Contractor of the Great Spirit – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Evil God Nerodias

“So, Evil God-sama did not really want living sacrifices…..?”

…..for a child of man, a hundred years is a long time. No one came during the last generation, and communications didn’t work properly either, so I had a bad feeling about things, but….

The monster’s giant head drooped.

It was an action thoroughly unbefitting of its majestic appearance.

Also, could you stop calling me an Evil God? I am the Great Spirit, Nerodias.

“I-I’m sorry, Great Spirit-sama……”

There must’ve been a mistake when passing down the tradition….. That happens a lot with short lived children of men, but to think a Great Spirit like me would end up being called an Evil God because my request for an envoy to speak to was misunderstood as a demand for a sacrifice….. I have no idea how it could’ve been misinterpreted to such a degree.

The monster….or rather the Great Spirit, tilted his head to the side and let out a sigh.

The words ‘maybe it’s because of your appearance’ were on my tongue, but I was hesitant to voice them.

I’m even the spirit that made a contract with the royal family when your Norman Kingdom was founded. I’ve promised to not go against your kingdom and even protect it in an emergency. In exchange, it was promised that once every hundred years, when my realm and your world is the closest, a human envoy would be sent to me.

It seems my village was the one that received that responsibility from the royal family.

However, I never heard anything like that story in my life.

The village chief must’ve been unaware of it as well.

“Uhm, what do you mean by that the previous generation’s offering hasn’t arrived either…..?”

Envoy, not an offering.

The Great Spirit said indignantly.


I’ve not heard anything about the last sacrifice being missed.

Since so many years have passed since then, everything is too unclear.

Or maybe it’s because the sacrifice was not performed then that the misunderstanding has grown this much.

“I didn’t know what happened then either, but hearing what you’ve just said, I think I now know. The envoy must’ve run away due to fright and their relatives hid this fact. ….at that time, I kind of threw a tantrum with my transmission, so that might’ve spurned the misunderstanding.”

The Great Spirit looked quite contrite.

I’ve read in a book that the transmission is a ritual mages use to communicate with the residents of other worlds.

However, there are a lot of limitations to the method, so it can’t be used lightly.

Also, how smoothly you can communicate depends a lot on the mage’s skills.

Judging by how things are, that must’ve been filled with misunderstandings as well.

“T-then, will I……get through this without getting eaten, perhaps?”

You were still worried about that….?

“Sorry…..Uhm, well, then, what should I do now? Even if it was just a misunderstanding, I’m not really that well versed in the happenings around the kingdom…..”

No need to think too deeply about it. It’s not like I’m especially interested in the going ons of the human world. It’s just that….there are no other living things in this realm besides me and…..the times when this realm gets close enough to your world are quite rare, you know?

The Great Spirit got kind of evasive as he touched his front claws together.

U-until you can get out of this place again…..I would like you to be my friend.

I was so shocked that my jaw nearly hit the floor.

I thought that this might just be a joke, but the Great Spirit remained silent and kept watching me with a nervous expression.

That gesture was so unfitting for the Great Spirit that I ended up letting out a short chuckle.

“This might be the first time….that I manage to make a friend. Great Spirit-sama, if you are fine with someone like me, then I would be more than happy! Uhm… name is Marc.”

O-ohhh! Marc! Then I’ll allow you to call me by my name as well!

The Great Spirit’s tail was wagging even faster now.

….the appearance of the Great Spirit that should be terrifying was starting to seem cuter to me.

“Uhhm….then, Nerodias-sama?”

That sounds….too formal.

The Great Spirit’s tail stopped wagging at once.


Once again, the Great Spirit’s….or rather Nero’s, tail started moving fervently again.

“Right, right, that will be fine…..No, that’s good, Marc!”

I was worried that it might be too presumptuous for a mere human, and me at that, to call the Great Spirit by a shortened name, but it seems he liked it.

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