Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Undead Swarm

We finally ran into the undead swarm… and their boss, the Ghoul Head.

The undead swarm was made up of one of the most common monsters in [Magic World], the wight.

It’s a monster created when impure mana attaches itself to a rotting corpse, making it come to life.

There are roughly thirty here, but all of them are wights and no other types.

For now, that was reassuring to know.

In [Magic World], a more problematic monster blending in among the swarm happened a lot.

And the boss was a Ghoul Head.


It’s an enormous green zombie head with legs and thick arms attached to it.

Its appearance might look comical at first sight, but the way it’s misshapen only amplifies the disgust and repulsive feelings it inspires.

“…the bludgeon in its hand is not an unusual Item either.”

I was relieved after I checked the Ghoul Head’s bludgeon, just to make sure.

Monsters like that may have an OP as hell rare item on them sometimes.

In the game that can be chalked up to as a prank from the developers, but in this world it won’t end with that.

Like hell I want to get wiped out by a rare event like that.

“Alright, Teil, Paul! Come with me and keep the small fry away from me! The rest, reduce the number of wights as much as you can!”

After saying that, Goutan readied his axe and charged in.

The Red Mage, Teil, and a swordsman apparently called Paul followed him into the fray.

…..thinking about Goutan’s haphazard instructions, I can’t help but feel uneasy.

Well, I’ll just be here, cutting down on the number of wights around.

With my current level I don’t want to tangle with the Ghoul Head, and I would just get in Goutan’s way anyway.

“Let’s just quickly get rid of the hanger-ons of that huge face,” I said to the adventurers around me.

“Y-you want to charge into a large group of enemies like that? Although those are just wights, if they attack you from your blind spot, then you might get hit anyway. With Goutan-san here I thought he would scatter them for us, but apparently he intends to keep on the boss….,” one of the adventurers said to me, looking somewhat uncertain.

Ah, so that’s why they were looking so half-hearted about it…

This must be the first time they came up against such a large group of monsters.

To compound that, the monsters are undead types with ghastly appearances and the commander just charged in without giving any orders worth mentioning too. It’s no wonder at all that they would start to hesitate.

We have seven people here.

However, I would like to move independently.

“You should split into two squads of three. If you cover each other’s backs, then you should have no problems against wights. I will be moving alone to divert the attention of the enemies to decrease the number of wights heading your way as much as I can. That should be fine.”

“G-got it, we’ll do that…”

There were no adventurers that objected to my words.

Although on the way the others looked down on me just like Teil, but when they saw me being calm in this situation, they must’ve thought they could rely on me.

“If you see anything unexpected about to happen, then notify the others immediately. I’ll come to help too.”

I charged into the group of wights.

Since I went at it alone I was immediately surrounded by wights, but the wights are simple low level monsters to begin with.

Furthermore, the movement speed of most undead type monsters are slow, and their attacks have a large wind-up.

“[Parry]! [Parry]!”

I kept minutely moving around, parrying the attacking arms with my sword and destroying their postures in turn.

I’ve already learned the wights’ attack timings in [Magic World] perfectly well.

And I also possessed enough skill with the sword to be able to make best use of my knowledge of [Magic World].

In this world, the personal power of the head of the family has a direct effect on the influence the household can wield.

Even if it’s former now, I used to be considered the next head of a Count family.

Fending off attacks from a bunch of wights is nothing at all for me.

“Good…. The [Parry] is working even better than I expected.”

The Skill to ward off attacks, [Parry].

Although it’s a powerful Skill, since you need to perfectly grasp the timings of every enemy attack, without sufficient knowledge and skill you wouldn’t be able to master it properly.

Depending on whether you can master [Parry] properly can greatly influence how useful others view the Heavy Knight class.

Using [Parry] I break up the wight’s posture, then I hit it with my sword to [Disarm] it, which lowers its attack power.

And after that I block its attack with my armor, which leads into a counter as usual.

“[Rampart Reversal]!”

The wight’s attacking right arm simply blows off and sails off in an arc.

【You have gained 11 experience points.】
【You level has increased from 12 to 13.】
【You have gained 1 Skill point.】


I would like it to keep going up just like that.

Fighting a group with appropriate levels like that is quite efficient.

This Guild request was an excellent catch from that point of view too.

One after the other, I dodge and ward off the attacks, then use [Rampart Reversal].

In no time at all I was responsible for the broken remains of almost ten wights.

In [Magic World], the larger the level difference was between you and your opponent, the less experience you gained, but even so, I was able to raise my level quite a bit.

【You have gained 4 experience points.】
【You level has increased from 15 to 16.】
【You have gained 1 Skill point.】

Good, good. It’s going well.

With this I had 【5】 Skill points in the bank.

I’m looking forward to the time I will use these up.

With the number of wights around me greatly decreased, I used [Status] to check.


【Elma Edvan】
Class : Heavy Knight
Lv : 16
HP : 29/47
MP : 14/19
Attack Power : 13+5
Defense Power: 34+5
Magic Power : 15
Agility : 15

〈Sword of a Low Ranking Soldier〉
〈Iron Armor〉

【Special Skills】

【General Skills】
〈Rampart Reversal〉

〈Immovable One〉
〈F Rank Adventurer〉


Good, good. It’s going up nicely.

“Hey, didn’t he say that he will try to pull the wights away from us…? He just straight up destroyed the majority.”

“Wasn’t he a Heavy Knight? Then why can he be that nimble with his dodges…. and how can he just blow them away like that?”

I could hear the other adventurers talking quietly while pointing at me.

My Status cannot be called agile compared to an average same rank adventurer.

However, the wights’ movements are slow, cumbersome, and easy to predict, therefore my carefully calculated movements must seem swift in comparison.

Even [Rampart Reversal] is only good for demolishing small fries.

The only reason why it’s working as well as this is due to the increased defense the [Vow of the Heavy Armor] gave initially.

“….it’s good that we can count on him, but somehow I’m more scared of him than the wights right now.”

Oi, I can hear you all….

That being said, to be honest, right now I can’t even show what the Heavy Knight is really best at.

I want to bring my level up as soon as possible to a point where I can distribute my Skill points a bit more freely.

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