Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – The total reward

After Luce and I safely received the reward money from the adventurer’s guild, we came over to a restaurant to have a small celebration.

“Getting promoted to D rank adventurers and that additional 10 million gold was an unexpected surprise, but a welcome one.”

By becoming a D rank adventurer I should’ve got enough Fame points that the max Skill points allowed in a single Skill Tree should’ve increased from 【30】 to 【45】.

With this I won’t have to worry about Skill point ceilings for a good while.
Getting the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] also seems closer now.

….however, even though we could be considered lucky in the end, it also highlights the irregularity of this world once again.
In Magic World, there was no reward money offered from the adventurer’s guild for defeating a Dream Lord.

I can safely say that it’s because of the increased value of life in this world.
Even if a high level adventurer went out of their way to clear a lower level Dungeon, they wouldn’t be getting enough rewards that would fit their level.
So they put up a reward for it to compensate for that, officially speaking, but….. that’s most likely not the only reason for it.

It’s to increase the motivation of financially desperate adventurers to willingly face the Dream Lord.
If we want to focus on the negatives, it’s basically putting a price on people’s lives.
This might not be that big of a deal in this world, but this offer of reward was most likely the cause for the Embryo getting attacked by adventurers that weren’t strong enough, and thereby causing a Wandering Lord incident.

If only information would be shared more regularly in this world, the death toll could be lowered, but…. in this aspect too, this world is strange.

“W-what is it, Elma-san? You seem to be deep in thought….”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I was thinking about something a bit worrisome, but this should be a celebration, we should be enjoying it right now instead.”

I raise my glass with cider in it.
With a smile Luce reached out with the hand she had her own glass in and we toasted by clinking our glasses together.

“Yeah, that’s right! Let’s be cheerful, be cheerful! I said I would order anything I want, as much as I want! Ordering what I want at the Hearth of the Alchemist King was a dream of mine! That and coming here together with my party after achieving something spectacular as an adventurer!”

After her cheerful announcement, Luce poked her cheek while changing to a bitter smile.

“….that being said, at the time I thought I would be coming here with Klein-san and Reese-san.”

From her mention I remembered when Klein tried to talk to us at the adventurer’s guild.

Even after we left the Guild, Klein kept persistently chasing us.
At first he tried to ingratiate himself for a while, but at the end he belligerently screamed: ‘I even left you a gift when you left the party so you would have no problems. Are you so ungrateful now!?’, but when Luce simply said ‘….I didn’t take it’, he just dropped his head and tottered away.

“Uwah! Crab King Pie with Black Mushroom Sauce, for 8000 gold! I almost ordered it just now, but I didn’t think it would cost that much…. Elma-san, things on this page are no good! Let’s order something that’s no more than 1400 gold!”

Luce was all but bouncing in her seat while looking through the menu.
It seems her objective of ordering anything she wanted was already discarded.

“Excuse me, one Crab King Pie with Black Mushroom Sauce, please.”

When I called out to a waitress walking close by, Luce’s shoulders trembled and she kept anxiously looking between me and the waitress.

“C-can we do that? If we keep ordering like that, won’t it all run out soon?”

….even though we made so much money in the Angel’s Toybox, it still hasn’t registered for her.
She was surprisingly composed when hearing about the 10 million gold reward, but it seems it was simply because she was already numb to the incoming money. However, using it to pay for something seems to belong to a different category.

“We need to talk about what to do with the drop items and our respective cut of the rewards. First of all, that Skill Book…. Do you want to use it, Luce?”

The [Intermediate Wind Magic] Skill Book dropped by the Embryo….
Although it’s an item with a Market Value of 20 million gold, it would also be pretty valuable if it was used by Luce.
It would provide a stable damage output against monsters from afar and would allow her to obtain a straightforwardly powerful spell in short order, so future prospective party members would be less likely to underestimate her.

“Won’t you use it, Elma-san?”

“Nah, the [Intermediate Wind Magic] Skill Tree is not a bad one, but I want to set my aim higher. I’ve already decided how to use my future Skill points.”

I need to put every point I can into [Vow of the Heavy Armor] and the [Smoldering Fang of Madness].
I don’t have any surplus for [Intermediate Wind Magic].

However, Luce is different.
She doesn’t need to aim high like that, if she learns the [Intermediate Wind Magic], then she should be able to lead a smooth life as an adventurer.
The [Great Fortune] and [The Fool’s Acrobatics] Trees lack straightforward battle power, but with [Intermediate Wind Magic] that problem would be solved.
She won’t need to be worried about not finding a party and she won’t be underestimated like it was with Klein either.

“If you say so, Elma-san…. Then I won’t use it either! That would mean that our goals would not be the same! Elma-san just recently proved to me that I can be so much better! I want to see how far I can go, and…. saying goodbye like that would be just too sad!”

Declared Luce with a clenched fist.

From my side, I would be happy if Luce would keep aiming for a strong build.
I don’t think I would have the chance to party up with another Clown with the [Great Fortune] in the future, and what’s even more important is that I don’t think I could find another teammate who’s more courageous than Luce.

“In that case…. we will sell that one. To be honest I have a bit of a money problem, so I’m thankful that that one will also be sold.”

“Money problem….?”

Luce tilted her head in a questioning manner.

“The subjugation reward is 10 million gold….the magic stones are over all 4.4 million gold…. the items 59 million gold total. The magic stones will be bought at Market Value to support adventurers and let’s try to sell the items for at least 70% of their Market Value. That means our expected total is roughly 57 million gold.”

“…..I got dizzy just from hearing that total. I still can’t believe it.”

“We agreed on a 8:2 ratio, so Luce’s cut is 46 million gold and mine is around 11 million gold.”

That’s more than I thought.
Since our levels went up we should be able to hunt higher level monsters during our next grind for money.

The Angel’s Toybox where the Golden Ranas were had become unusable, so it might not be a bad idea to take down another Dream Lord.

“Are you still saying that!?”

Luce sprang up as she slapped the table.

“Luce, what are you doing? The other guests are looking at us. Do you think 20% is too much?”

“Ah, n-no, sorry…. But no! There is no way I can accept that much, no matter how you look at it! It was you who made all the plans and risked your life the most, Elma-san! Where did you get that 80% from!”

“But this is a common ratio…..”

I don’t know about this world, but in Magic World it was common that the Luck provider would get about three times as much as other members.
It’s the case even with the second-choice Luck provider Class, the Magician, which has useful spells and the [Good Fortune] Skill Tree, which has a reduced Luck gain in exchange for a boost with the other stats, but lower starting Luck compared to a Clown.

But Luce is a Clown and most likely had a pretty high starting Luck.
Four times as large of a cut should be right about appropriate.

That may seem like a lot.
However, while it’s a must have Class for high level parties, its fighting potential is somewhat lacking.
Because of that there are some endgame contents that it can’t participate in and overall can contribute less to various events than some other Classes.
For that reason, while it’s powerful, there are reasons not to use a Luck focused character build.
Taking all that into consideration, the aforementioned conclusion seems more reasonable….

“In what world would those conditions be reasonable!? Would you accept this 40 million if it was you in my place, Elma-san!? Even the fact that you invited me to a party and managed to increase my level to this point is something I can’t even properly express my gratitude for!”

Hm, well…..
Even if this is not that common here, I still think that ratio should be fine based on how much the drop rate was increased.

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