Contractor of the Great Spirit

The Contractor of the Great Spirit – From an offering to the Evil God to the Strongest Adventurer~
Author: 猫子 [Nekoko]
Status: Completed, 41 chapters

In a remote village, there exists a tradition of sacrificing a child with a high level of mana to an Evil God once every hundred years. Marc, a boy with white hair, who is considered to be a ‘Devil child’ who will bring disaster, is destined to be the sacrifice from his birth.

However, it seems that over the years, tradition has become distorted, and the Evil God is in truth a Great Spirit who loves humans.

Marc, who was favored by the Great Spirit Nerodias and became its contractor, chose to leave the village and travel to the outside world.

Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1 – The offering for the Evil God

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