Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Reward Money

After returning to the adventurer’s guild, I received the reward money for the Raid at the reception desk.

This quest ended up paying well.
First, the base reward for taking part in the Raid was 30 000 gold.
Next, the sum I got for my contributions was 100 000 gold.
Then above that, the money for the magic stones from the monsters I defeated will be added.

“The reward for this time’s Raid comes out to 130 000 gold. Then…200 000 gold for the ten wight magic stones….Which makes the total amount 330 000 gold.”

I was excited to see the bag filled with money.

“Wow, Raids are pretty profitable, I guess.”

“That’s because the other guys didn’t take down ten wights by themselves. Due to that, you got more money than even me for this Raid.”

Standing next to me, Goutan said in an exasperated voice.

“Furthermore…..this is the price of the magic stone from the Ghoul Head….I mean Mad Head, 600 000 gold.”

Another money bag was placed down with a bang.


I reacted aloud without thinking.
Overall, it’s almost a million gold.
If I add the value of the Mad Demon Shield’s, then it’s almost 4 million gold.
Although I got caught up in an annoying Event, I got proper compensation for it at least.

The other adventurers were looking at me with envy too.

I could’ve left the reward money at the Guild, but I won’t always be staying in Rondal.
Since I had a magic bag on me, I just put the money in there.

“Then, can you promote me to an E rank adventurer?”

I was distracted by the money, but this was my ultimate goal here.

By becoming an E rank adventurer I will be able to enter the Dungeons.
After that I’ll just need to pile up a few accomplishments as I raise my level, and my adventurer rank should go up by itself.

“Goutan-san, well…did this person really defeat the swarm of wights and bring down a mutated version of a Ghoul Head….?”

The receptionist girl anxiously asked Goutan.

“Tha-that’s right! Isn’t that the guy that was suspected because he brought in high level magic stones! Ain’t there something fishy about him?”

“How could someone with a defensive class like the Heavy Knight defeat that many monsters!”

My Class should be well suited for jumping over the enemy lines and standing my ground in the first place, which makes it easy to kill a large number of lower level monsters….
That’s the reason why my Class was frequently called ‘handicapped small fry hunter’ in [Magic World].
After all you need to do is to have heavy armor equipped, stand in the middle of a group of monsters and keep using [Rampart Reversal].

That being said, in [Magic World] the experience points you get for defeating lower level opponents take a sharp downturn with the level difference, and furthermore, higher level monsters get harder and harder to get a counter on, which severely limits the opportunity to activate [Rampart Reversal].

However, even this seems to be unknown in this world.
Even during the character creation in [Magic World], it was pretty much impossible to even get to select the Heavy Knight Class without looking up a guide on the internet first.
Since the Class was pretty much designed solely for hardcore players by the developers, this was somewhat understandable.

If that low representation rate had an effect on this world, then perhaps not having proper data on the Heavy Knight may be unavoidable.

As I was thinking about all this while keeping my gaze on the adventurers, Goutan clenched his fist and struck the receptionist’s desk.

“You bastards want to suspect Elma? Then can I take it that since I’m the one that assured his innocence you are saying that I’m a huge liar, right?”

The interior of the Guild went silent from Goutan’s words.

In this Guild, the standing of a D rank adventurer is high.
That’s because higher ranked adventurers leave for places with higher ranked monsters.
In this city of Rondalm, the highest ranked adventurer was most likely C rank.

After that the people trying to slander me stopped immediately, so I was able to get promoted to E rank.

【The Title〈F rank adventurer〉 changed to 〈E rank adventurer〉.】

Excellent, with this the allocation limit on the Skill Tree was raised a bit.
And now I can enter Dungeons too.

“Well then, what should I do after this….”

I was thinking I should prioritize earning money in a Dungeon with [Rampart Reversal], instead of hunting for levels.
The opportunity to activate [Rampart Reversal] goes away after the early levels.

Once the number of monsters with their own Skills increase, the opportunity to completely block an attack with only my defense stat all but goes away.
Even if you properly use some kind of buffs or debuffs, monsters above a certain level become smart enough to notice if their attacks don’t do anything, and instead of heedlessly rushing in, they wait out the duration of the buffs and debuffs.
For example, the effective period of the [Disarm] Skill is not more than a minute, and with my speed disadvantage I don’t have much chance of triggering overlapping effects.

The main reason why I can use [Rampart Reversal] right now is thanks to the comparatively significant initial defense bonus provided by my Skill Tree and the defense bonus of my equipped armor.
Without using that Skill it will be harder to level up after this.

“….I should look for a marketplace for the time being. Perhaps I will find a Skill Book for [Smoldering Fang of Madness] somewhere.”

A Skill Book for the [Smoldering Fang of Madness]….
The most important item needed for the Heavy Knight to show its true worth.
However, with it being a rare item, it’s quite unlikely I will be able to get one in this city.
Well, searching for it doesn’t cost me anything.

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