Volume 1 – Statuses

Elma Edvan

【Elma Edvan】
Class: Heavy Knight
Lv: 41
HP: 100/100
MP: 41/41

Attack: 27+5
Defense: 60+5
Magic: 32
Agility: 32

〈Sword of a Low Ranking Soldier〉
〈Mad Demon Shield〉
〈Iron Armor〉

【Special Skills】
〈Half-Dead Savage Dragon〉

【Normal Skills】
〈Rampart Reversal〉
〈Vital Blow〉
〈Shadow Stomp〉
〈Shield Bash〉
〈Life Shield〉

〈Immovable One〉
〈D Rank Adventurer〉
〈Unexpected Upset〉

【Skill Trees】
[Remaining Skill points: 1]
〈Vow of the Heavy Armor〉[34/100]
〈Beginner Swordsmanship〉[5/50]
〈Smoldering Fang of Madness〉[5/70]

Luce Rubis

【Luce Rubis】
Class: Clown
Lv: 39
HP: 49/49
MP: 48/48

Attack: 28+3
Defense: 22
Magic: 30
Agility: 52

〈Iron Piercer〉

【Special Skills】
〈Beckoning Kitty〉

【Normal Skills】
〈Dice Thrust〉
〈Acrobatic Steps〉
〈Doppel Illusion〉

〈D rank adventurer〉
〈Unexpected Upset〉

【Skill Tree】
[Remaining Skill points: 18]
〈The Fool’s Acrobatics [10/100]〉
〈Great Fortune [15/70]〉
〈Attack Power UP [0/50]〉


Monster: Embryo
Level: 50
HP: 42/42
MP: 60/60

Attack: 24
Defense: 22+66
Magic: 49
Agility: 30

〈Flesh Armor〉

【Special Skills】
〈Dream Lord〉
〈Doll Maker〉
〈Confusion Immunity〉
〈Magic Sealing Immunity〉

【Normal Skills】
〈Mana Gift〉
〈Sylph Cutter〉
〈Thunder Storm〉

〈Owner of the Toybox〉

〈Dream Lord〉【Special Skill】
Has the powers of a Dream Lord.
Has a strong resistance to abnormal status and debuff effects.
HP and MP recovery speed is greatly increased.

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