Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Embryo

Three Tin Knights pointed their swords at me.

….three 【Lv:40】 monsters.

If that was all, then I would have had Luce and the other two stay here and try and take them down together.

However, the main body is still not here.
These are nothing more than metaphorical limbs of the Dream Lord.


A baby-like voice could be heard.

I told Luce that I would get its attention and then run away, but…. that was a lie.
A Heavy Knight like me doesn’t have the speed for that.
If it was just the Tin Knights, then perhaps, but with the Dream Lord having magic attacks, it would be impossible to run around while dodging its assault.

I will take down the Dream Lord right here.
The odds are not in my favor, but it’s not impossible.


From around the corner that very thing floated about close to the ceiling.

It had the appearance of a fetus that hasn’t quite yet reached a humanoid shape.
Its eyes were nothing but empty cavities, its limbs were short and kept in a fetal position.
It also had a long tail hanging from its back.

“So you’ve arrived….. the Dream Lord of this Angel’s Toybox…..Embryo!”

The baby opened its mouth – or maybe mouth-like opening – wide.
From within a single eye emerged that started scrutinizing everything in sight, finally focusing in on me.


A monstrous baby…..the Dream Lord Embryo.

Monster: Embryo
Lv: 50
HP: 42/42
MP: 49/60
Among other 【Lv:50】 monsters, this one’s stats are quite low.
The problem is that I can’t do any damage to it.

The three Tin Knights under its command are by no means weak.
In addition to that, the Embryo itself is floating in the air and acts like a backliner, which makes it all but impossible to hit it with an attack that’s not a magic or ranged attack.
And above all that, the Defense of that lump of meat is so frighteningly high that if you hit it anywhere other than its single eye, then you have basically no hope of damaging it.

In other words, you need to survive the mad assault of the three Tin Knights and accurately target its weak point, its singular eye.
Even if I had the level for it, it’s a difficult enemy that necessitates that the frontliners and the backliners of the party work together and fulfill their roles perfectly to even have a chance of defeating it.

To be honest, I really would’ve wanted Luce and the other two to stay here.
That woman had some kind of a spellcaster Class.
A Heavy Knight at the front taking the attacks of the Tin Knights, a Clown darting in and out to disrupt them.
All the while the woman with the spellcaster Class would be able to recover and the backline, which would allow us to more or less easily take down the Embryo.

However, this plan would only work if this was still a game.
Those two were obviously highly terrified.
They most likely lost at least one party member already.
It would’ve been impossible to take command of them just like that.

“However, due to its gimmick, if only I could take advantage of its weak point, then even with my low level I should be able to take it down by myself…. Let’s have a match, Embryo. Don’t worry, I won’t be running away now; I’ll face you head on.”

The Embryo closed its eye and floated upward.
It was taking a defensive posture, hiding its weak point until it was ready to launch its magic attack.

At the same time, the Tin Knights raised their short swords and attacked me together.
I opened my Status.

【Skill Tree】
[Remaining Skill points: 12]
〈Vow of the Heavy Armor〉[20/100]
〈Defense UP〉[0/50]
〈Beginner Swordsmanship〉[5/50]

It’s obvious how I need to use my Skill points here.

【Skill Tree】
[Remaining Skill points: 5]
〈Vow of the Heavy Armor〉[27/100]【+7】
〈Defense UP〉[0/50]
〈Beginner Swordsmanship〉[5/50]

【With [Vow of the Heavy Armor] reaching [27/50], you have gained the Normal Skill [Shield Bash].】

[Shield Bash] is a Skill that hits the opponent with a shield.

〈Shield Bash〉【Normal Skill】
Bashes the opponent with the shield and sends it flying with great force.

To be exact, it pits each our 【Defense+Attack/2】 numbers against each other and only if mine comes out ahead can I push it back by a distance that depends on how much my number surpassed my opponent’s.
If I’m able to push the opponent into a wall or perhaps the floor, then it even does some damage.

I’m just happy to have a Skill that I can use to scatter my enemies.

I caught the attack of the leading Tin Knight with my Mad Demon Shield and sent it flying all the way to the back.

“[Shield Bash]!”

Without any delay, the second Tin Knight continued the assault.
I used [Parry] to fend off the attack and aimed the offending sword in a way that it hit the blade of the third Tin Knight.

The Embryo is able to use two attack spells, the [Sylph Cutter] and the [Thunderstorm].
However, it won’t cast either one as long as it could hit one of the Tin Knights.
I can concentrate on fighting the Tin Knights because of that.

I circled around to the right side of the second Tin Knight to take advantage of its unbalanced state and struck with [Disarm].
With this I managed to lower its Attack.

After that I kept evading the mad assault of the Tin Knights while I used [Shield Bash] to avoid having to fight three at the same time, and I also kept using [Disarm] whenever I had the opportunity to do so.
I was fighting in a way that theoretically prevented the Embryo from acting, but I still kept checking it just to be sure.
If it managed to launch a [Sylph Cutter] somehow anyway, then it might even kill me in one shot.

With jerky movements, one of the Tin Knights slashed at me from my blind spot.
I deliberately let that one through.

Only 47 seconds went by since I first used [Disarm] on that one, which means it has two stacks of debuffs currently active on it, reducing its Attack by forty percent.
Now I can fulfill that Skill’s trigger conditions.

“[Rampart Reversal]!”

The body of the Tin Knight that slashed me in the back stiffened and was blown back immediately after.
Its body impacted the floor, breaking its left arm off at the shoulder and leaving it like a puppet with its strings cut.

I managed to take one down…
However, I can’t relax because of that. The hard part starts after this.

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