Prince, Alec. Immediately return to the Imperial Palace.”


I bowed my head to the envoy as etiquette dictates, just to be sure.

Seeing the envoy bow as well, I asked a question.

“Good work, envoy….however, are you aware of the reason why I would be called back?”

“I can no way tell what his imperial highness intends.”

The envoy answered just like that.

So he’s not allowed to tell me why.
Normally, a reason tends to be provided, but….

This might’ve been the idea of Burios and Ruivel after all.

Anyhow, I can’t disobey the emperor at this point.
I will head back to the palace in about two weeks.

I hoped I would be able to live a quiet life in Alus, but…..

While thinking about those things, I left Count Lobria’s castle.

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  1. Great finally we get to the anticipated moment in all exiled stories, usually most stories tend to ruin this by doing it right away so the story lose all purpose very quickly right after that good thing this story made some world building before it.
    The moment: “como te quedo el ojo perro, te vas a la verga, se van a la verga, todos se van a la verga”

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