Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Rampart Leveling

Notice: This chapter was translated by Nakki, and is slated to receive a re-translation in the future by me. Also, if the original translator doesn’t want the chapter up here, then contact me and I will remove it. I only put it here because the original page cannot be reached anymore.

The following day, I went to the forest close to the city of Rondalm.

I have confirmed in advance that demons of moderate strength have appeared in the said forest.

If you wander deep in the forest, there would undoubtedly be accidents. So in order to avoid such things happening, I only went to shallow areas that are close to the city. 

I’m still 【Lv:1】after all, that’s why I need to avoid being in danger.

First, we need to get out from being low-leveled in order to talk about going into deeper places.

Let’s now start the rampart leveling operation!

『Geko! Geko!”』

After walking through the forest for a while, a demon had immediately appeared.

It’s a blue, slimy demon about 1 meter long…  called Laana.

And yes, as you can guess by how it’s croaking, it’s a demon with a frog-like appearance.

I pointed my sword at the frog-like demon who suddenly appeared in front me and appraised it.




Level :2

HP :7/7

MP :3/3


<Status> also had the additional power to confirm the target’s HP and MP in a simple display.

I don’t know about its other stats or skills but, if I know its level, I can have a rough guess about how strong the said demon is.


The Laana leaped at me, however I intentionally accepted its attack and made it land on the chest area of my armor to block off its damage.

“〈Rampart Return〉!”

My armor shone and blew the Laana away.

Despite the fact that the Laana was higher in terms of level, its body exploded and its limbs were scattered everywhere.

【You have gained 2 experience points.】

【Your level has increased from 1 to 2.】

【You have gained 1 skill point.】

Messages indicating my level ups rang through my head.

Good thing I was able to raise my level for the first time without any incidents.

“Still, this is such a gruesome sight..”

Heavy Knights have a very low attack power, so if I fight using the normal method, my attacks will hardly deal any damage and the fight would then turn out to be a mudslinging contest.

If I had allocated my skill points on 〈Novice Swordsmanship〉, there is a high chance I would have lost the fight.

The more stamina I spend fighting today, the lower experience points I could get, causing me to not level up better.

Let’s do this efficiently.

The remains of the exploded Laana had melted, leaving only a blue stone, which is a mana stone that has the water attribute behind.

Since demons are made up of unstable mana, when they die, their body will also disappear, leaving only its core, the mana stone behind.

” A 【Lv:2】mana stone, huh.. This is cheap, but let’s keep it for now.”

As I picked up the blue mana stone, I heard a hurried noise coming from behind.

“Hel..Help! Help me!”

I turned towards where the noise was coming from and saw a swordsman, around the same age as me running towards my direction.

“An adventurer..”

For the adventurers, bumping into each other in the same hunting ground wasn’t good and would only lead to unwanted troubles.

“I-I”m.. I’m gonna get killed! They’re gonna kill meeeeee!!!!” The swordsman made a loud shrieking sound.

Behind him, what I saw were nearly a dozen Laanas chasing him.


The dozen or so Laanas made a threatening cry towards us.

To push an aggroed flock of demons towards someone is an extremely bad manner, since not only the aggressor but someone’s life would also be in danger.

Welp, seems like we’ve got no choice but to do this..

“Leave them to me.” I walked ahead and passed the swordsman.

“Y-you! Can you r-really do it? Ah! With a getup like that, you’re actually a well-known adventurer, aren’t you?”

“Nah, in fact I just had my first level up a moment ago.”

The swordsman’s shoulder dropped when those honest words came out of my mouth.

“T-then it’s impossible for you! You’re even much weaker than I am! There’s no way a rookie like you could even handle that many demons! J-just run away! Take off that armor as well since it would only slow you down!” The swordsman tells me so as if in a hurry.

When the near dozen Laanas jumped together at me, I slid my sword behind my back and put all my strength into my body.


“Hmph!” I activated my skill〈Rampart Return〉.

The Laanas who jumped at me exploded one after another.

【You have gained 2 experience points.】

【You have gained 3 experience points.】

【Your level has increased from 2 to 3.】

【You have gained 1 skill point.】

【You have gained 4 experience points.】

【Your level has increased from 3 to 4.】

【You have gained 1 skill point.】

Floods of voices indicating my level ups rang through my head.

Within just two minutes, the area was already covered with the Laanas’ bodily fluids.

One more left, huh..


When the remaining Laana tried to jump at me, I activated my 〈Rampart Return〉skill and blasted it the hell off.

【You have gained 2 experience points.】

【Your level has increased from 7 to 8.】

【You have gained 1 skill point.】

My level had already increased to【Lv:8】in such a short amount of time. With this, my available skill points should have increased to【7】.

【The title〈Immovable One〉have been acquired.】

Additionally, I have gained a title.

Titles are, basically, some kind of proof that you’ve achieved the requirements of certain conditions.


〈Immovable One〉【Title】

Proof of having achieved the condition of defeating 10 or more demons while not taking any offensive actions.

Increases overall defense by【+10%】when in idle state.


With this title, it makes it easier to fulfill the conditions when activating my skill〈Rampart Return〉.

Titles can also be a condition for gaining new skills and skill trees, so it is recommended to actively collect them.

“Fumu, it’s all going well so far.”

As far as I can see, this world’s system and the <Magic World>‘s system seem to be identical, so there’s no problem.

“Y-you’ve saved me, but… Just what are you..?”

The swordsman said while looking at me with a face that seemed like he just saw some kind of monster.

“That’s a horrible thing to say to someone who just saved your life.”

I said those words as I opened my <Status> to confirm the changes.


【Elma Edvan】

Class:Heavy Knight

Level :8

HP :10/28

MP :4/11






〈Inferior Soldier’s Sword〉

〈Iron Armor〉

【Special Skill】


【Normal Skill】

〈Rampart Return〉


〈Immovable One〉


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    1. It reflects damage based on def, so the reason it probably sucked at early game was because most ppl didn’t enough def to reflect enough damage to clear efficiently, especially if they invested into other paths then the problem of split scaling pops up

      1. Absolutely no lvl 1 RPG could do that just because his class is tank…

  1. LOL and no one in this world figured out just how ridiculously OP this class is? Come on. That’s such a cheesy low level skill 😂

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