Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Graveyard of Sorrows

【〈Graveyard of Sorrows〉:《Recommended Level: 70》】

As soon as we entered, the message resounded in my mind.

Crosses and statues depicting angels and skeletons lined the gloomy stone corridor we arrived in.

I know that this place was only created from the nightmares of a god, but I can’t help but feel creeped out anyway.

I remember seeing this scenery countless times when it was just a game, but the feeling of presence it gives off when seen in person is entirely different.

Luce seemed to feel the same, since she kept sticking to me as closely as she could while she walked behind me.

“E-even if they told us to search for anything strange here, I don’t even know where to start…. To me every statue looks kind of suspicious, or perhaps mysterious….”

Ordinary adventurers tend to only know what they need to know about Dungeons.

Information about each Dungeon isn’t shared here in as much detail as it was while this was a game either.

Even if someone suddenly told them to search one for anything strange, it wouldn’t be a simple matter.

However, if something abnormal is happening here that’s different from its game , then if it’s me I should be able to pinpoint it.

“We are adventurers, not scholars. Our current objectives are to thin out the monster’s numbers and deal with the Dungeon, so we shouldn’t overthink the whole thing. In my opinion, the Guild only expects us to do what we were told and properly report on what we saw in the meantime.”

Just as Mabel said, the Guild most likely only expects that much from us.

“Hey, Heavy Knight, walk a bit further ahead of us. What would you do if we were ambushed and our healer was targeted first? Haah….you need to at least know what to do in your own role. Try not to hinder me too much, okay?”

Celt started quibbling about my actions.

…..come on, why should the slow moving Heavy Knight be the one to walk that far ahead?

It only increases the risks of getting surrounded or failing to run away if something were to happen.

It would take too long for me to meet back up with the other three members of the party too, even if I ran, which would prevent us from making the best use of our party’s strong points.

In any case, the one who Celt wants to protect from an ambush is not the healer, Mabel, but himself with the long-ranged Hunter Class that has low Defense.

However, even if there are problems with what Celt said, it can still be chalked up to a difference in approaches and priorities, so it’s hard to argue against.

If it was because he was selfish and had a narrow mindset, then it would be easier to deal with, but he does this intentionally.

He slowly pushes through minor concessions, which creates an atmosphere where we are more and more likely to heed his orders.

Then….pitter patter, pitter patter, the sounds of numerous legs could be heard from ahead of us.

“Monster incoming!”

I moved to the front as I yelled out.

Everyone readied their weapons.

Luce was standing beside me.



Four, one meter tall monsters covered almost entirely with bandages showed up.

A kind of putrid fluid was seeping through between the bandages.

They were shambling on four legs.

“Oh, it’s just a few Rana.”

Luce said quietly with audible relief.

They were the undead versions of the monster frog, called Rana, mascot character of Magic World.

“…..I understand that you are feeling relieved because it’s just a few Rana, but their Status is not that dainty.”

The Rana was the most famous small fry monster type of Magic World.

There were countless types of bonus and joke versions of the monster, starting with the Golden Rana.

However, it’s not to say those are always weak monsters.

Monster: Mummy Rana
Level: 55
HP: 147/147
MP: 99/99

The Mummy Rana has a lot of HP, so it’s kind of a pain to take it down.

Its speed is on the higher side among the undead types too.

Not only will it tire you out with a long battle, but if you let your guard down for a second, it will launch a ranged attack at you.

In addition to that, due to its dulled sense of pain, it barely flinches from taking damage, so if you don’t attack it exactly right it will be able to land a counterattack on you.

In exchange its attack power itself is low and its method of attacking is not that tricky either.

All-in-all, I just need to fight it carefully and keep the damage sustained to a minimum.

“[Shadow Stomp]!”

I stomped on the shadows of the Rana that was targeting the two in the back line, stopping its movements and forcing the aggro to myself.

“[Shield Bash]!”

Next, I sent the other Rana flying back.

With this, I was able to decrease the number of Mummy Ranas we have to deal with at the same time.

Since it’s not easy to move with the [Shadow Stomp] in effect, I don’t want it getting behind me.


“I know!”

Luce made use of her excellent speed and moved to cut off and keep in check the Mummy Rana that tried to move behind me.

“Hoh, that brat….. As expected of someone who tried to stand up to me, he knows the bare minimums of his role.”

Celt said with a satisfied expression.

“Taking on four monsters at our current level is hard for a front liner. I should also help out with my magic attacks and decrease their number….”

“No need, it’s a waste of MP. Keep to white magic.”

Celt said and stepped one step forward.

“You shouldn’t move too close like that. With a Hunter’s range that distance is….”

“Who do you think you are trying to order around? With our front liners working as they are, this is perfectly fine. If I’m closer, then I can shoot faster and more accurately.”

An arrow shot by Celt cleanly impacted the forehead of one of the Mummy Ranas right in the center.

However, one characteristic of the undead is that critical attacks don’t mean much against them.

The Mummy Rana charged towards Celt without heeding its injury at all.

“Oi, even we can’t cover you if you come this close!”

I shouted at him.

Celt quickly took out a knife and stabbed it into the abdomen of the Mummy Rana, then he kicked the hilt to push it deeper, using that kick to fall back.

Then, after gaining some distance, he put another arrow into its chest without a moment’s delay.


Even the Mummy Rana let out a shriek after that attack.

“Don’t just stand there, cover me Clown!”

The reason he forbade Mabel from using magic attacks and got closer so he could shoot faster was not because that was best for the party, but because he wanted to rack up as much damage dealt as he could and gain as many drop items and experience points as possible.

As expected of someone that managed to become a B rank adventurer in this world.

He’s an arrogant and crafty man, but there are indeed no doubts about his abilities.

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