Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Epilogue

The next day, after making sure to properly rest up at an inn, Luce and I decided to leave Rondalm.
Although Rondalm was a good place for beginner adventurers, I really should’ve left sooner since it’s connected to the Edvan Family.
That being said, after everything that happened, I didn’t necessarily need to hurry with it either.

Either way, the Dungeons that tend to crop up around here aren’t that high level.
To keep working as adventurers, we would’ve needed to leave this place sooner or later at any rate.

“But, is this really fine with you? I ended up getting you caught up in things, Luce. If you wanted to stay in Rondalm, then it would’ve been fine to stay for a bit longer….”

I owe an enormous debt to Luce for the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] Skill Book.
I couldn’t have just left her behind without paying her back, so if she wanted to stay in Rondalm, then I would’ve had to stay for a while too.

“Of course it’s fine! I was even asked by father-in-law to take care of Elma-san!”

Luce declared with a guts pose.


“But….that person didn’t apologize in the end. After that girl lost, he just ran away without even properly speaking with you, Elma-san.”

“His position doesn’t exactly allow him to apologize to anyone…. Although the people were cleared out and there shouldn’t be anyone reckless enough within the guild staff to spread rumors, but…. even then, I’m just thankful that he didn’t kick up a fuss about ruining his reputation.”

“Nnnn….. If you are fine with that, then I can accept it as well, Elma-san….”

Even while saying that, Luce didn’t seem to be satisfied with it.
Seeing her like that, I had a bitter smile on my face.

“Nobles live and die by their reputations. Because of that, it can’t be helped that he wouldn’t be able to bow his head.”

I already knew what kind of personality Izas had, so I wasn’t the least bit surprised that he wouldn’t say a single word of apology to me.
What surprised me was he told Luce to take care of me.

It was too little too late, but….. I think that was Izas’s best attempt at an apology towards me.
When he threw me out he still gave me enough money to buy some equipment for myself, and when the discussion about determining whether I was responsible for any wrongdoing went awry, he was obviously against me participating in a mock battle.
If I didn’t accept it, then Izas probably would’ve shot down Mariss’s suggestion.
Perhaps Izas was still looking out for me in a way, not as a noble, but as a father.

“It’s his job to not bow his head….is it? That might be tough indeed, but I still don’t think I could come to like him. ….please don’t turn out that way Elma-san, okay? If something happens I will apologize together with you, okay?”

“….I won’t become like that, or rather, I’m unable to become like that anymore.”

I let out a small cough.
Not since I was stripped of my family name and removed from the line of succession.

“Awawawa! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it as a sarcastic remark! Uhm, well….!”

“Ah, no, I don’t really mind. I’m glad I’ve left that family….well, saying that might be just me putting up a strong front right now, but…. this lifestyle does suit me better for sure.”

My previous life’s memories and values are mixed in with me.
There are many customs that nobles have that I can understand the need for, but can’t really agree with.
The fact that I was exiled just because of my Heavy Knight Class is one, but the Life Shifting that uses criminals to provide level ups, or the employing of poor people as Suicide Soldiers by forcing dangerous Skill Trees on them are others.

Someday, I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate it anymore.
And if that didn’t happen, that would’ve meant that I was completely changed by the noble way of life, which makes me shudder just by thinking of the possibility.

At any rate, with Izas like that, it’s unlikely that he would try anything anytime soon.
However, Mariss could turn out to be a problem….

“….she wasn’t like that in the past though.”

Since Izas strangely didn’t like me meeting with Mariss I can only talk about her younger days, but even though she was a strange kid, I can safely say that she wouldn’t have tried to break people like that.
Or maybe I just didn’t manage to notice her tendency.

“What is it, Elma-san?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing.”

Shaking my head, I dodged the question.

At any rate, with this, I was able to settle things with the Edvan Family within myself.
Even though I was saying that I didn’t mind it, it was weighing on my heart, but…. by being able to say goodbye to Izas and even receiving some words of encouragement from him in a roundabout way, I can finally move forward without regrets.
Without Luce hounding Izas at the end there, I wouldn’t have been able to clear my emotions like this.

“At any rate….we finally cleared the beginner level range, so we will be able to operate better from now on, which will allow us to properly raise our levels and let us aim from high value item drops.”

I said as I punched my fist into my palm.

“Yeah, now we can properly raise our levels and aim for high value item drops….”

Luce trailed off with a smile, then opened her eyes wide.

“What happened in the Angel’s Toybox doesn’t count as properly raising our levels!?”

Startled by Luce’s loud voice, my shoulders jumped.

“W-what is it, Luce? Raising your voice all of a sudden….”

“B-but, that’s, it’s strange no matter how you look at it! We earned around 60-70 million gold there!”

Calling that strange….is what I call strange.
In my eyes, this is just about the end of the tutorial here.

Both Luce and I are still D rank adventurers who only recently entered the 【Lv:40】 range, and our equipment is not that different from the beginner set either.
We only just managed to acquire some useful Skills too.

My [Smoldering Fang of Madness] is still not at the level it could be and only provides a kind of okay attack method.
I only just reached the point where I can become a bargain bin version of a Sword Saint, if I discount the possibility of dealing a lot of damage with [Shield Bash], after activating [Half-Dead Savage Dragon], but that still makes it much easier to explore Dungeons.
If I can raise my level enough that I will have enough Skill Points, then I’ll be able to demonstrate the real power of the Heavy Knight build that was called a balance breaker in Magic World.

“This is the point where it will start to get interesting, now that our basic preparations are completed. From now on we can raise our levels much higher and look for much more valuable item drops.”

It’s a big deal that I was able to get the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] this early.

Without that, our activities would be slowed by a considerable margin.

“W-will I be fine like this? Will I really be able to keep up with Elma-san….?”

Luce seemed to be troubled.

“Once again….please take care of me, Luce.”

I reached out my hand towards her with a smile on my face.
Pressing her lips together, Luce appeared to have resolved herself and took my hand.

“Y-yes! Elma-san!”

【Volume 1・End】

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  1. “Father-in-law”
    Wow, flat out stated she’s his wife now.
    I love this story and these characters :l
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  2. “It’s nothing”, eh?
    If a woman came up to me with a sword, talking about mutilating my arms (+legs?) with a smile on her face…
    I’d say that counts as SOMETHING, no?

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  3. I really like that Luce just took the shot, and knows it will be, very nice
    Thanks for the chapter


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