Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Group battle

As we reached the depth of the forest where the Graveyard of Sorrows was, our group came across a horde of undead that escaped from the Dungeon.


A wolf with a decayed body charged at us.

Monster: Mad Wolf
Level: 52
HP: 102/102
MP: 62/62

A level 52 right away….
If monsters on this level were to overflow from a Dungeon near Rondalm, it would become a matter for the Lord to intervene for sure.

Even though La Colina has a lot of high rank adventurers, if something were to disturb the balance, I can easily see the whole territory suffering a disaster.
They are currently managing to handle the high level Dungeons that appear in this territory, but this once again reminded me that all that is built on a precarious balance.

However, my current level is 62.
I have a newly obtained weapon, the Mythril Sword with me now, which gives a pretty high stat boost.

Although it was bad luck that the Death Armed appeared, thanks to that I managed to raise my level quite a bit and outfit myself with proper equipment too.
At this point, I will have no problem fighting this monster.


I let the momentum of the Mad Wolf’s charge bleed off by moving my body backwards, then I used my blade to push its trajectory to the side.



Luce approached the Mad Wolf that lost its balance without a moment’s delay and hit it with her knife.


The Mad Wolf let out a whine of anguish.

“The poison activated!”

So it activated on the first hit.
It was the effect of the item that dropped from the Death Armed….Luce’s new weapon, the Venomous Centipede’s Short Sword.

〈Venomous Centipede’s Short Sword〉《Recommended Level: 70》
【Market Value: 28 million gold】
A short sword coated in the venom of a centipede.
In addition to its high Attack bonus, it sometimes poisons the enemy.

Although it’s said to work only sometimes, Luce’s Luck is very high.
It’s a pretty strong weapon to begin with, but it also has an amazing synergy with her.

The damage bonus is pretty nice by itself, but the poison also had a 【10%】 Agility decreasing effect in Magic World.

Then, an arrow pierced deep into the slowed Mad Wolf’s head.
It was shot by another adventurer from the back.
The Mad Wolf fell over and became still.

【You have gained 174 experience points.】

That’s one down.
Thanks to the adventurers having a numbers advantage, it’s easy for us to move around.

“There are still more! Decrease their numbers!”

After another hour…..the monsters that used to be present were no more.
I also leveled up from 【Lv:62】 to 【Lv:64】.

“That was quite a fierce welcome before we even entered the Dungeon….”

The surroundings were littered with the corpses of Mad Wolves and Wight Birds.
The meat and bones were steadily melting away, leaving behind only magic stones.

【Elma Edvan】
Class: Heavy Knight
Lv: 64
HP: 197/202
MP: 83/83

Attack: 55+46
Defense: 112+15
Magic: 65
Agility: 65

〈Mythril Sword〉
〈Mad Demon Shield〉
〈Black Steel Armor〉

【Special Skills】
〈Half-Dead Savage Dragon〉

【Normal Skills】
〈Rampart Reversal〉
〈Vital Blow〉
〈Shadow Stomp〉
〈Shield Bash〉
〈Life Shield〉
〈Relentless Vigor〉

〈Immovable One〉
〈B Rank Adventurer〉
〈Unexpected Upset〉
〈Nightmare Slayer〉

I’ve become quite strong.
I can’t deny that the Heavy Knight is lacking in Attack, but what I have is perfectly sufficient to deal with monsters of this level.

My Defense is also high, so even if I get hit by lower level monsters, it won’t be anything serious.
Even my natural recovery can cover that much damage.

〈Mythril Sword〉《Recommended Level: 70》
【Market Value: 51.5 million gold】
A magical sword that shines with a strong light of mana.
It’s made of Mythril, a valuable rare metal. People are certain to give you greater respect as an adventurer if you have this on you.
Also, there is a Rune of Destruction embedded in it.

The Mythril Sword also has a Rune of Destruction embedded in it, which boosts its already considerable performance even further.
The Rune of Destruction further boosts the Attack bonus of the weapon it’s embedded in by 【30%】.
Thanks to that, the Mythril Sword’s 【Attack:+35】 is increased to 【Attack:+46】.

It greatly exceeds the average performance of other weapons near my level.

〈Black Steel Armor〉《Recommended Level: 45》
【Market Value: 4.5 million gold】
An Armor made of Black Steel.
It provides an average performance, but since it’s fairly easy to obtain, a lot of adventurers go around with black steel equipment.
Black steel equipment serves as a yardstick to measure other equipment against, whether it’s better or worse.

I’m also happy that I was able to buy new armor.
Without the Iron Armor I hopefully won’t be treated as a complete newbie Heavy Knight anymore.

It’s the armor I had Blacksmith Berga make along with the Mythril Sword.
It was only completed a few days later than the Mythril Sword, but thankfully still in time for this Raid Quest.

It’s Recommended Level is somewhat low, but its performance fits the bare minimum of what a Heavy Knight needs at my level range.
It won’t be holding me back at least.

There is also the fact that if I’m going against a serious opponent, then I will be depending on the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] Skill Tree, so even if I were to get a somewhat good armor, it wouldn’t really mean much.
If I had enough spare funds for it, then I wouldn’t say no to better equipment, but at this current time, this Black Steel Armor should be more than sufficient.

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