Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Guild Master Hallein

Apparently, for D rank adventurers to exchange this many magic stones in one go, they’d have to go through a tedious procedure. However for some reason the receptionist girl desperately pushed through all that, leading to an unexpectedly smooth process.

Also, while that was happening, she managed to get an appointment with the Guild Master too.
Fortunately, it seems that despite being described as busy, the Guild Master will be able to meet with us right away.

Luce and I were led by the receptionist girl deeper into the Guild.
We stopped in front of the innermost door.

It seems this was the office of the Guild Master.
The receptionist girl knocked on the door.

“Hallein-sama! I’ve brought the adventurers you’ve been told about just now.”

“….what are you talking about? I haven’t heard anything like that.”

An irritated woman’s voice came back in response.

“Huh….? Didn’t another staff member come here to notify you just now?”

“No matter. Hurry up and let them in.”

A sigh of exasperation followed.

“I-I’m terribly sorry, she is a very busy person and it seems there was some kind of miscommunication….”

The receptionist girl bowed her head to us.
It seems this may have been a bad time, or she just did not pay enough attention.
We’ve been told that she already agreed to a meeting, but apparently that was a mistake.

“Well, I don’t really mind if we get to talk to her…..”

We entered the Guild Master’s office.
She was a beautiful woman with long, indigo hair.
The folding fan in her hand closed with a snap.

….so this was Guild Master Hallein, the leader of the adventurers’ guild of La Colina, the City of Adventurers.
Although she was a slender woman, perhaps due to the way she held herself, she gave off a strangely imposing and dignified aura.

Hallein’s almond eyes ran over us, taking our measure.
Feeling pressured by her gaze, Luce quickly hid herself behind my back.

“….a Clown and a Heavy Knight, huh. That’s a fairly strange combination.”

As her eyes landed on my armor, her brows furrowed.
…..she probably noticed that it’s an armor set for low level people.
The fact that I didn’t care to buy a better one, because I would’ve had to buy yet another in short order, may have backfired on me just now.

“Maltida, who are they?”

“They are apparently D rank adventurers who just arrived recently from the city of Rondalm…..”

The receptionist girl answered.
It seems her name was Maltida.

“D rank adventurers, from Rondalm….?”

Hallein started sharply glaring at Maltida.
She seemed to say ‘why would you bring someone like that to me’ without actually saying it.

“T-this lady and gentleman apparently cleared out the 【Lv:60】 Centiped Pit by themselves…..! In terms of ability, they should be among the top even among C rank adventurers….!”

“Hohoh? Two D rank adventurers managed to clear out the Centipede Pit, you say…. As a Clown and Heavy Knight to boot too, huh. I was under the impression that both of those Classes were at a disadvantage against a Dream Lord, how interesting. Now you’ve got my attention.”

The way Hallein was looking at us changed all of a sudden.
That felt a bit sinister, but now it’s less likely that she will let what I have to say go in one ear and out the other.
When I heard that she wasn’t properly notified of us, I thought she would just disregard everything we say as nonsense coming from two D rank adventurers, but it seems she properly recognized our accomplishments.

….the observation skills of this woman were clearly above the norm.
As expected of a Guild Master, she is well versed in adventurers’ affairs.
I’m happy about the fact that we are quickly moving forward, but standing in front of this woman feels like she’s seeing right through me, leaving me a bit anxious.
It looks like Luce feels the same.

“However, D rank adventurers challenging a Dream Lord…. Even if you are a high C rank in ability, you two seem to be trying to go above and beyond without any proper achievements to your name so far. Hah, I don’t know if I should take it as you living your life to the fullest, or to call you suicidal. If not that, then you must’ve been very confident in your knowledge about your Classes and that Dungeon.”

Hallein gave a slight smile.

….she was deducing the situation from what little she heard before I even get to present my story.
I wonder if all the Guild Masters in charge of territories where high level Dungeons spawn are also this competent?
No, I don’t think it’s that simple.

“Hmm, that calm and composed bearing and refined features….and also being fairly knowledgeable about Dungeons. Are you, perhaps, someone from the nobility? Apparently you came from the city of Rondalm, and I seem to recall the Lord of that territory having a son who was about 15 years old….”

She even managed to get that far….
I desperately tried to maintain my expression.
Hallein was obviously studying my face to check my reaction to her words.

Did I manage to fool her with that?
Well, as long as I don’t lose my cool noticeably, then she can’t be sure of it.
First, I need to dodge this line of questioning entirely….

I glanced to my side.
Luce was looking between me and Hallein, looking flustered.
It seems she was still anxious and started to fiddle with her hair too.

I pinched the bridge of my nose and let out a sigh.
Luce is simply too honest. I can’t feign ignorance like this.

“Hmm, I see.”

Hallein whispered after looking at Luce.
….I don’t know what she got from that, but I have a bad feeling about it.

“My name is Elma….. and she is Luce. Like we were introduced, we are adventurers from Rondalm. There was a strange incident we came across in the Centipede Pit, which I wanted to report directly, so I asked for a face-to-face meeting. Thank you for taking time for us.”

I said and bowed my head.

I wanted to get to the main topic since I was anxious about letting Hallein speak any further too, but it was mainly to express that I’m here as a simple commoner.
Generally, nobles would always introduce themselves with their family name at this point.

“I’m still curious about some things, but I won’t try to dig further for now. My name is Hallein Howlod ….and I’m the Guild Master of the adventurers’ guild for La Colina. That man was apparently already aware of this, but I’m from a branch house of the Howlod Family.”

I was just thinking that she was too well versed in the matters of nobles.
In La Colina, the City of Adventurers, the adventurers guild is much more important than most other places.
It seems they’ve put a person from their branch house into the position of the Guild Master to best coordinate the Guild’s and the noble family’s activities with each other.

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  1. is there any need to be so nervous and polite? It’s way too serious like a western novel instead of japanese.
    i’m starting to dislike this because it’s going in a different and difficult direction of a hero… instead of the world magic itself

    When a mob character is better then the MC himself

    1. She’s the guild-master, a noble, they are loaded with pricey loot that could “go missing” if they offend her, and have an outrageous story to tell that would be all but impossible to believe at face value.

      Yeah, being humble, nervous, and polite is the way to go.

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