Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Gains from the bet

“Don’t mess with me! I said to stop the whole thing! The outcome is not decided yet!”

After the duel, sure enough, Hilde was throwing a tantrum within the smithy.

“It was because you bastard didn’t stop when I said to, I had no choice but to say that I concede!”

“You just said that you said it because you had no other choice.”

Exactly because she could’ve contested the outcome if I stopped at that point is why I steeled myself and continued the duel for a little while more.

“….well, Hilde-san. Calling off the duel after seeing your opponent’s Skills in effect is not a reason recognized by the Guild as valid. For that an agreement from both participants are needed. With the Guild called to serve as a witness, if you don’t acquiesce to our ruling, then it would greatly hurt our reputation. Therefore the Guild will take sufficient measures to correct this state of affairs.”

Maltida explained as such to Hilde.

“I-I know that much! Did you really think I was doing something petty like trying to annul the duel!?”

Wasn’t that precisely what she was doing?
Just as I was questioning that, Hilde bowed her head to me.

“…..listen, Elma. I tried to call off the duel. Can you count that in and let me off with 20 million gold? 30 million would be just too much for me. As an adventurer yourself, you should understand that, right?”

“H-how miserly….. Well, I know that feeling of course, but….”

Seeing Hilde’s small stature, Luce grumbled.

“I need to find a weapon fit for my level at all costs. The development of a single high level adventurer leads to better protection for the city from dangers, and lower casualties from monsters. I have a duty to fulfill and I don’t have the luxury of choosing my methods to achieve it. Elma, as an adventurer, you should be able to understand this too. I recognize that my way of doing things may not have been the best. I caused a lot of trouble for that blacksmith too. I vow to not do something like this again.”

“It’s good that you understand. I know what it’s like to be angry and frustrated from being unable to find a suitable weapon for yourself. I also experienced that a few times before.”

I agreed with a deep nod.

Not being able to get the weapon I wanted happened a lot in Magic World.
It was one of the most frustrating parts of playing the game, so it was especially sweet when I did manage to get the weapon I wanted.
Furthermore, the emotions such a situation elicits in this world is obviously much stronger than when it was just a game.
That is also something I already experienced plenty of times.
So, yeah, I can understand where she was coming from.

“So, could we call this even with 20 million gold?”

“We can’t. I need the money too, that’s why I accepted the duel even with the distinct possibility that I would lose the mythril sword if I lost. But, what’s right and wrong, or the fact that you repented, doesn’t have anything to do with the money you owe.”

Hilde dropped her shoulders in despair.
She looked like her soul just left her body.

I’ve already become a bit numb to it, but 30 million gold is still quite a large sum.
It’s a sum that a particularly successful up and coming adventurer like Hilde would need to desperately save up for a while in hopes of being able to afford a new weapon.
I myself don’t feel particularly good about having it handed to me, but that was the wager we agreed to.

I can’t accept her plea to change the terms after the fact, just because she lost.
If Hilde were the one to win, then she most likely would’ve taken the mythril sword without a second thought.

“H-hey, kid. I feel a bit awkward bringing this up now, but….”

Berga interjected into the conversation.

“What is it?”

“Well, this sword, you see…..Its Market Value is not 30 million gold.”

“Hmm? Really?”

Since the main ingredient was the Mythril Ingot for it, which was 25 million gold, I thought its value would end up around that much.

“W-was it a fake all along!?”

Hilde suddenly got all energetic.

“W-well, you can easily check the Market Value by yourselves, so I suggest all of you just do that….”

Berga moved further into the shop, then he brought a sword shining with a bluish-green light, holding it with both hands.

It had a beautiful blade.
I felt elated just by the knowledge that this was about to become mine.

However, what was it about not having a 30 million gold Market Value?

〈Mythril Sword〉《Recommended Level: 70》
【Market Value: 51.5 million gold】
A magical sword that shines with a strong light of mana.
It’s made of Mythril, a valuable rare metal. People are certain to give you greater respect as an adventurer if you have this on you.
Also, there is a Rune of Destruction embedded in it.

The Attack bonus and the price had some absurd numbers next to them.
Come to think of it, the price of the Rune of Destruction needs to be counted in too.
One of the reasons I blew off Hilde’s first offer was because of the Rune that was embedded in the sword.
I completely forgot about that just now.

“Oh, my bad. Hilde, it was 51.5 million gold.”

“Fffff- 51.5 million gold!? D-don’t mess with me! There is no way I could pay that! What’s with that stupid price!”

Hilde’s face was crimson red from anger.

“That’s not a price I can just simply nod to and accept! Please, make it 40 million gold at least!”

Couldn’t she decide between the angry or groveling approach at least?

“Even if you tell me to pay that much, I can’t! Too….too bad for you, hah! How could a single adventurer pay 50 million gold just like that!”

“For B rank adventurers and above, we are able to loan a certain amount of money, since their ability to pay it back is recognized. Although with 20 million gold in question, there may be a need for an item as collateral or have your movements restricted.”

Hearing Maltida’s words, Hilde’s face went bluish pale.
Turning red and blue, it’s like she’s a Heavy Knight.

“I-I’m starting to feel a bit bad for her…..”

“I guess so….I said various things too, but honestly, my main objective was to just rake her over the coals a bit.”

I said I didn’t care about right and wrong, or that she has repented already, but that was a lie.
My main aim was to prevent her from making any more trouble for the smithy in the future.

“I’ll take that 1.5 million gold off and call it even with 50 million gold.”

Hilde dropped her head even further.

“Elma-san, uhm, that’s not that much of a discount…..”

“Luce, you money sense is starting to go numb. 1.5 million gold is a lot of money.”

“No that, uhm….That’s true, I know that, but uhm…..”

I wanted to save some money for eventually getting the [Reaper Assassin] in the future, but it seems we won’t need to worry about it.
For the time being, with an extra 50 million gold in pocket, we should be able to at least start the negotiations for it, even if we are up against someone like that greedy grandma from the Broken Grimoire Company.

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