Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Mad Head


The Mad Head opened its giant mouth and let out a disturbing roar.
The decaying flesh on both sides of its mouth ripped open, widening its mouth even further.

“It…it got huge….?”

Goutan still couldn’t process what he was seeing and just stood there in a daze.

“That reaction….he doesn’t know about Evolution!”

That is something that can’t be helped.
Evolution itself is a rare event.
It’s no wonder that a D rank adventurer like Goutan didn’t know about it.

However, the Mad Head not only increased its level from 【33】 to 【40】, but it also gained attack Skills.
It’s a very dangerous monster, unlike the Ghoul Head that only launches long-winded, straightforward attacks.
If you don’t know anything about it, then it’s difficult to handle.

Sadistic special events with low probability to trigger like this were pretty common in [Magic World].
This is why you should plan for the eventuality of needing to run away, even on seemingly routine subjugation quests.
Especially on a Raid Quest with a lot of participants like this.

“Goutan, don’t stand in front of it!”

At the same time I yelled out, the Mad Head opened its mouth wide.



Getting hit by the Mad Head’s roar straight on, Goutan flinched back.
I was too late…. That was the Mad Head’s Skill, [King’s Roar].
It’s a deafening sonic attack imbued with mana that stuns people in front of it, temporarily stopping their movements.

Goutan was about to get hit by the Mad Head’s claws.

“Teil, Paul! Distract that huge bastard!”

I shouted towards the two who accompanied Goutan to keep the small fry off him.

“Wh-wha….what do you want me to do….? If I hit that monster with a magic attack, I would be instantly massacred….,” Teil said with a trembling voice.

I clicked my tongue.
Who’s the one that said cowards would just get in the way so stay away.

“With Goutan out of the fight we’re about to be wiped out anyway! Can’t you see that? We won’t have a chance if you don’t do it!”

If everyone started running now with no one to give orders, at least half of us would get killed.
Especially since the Mad Head is far faster than us.

And yet, no matter how much I yelled at Teil, he wasn’t moving.
The giant claws of the Mad Head managed to hit Goutan.
The axe flew away from Goutan’s hand and his body was easily blown far away.


Goutan fell to the ground, bleeding and twitching.
This is the worst….
Judging by how he looks, even the Mad Head’s special Skill, the [Paralyzing Toxin of Decaying Flesh] seems to have activated, giving him a paralyzed abnormal status effect.
If someone gets hit directly while in an undefended state, then it’s easier for an abnormal status effect to take.


The Mad Head kept targeting Goutan and tried to unleash a follow up claw attack.
I slid in front of Goutan and managed to divert the Mad Head’s arm by hitting it with my sword.


However, I couldn’t ward it off entirely.
I was hit by an impact that felt like I was hit everywhere on my body at once, which threw me back towards the rear.

Barely managing to keep myself from falling down, I looked up at the face of the Mad Head.
With a truly evil looking smile on its face, the Mad Head sidled towards me.
For the time being it changed its target from Goutan to me.

I settled my breathing and looked up at the Mad Head.

“I will keep its attention! Teil! Retrieve Goutan and use [Heal] and [Paralysis Heal] on him.”

As a Red Mage, he should have access to both already.
That is the only saving grace in the situation.
With [Paralysis Heal], he will be able to get rid of the paralysis.
Even with a large level difference like this, if I only need to hold it off, then I will make sure to hold on for a little while….!

“I-I do have [Heal], but I don’t have [Paralysis Heal]….?” Teil said meekly.

“What are you talking about? You should have gotten it at 【15】points in [Red Magic], together with [Poison Heal]….”

“….I’ve put the points in [Attack Power UP] instead.”

Th-that son of a…!
The Red Mage is the strongest if you first acquire all the support skills and only then the swordsman related ones.
If you invest in the swordsman type Skills first, then you can only become an inferior version of a Class specializing in sword skills.

“At any rate, bring Goutan to a safe place and use [Heal] on him!”

As I said that, I turned my back and ran away from the fallen Goutan to put some distance between us.
The Mad Head chased after me.


….getting chased by a much larger and much stronger monster was damn terrifying.
Nothing in the game could compare to experiencing this in real life.

In addition to that, my current chances are not good.

I glanced back at the Mad Head.


Monster: Mad Head
Lv: 40
HP: 94/94
MP: 14/31


….I checked to see its MP, but it really is brutally strong.
If it gets a clean hit in, it won’t end with just a scratch, even if it’s me.
I should just be glad its MP doesn’t recover with the Evolution.
Even a small miss would directly lead to my demise.

“….come, Mad Head. I’ll keep you company until Goutan can get back on his feet.”

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