Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Lord of the Centipede Pit

For the time being, we arrived at the door behind which the Dream Lord of the Centipede Pit, the Rock Centipede could be found.
Luce glanced towards me after opening up her Status.

“W-well then! I will put my points into [The Fool’s Acrobatics], okay?”

“Yeah, the Skill you get from 【18】 points in [The Fool’s Acrobatics] will be an important weapon in the arsenal of a Clown, regardless of the type.”

Luce leveled up from 【Lv:39】 to 【Lv:47】 here in the Centipede Pit.
She had 【11】 Skill points currently.
With that, she will be able to get a new useful Skill from [The Fool’s Acrobatics] Skill Tree.

It’s something that will be especially effective against the Rock Centipede.
While I was talking to Luce about the countermeasures against the Rock Centipede, I brought up the possibility of putting her Skill points into [The Fool’s Acrobatics] before we begin.

【Skill Tree】
[Remaining Skill points: 3]
〈The Fool’s Acrobatics [18/100]〉【+8】
〈Great Fortune [30/70]〉
〈Attack Power UP [0/50]〉

Luce put the Skill points in.

“Ooh! I got a Skill called [Stunt Barrage]!”

The Skill you get from [The Fool’s Acrobatics] at 【18】, the [Stunt Barrage].
It’s a Skill where you start spinning erratically and cut up the enemy with your knife.
A Skill that takes advantage of the Clown’s high movement speed and delivers a high number of blows when the opponent’s guard is down. A move that has the potential to become the cornerstone of a Clown’s fighting style.

Especially now that she has the Black Steel Knife on her that raises her Attack to a respectable number, a well executed use of it could deal a large amount of damage in one go.

“You should get the gist of it from the Skill description, but you should try it once anyway. After kicking off from the ground, you should keep in mind the image of imbuing mana into your momentum to maintain the speed of your rotation.”

“I see…..I understand! I will be trying it now!”

Luce kicked off from the ground and kept slashing out with her knife as she rapidly rotated on her axis.
After three turns she touched down on the ground.
She almost lost her balance and fell over, but she managed to recover fast enough.

“It looks like you’ll have no problems with it.”

“It can really increase the number of hits I can deliver, but it seems to me that there is a moment of weakness right after it comes to an end…. I have a feeling that if I had tried this on the Mythril Golem, it would’ve sent me flying with a counterattack.”

Luce gave a full body shudder.

“You’ll just need to get used to it enough, so you can choose the best timing to use it.”

It’s not limited to the [Stunt Barrage], every barrage type Skill has that shortcoming.
Also, due to the high speed and erratic movements the [Stun Barrage] relies on, it has the disadvantage that even the user may not be able to control it entirely.
If the opponent manages to read your movements, then it’s possible to receive a severe counterattack.
These kinds of Skills are powerful, but come with a correspondingly large weak point.

“However, there is no need to worry about that in this specific case. The Rock Centipede has a certain weakness that allows people to use their barrage Skill against it without fear of reprisal.”

“A certain weakness….?”

I explained how to fight the Rock Centipede to Luce with a smile on my face.

“Y-yes, indeed. If we manage that, then it will certainly be easy to take it down….”

“Frankly, at our current level, there is no way we would lose. If you are aware of how to defeat the Rock Centipede, then this Dream Lord becomes easy to take down.”

I pushed open the large door, then we headed into the deepest parts of the Dungeon, where the Rock Centipede waited for us.

The door opened up to a much larger space than we’ve seen so far.
The ground was uneven, with a number of large boulders dotting the area.

“This is the first time I’ve entered the deepest part of a Dungeon.”

“Yeah, at the time with the Embryo, it was a Wandering Lord.”

For me it was the first time I did so in this world.
The design of the deepest part of a Dungeon is frequently based on its Dream Lord.

This deepest part of the Centipede Pit was filled with enormous stalactites hanging from the ceiling, with water beneath them shining with a beautiful emerald green light. Truly a fairytale-like atmosphere.
As expected, it’s much more awe-inspiring than when it was just a game.
If such a picturesque scenery existed on Earth, it would’ve been chosen as a World Heritage Site for sure.

“….I guess this is no time to be admiring the scenery.”


A creepy voice could be heard all around us.
Looking up at above us, a giant Rock Centipede with ash colored carapace was crawling on the ceiling.
From head to tail it must’ve been at least 15 meters.

“The Lord decided to grace us with its presence.”


With a thunderous roar, the Rock Centipede crashed down in front of us.
It lined up its enormous jaw with the direction Luce and I were in.

Monster: Rock Centipede
Level: 60
HP: 156/156
MP: 71/71

The Rock Centipede has an overwhelming amount of HP, high Attack, Defense, and exceptional Agility.
It has ways of attacking at both close and long range, and it has a majestic, massive body, fitting for a Dream Lord.

Many Magic World players lamented the fact that this Dream Lord could’ve been a terrifying opponent, if only it was a bit different.
According to the leveling system of Magic World, the higher level and easier to beat a monster was, the more convenient it was. From that point of view, beginner players all loved this boss.

“Let’s take it down quickly and rake in the experience points and items, then let’s head back to La Colina right away.”

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