Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Subjugation reward for the Embryo

The Embryo fell to the ground.
Luce landed on the floor close to it.

“It-it went down…. I really did it….”

It seemed Luce was yet unable to come to terms with the fact that she was able to bring down the Embryo.

【You have gained 2170 experience points.】
【Your level has increased from 33 to 41.】
【You have gained 8 Skill points.】

The message about gaining xp echoed in my head.
Our level grind this time ended up significantly more successful than I expected.
At this point we can be considered among the top adventurers in the city of Rondalm.

There was something I did not understand properly.
When Luce launched her [Dice Thrust] against the Embryo, I only prayed for her luck to show us favour.
And yet, when Luce was forsaken by her luck, she paved her way to victory with her own two hands.

“I’m really glad I was able to recruit you as my teammate, Luce. That Klein guy did something unbelievably regrettable when she let you go.”

“E-ehehe….is that so? Somehow, now….. I feel much more confident about myself after today’s Dungeon exploration! Everyone always told me that my Class was useless, but we got so many items today, and even [Dice Thrust] was…..”

“No, not because of those. It’s because of you yourself, Luce.”

In this world, I was only looking at people’s level and Class.
In that regard, I was no better than my father or Klein.
Only my evaluation criteria was different.

Despite the mortal danger, Luce came back to help me, who only stayed behind because of pride…. and with her quick thinking even under deadly pressure, she managed to turn things around and defeat the Embryo.
She places high importance on debts and duty, while able to surpass herself in dangerous situations.
I don’t know if there is a teammate more reliable than someone like that.

“N-no way…. Elma-san. That’s really going too far in praising me.”

It looked like Luce blushed from embarrassment and started to fiddle with the end of her hair.

【You have gained the Title 〈Unexpected Upset〉.】

We’ve got a Title.
It’s the one you can get by defeating a Dream Lord while underleveled.
It’s something I wanted to get for sure in the future, but I wanted it to be when we could more safely satisfy the conditions, but I’m happy we were able to get it now.

〈Unexpected Upset〉【Title】
The proof of defeating a Dream Lord with less than 70% of the Recommended Level, while in party of at most two members.
When fighting against a higher level opponent, you gain +15% to your Attack and Agility.

If you were aiming for the top in Magic World, then it was always necessary to fight higher level opponents.
The 〈Unexpected Upset〉 that greatly helps you with that is a fairly powerful Title.
The fact that we were able to get it this early is significant.

The remains of the Embryo gradually disappeared, leaving a large emerald green magic stone in its place.
It was a wind attribute magic stone.

“….that alone should go for about 1 million gold.”

“F-for that much!? My money sense seems to be already broken….”

After all, it’s the magic stone of a 【Lv:50】 Dream Lord.
Not just the Embryo’s, but the Tin Knights’ magic stones should go for about 500 thousand gold apiece.
It’s an unexpected windfall.

I searched the remains of the Tin Knights and put the dropped magic stone into my Magic Bag.
Since a sword of a Tin Knight did not dissipate into mana either, I picked it up.

〈Tin Sword〉《Recommended Level: 35》
【Market Value: 2 400 000 gold】
The sword of a Tin Knight.
Its Attack bonus is somewhat low, but it’s sturdy and its maintenance costs are low.

….and it dropped a valuable item just like that.
I can only say that the power of the Lucky Pierrot that was considered indispensable in Magic World is going strong here as well.

There were those that chose other, more stable, Classes that also had the [Great Fortune] Skill Tree, but that high initial Luck value of the Clown Class does make a huge difference.
Every time the [Great Fortune] Skill Tree multiplies the Luck value, the more valuable the initial difference in starting values becomes.

“An item has dropped! It’s a Tin Sword!”

Luce was swinging around a toy looking sword in her hand.

“Are you kidding me….”

Out of the three Tin Knights, two dropped a Tin Sword.
It might not be that long until I will be able to get the [Smoldering Fang of Madness].

…..however, a Tin Sword and a Bear Shield, huh.
Those are quite good items for my current level, but as opposed to Magic World, it would take some courage to walk around with those equipped in this world.

After all that, I can’t help but expect something out of the Embryo too.
As one would expect, although not at the level of the Rana’s Radiant Ornate Sword with its high Market Value, a pretty powerful weapon could drop from the Embryo too.
The drop chance is not that high on that one, but it could leave behind a bow with an inbuilt wind attribute Skill.
As for its Market Value it should be around 6 million gold.
It’s a rare and valuable weapon, so someone should be willing to pay quite a high price for it, even in this world.
If I were to try and sell it to a shop, then they would bargain it down by a lot for sure, but if I could sell it to an individual, then I should be able to get an additional 500 thousand gold for it if it goes smoothly.

“I’m counting on you…..Embryo!”

I rummaged through the evaporating remains of the Embryo.
….however, no item came out.
With the large size of that weapon, it would be very noticable if it did indeed drop….

“As expected, that would’ve been too convenient…. hm?”

Within the remains of the Embryo there was a single book.

〈Skill Book〉《Intermediate Wind Magic》
【Market Value: 20 million gold】
Allows the acquisition of the 〈Intermediate Wind Magic〉 Skill Tree.
From the simple and easy to use spell that shoots wind blades, to the wide area attack that calls lightning.
It can also speed up movements by providing a tail-wind.

…..a Skill Book!?

Skill Books have much lower drop rates than weapons.
And with the nobles in control of its distribution in this world, their value is even much larger than it was in Magic World.

If the adventurer guild finds out about it, then it will no doubt swipe it away for much less than its Market Value.
To be honest, in this world where Skill Books are a rare commodity, the easy to use Intermediate Wind Magic Skill Tree is a perfectly valid choice.

However, my MP and my Magic is low, so I don’t think I want to risk compromising my build.
Although it would be best to still keep the possibility in mind.
I would be able to get the [Sylph Cutter] that the Embryo used for relatively few Skill points.

“….what is it, Elma-san? It looks like you are trying to hide something there….”

“O-oh, my bad. I didn’t want to hide it from Luce too, but we got an item that we should not let adventurers from other parties or someone from the Guild see in our possession.”

The malicious smile of the shopkeeper from the Broken Grimoire Company comes up in my mind.
Not many shops have the nerve to handle Skill Books.
We will only be able to sell this at that granny’s place.

Nevertheless, with this our income comes to an immense amount.

〈Skill Book〉: 20 million gold
〈Rana’s Radiant Ornate Sword〉: 17 million gold×2
〈Tin Sword〉: 2.4 million gold×2
〈Bear Shield〉: 200 000 gold×2
〈Embryo’s Magic Stone〉: 1.3 million gold
〈Tin Knight’s Magic Stone〉: 600 000 gold×3
〈Golden Rana’s Magic Stone〉: 600 000 gold×2
〈Patchwork Bear’s Magic Stone〉: 170 000 gold×2

Our rewards for this time come to this.
Approximately 63.84 million gold in total.
Due to getting caught up in a Wandering Lord incident we ended up with something absurd.
To be honest, even I’m a bit scared.

That being said, this is just their Market Value, so the final value will most likely be much less than this.
The magic stones are bought by the Guild for its Market Value to support adventurers, but depending on the situation the items will most likely be bargained down by a lot.
Especially what happens to the Skill Book will depend mostly on that unscrupulous granny.

At that moment the whole Dungeon started shaking and falling apart.
The walls and the pillars started to slowly disappear into thin air.
Getting startled, Luce kept looking every which way in fright.

“E-Elma-san!! This is….!?”

“It’s perfectly understandable to get scared when seeing this the first time. No need to worry…. It’s just the Dream Pit disappearing after its Dream Lord was defeated.”

Our surroundings will gradually disappear like this and by the time we notice, we will be standing outside the entrance of the Dungeon.

“So that’s how it is…. I got a bit scared there. This was the first time I’ve seen a Dream Lord or seen it being defeated….”

Luce stuck out her tongue, trying to be cute.
Her form was starting to fade too.

I could see my hands turning see-through as well.
It’s a strange sensation.
Once again I made sure that the items were all collected, just to be sure.

“Ah, maybe it’s not the time to bring this up, but….”


“The total Market Value of everything we managed to get this time is over 60 million gold. It’s a rough estimate, so it’s not certain to be accurate though.”

As if assaulted by a sudden vertigo, Luce’s legs gave out and she fell to the floor just like that.

“H-hey, Luce, are you alright!? Luce!! What got into you!?”

“This was really, not the time to bring that up…..”

Luce murmured in a vanishing voice.

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