Heavy Knight V3Ch5

And so today marks the day I caught up to the latest-2 chapter of what’s currently available.

The minus two is because I need to keep the two advance chapter for patreon, which sadly I wasn’t able to keep to recently, but after I catch up in the coming days I will be able to consistently keep to it.

From now on I will release a new chapter of Heavy Knight shortly after a new chapter is released by the author, which is pretty irregular currently.
I will also take a small break from daily releases to stop my brain from leaking out of my ears too much.

Also, big thank you to everyone who reads my translations!

Chapter here.

Heavy Knight V2Ch47

Last chapter for the week.

Only two chapters remain in this volume, then there are only 5 chapters from volume 3 at this point. That inevitably means that the speed of new chapters showing up will soon decrease greatly.
I will most likely take up another series, perhaps only No Fatigue, or maybe one more, but before that I will take a small break.
5 chapters per week are nice to read, but translating them can be quite a chore, so I will slow down a bit to avoid burning out entirely.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chapter here.