Heavy Knight V3Ch28

So, my original plan was to keep a 3 chapter margin for my patreon while keeping up with the new chapters of Heavy Knight whenever they arrive.

Sadly, because it’s been very nearly 6 months since the last chapter came out, it’s pretty clear that we can’t expect regular updates from the author with this particular story for now.

I kept pausing my patreon billing every month since then, so those that joined in the meantime only payed for the first month, but I think it’s more than time to release the three completed chapters to the public and put my patreon on a break for now.

So TL;DR: Good news, three new Heavy Knight chapter today.

Chapter here.

Hello Work V8C18 (2/2)

Soo, yeeeaah. I could say I fell into a sudden temporal anomaly and found myself one week in the future, but that would not be strictly true per se. It was just work stuff and construction stuff that made me skip so many days.

Sadly, the aforementioned factors are still present, so I might not be able to get a chapter bit out every day, but I will do my best to do as many as I can.

Here is the second part of v8c18 for now.

Chapter here.

Hello Work V8C16 (1/2)

Hah, finished still on friday by my clock. Hurray.

Next chapter bit likely coming out on monday as usual.

Also, wanted to ask the readers that read the translation of the previous translator: How would you compare it to mine? It’s just that I thought that more people would want to read this, but the statistics begs to differ so I’m kind of lost.

Chapter here.