Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – The fourth sword

The Patchwork and I kept struggling, our blades locked with each other.
However, since my opponent had an overwhelming advantage in strength, I was constantly on the backfoot.

The Patchwork not only has a long reach due to its large body, but it has three arms too.
Also, if I recklessly tried to go on the attack, I would immediately fall victim to a [Death Sword] coming my way.
It took all I had to keep fending off its attacks.

The Patchwork is blessed with high stats, but it’s the three arms and the [Death Sword] that makes it truly frightening.
It’s definitely an opponent that’s more dangerous than its level would suggest.
Our fight so far makes me keenly aware that it’s not an opponent I can handle in a straight fight for too long.

“Luce! Try to keep on its right side! Its third arm is on its left side, so if you try to approach it from that way, you will get hit by a barrage! The front is just as dangerous! Keep at least a meter away from it and don’t stay in one place for more than a second! You won’t be able to dodge its magic sword otherwise! Don’t attack, keep your focus on defending and dodging, and let Celt and Mabel handle the offense! If you see the light of a magic circle, that means a [Death Sword] is coming! It’s very hard to accurately dodge it, so just get away as far as you can!”

I gave directions by shouting to Luce while I was crossing swords with my Patchwork.

It’s very difficult to fight against a Patchwork without a concrete plan.
If she gets hit by the [Death Sword] after missing with her own barrage Skill, Luce’s HP would not be able to endure it.

It’s better if she gives up on attacking and focuses on evasion instead.
The only time she should try to attack it in the back is when the Patchwork’s attention shifts to Celt or Mabel.

“Make as much use as you can of your [Acrobatic Steps] near the walls! The Patchwork can’t use its sword as freely that close to the walls, so even if you get hit, you will be able to survive the damage! Mabel should be able to cover for you with her white magic that way!”

“Y-yes! I’ll do my best!”

Even Celt is cooperating without trying to escape, especially because he was just saved after trying to abandon us to our fates.
He is dashing around while shooting arrows at the Patchwork, doing his best to keep it from focusing entirely on Luce.
Mabel was acting with healing Luce as her first priority, then whenever she had time, she kept attacking with her [Ice] magic Skill.

The way they were fighting, it was obvious the fight will take quite a bit of time, but that’s fine.

The reason why the Patchwork is feared is due to its high stats, the continuous attacks it can deliver with its three arms, and the highly damaging [Death Sword] Skill it has.
However, in exchange it’s slow and doesn’t have any ways of attacking at range.
The Patchwork’s ability to corner opponents who focus on running away is low.

When fighting against a Patchwork, the most important things to focus on are fighting carefully, and trying to prevent your party members from suffering an accidental death.
If you get too impatient to deal damage to it, you will surely fall victim to its [Death Sword].
The way Luce and the others are fighting can be called steady for now.

The problem is on my end instead.
I have no teammates to divert the Patchwork’s attention, nor can I run around fast enough due to the Heavy Knight’s slow movement speed.
I don’t have enough leeway to keep myself far enough and on its right side at all times either.
I can only try to fend off the Patchwork’s continuous attack straight on.

“But….this is really nerve wracking.”

The fact that the Patchwork has the [Death Sword] in reserve is very important.
Since I can’t move into places where I wouldn’t be able to deal with the [Death Sword] if activated, my range of movements are greatly restricted.

Taking advantage of the fact that I can’t attack it, the Patchwork keeps intensifying its assault.

Even with my stats, the Mythril Sword allows some damage to go through.
Since it’s also higher level than me, my 〈Unexpected Upset〉 Title’s Attack boosting effect also comes into play.
I want to poke it once to decrease its momentum.

Although it’s tough having to deal with its continuous attacks, it also means that its defense becomes relatively lax in turn.
A chance to capitalize on a gap in its defense will undoubtedly come up.


I parried the Patchwork’s sword, then avoided the trajectory of the blade swung by its second arm.
Using my opponent’s momentary hesitation, I charged forward into its right side and swung my sword.
A large gash opened up on the rotten meat of the Patchwork, spilling out some kind of black liquid.

As I swung my sword the second time, a source of light intruded in my field of view.
I immediately jumped backwards and brought my shield up in defense.
The purplish light of the [Death Sword] impacted my shield, sending me flying with its force.


I suffered some damage I couldn’t defend against with my shield.
The [Death Sword]’s activation is fast and can target anywhere regardless of the user’s posture, making it an excellent defense as well.
It’s a truly terrifying Skill.

With my balance thoroughly disrupted, the Patchwork charged at me.
It seems it noticed me taking damage, so being confident in its victory, it intends to capitalize on it by keeping up the pressure.

However, I also became confident in my victory.
The requirements for defeating the Patchwork were steadily being filled.

“I can’t really spend too much time on this either.”

I engaged the incoming Patchwork straight on.

I blocked the first slash with my sword and I [Parry] the second.
The third one I dodged by jumping to the side.

Then, I stood still.
The Patchwork sent out a [Death Sword] at me because of the perceived weak point it saw.
A blade made of purplish light closed in on me.

I blocked it with my shield, but I couldn’t defend against it entirely, causing me some damage.
I couldn’t handle it anymore and let go of my shield.
My Mad Demon Shield rolled on the floor.

“….with this, all requirements have been finally met.”

For me to defeat the Patchwork, a few conditions were needed to be fulfilled.
The first one was to manage my HP, so that I could activate [Half-Dead Savage Dragon]….and the other was to chip down the Patchwork’s HP while making it use up its MP.

The [Death Sword] is a powerful Skill.
Its activation time is extremely short and it’s terrifyingly strong too.
With its three arms also in the picture, it’s basically impossible to find an opening in a one-on-one fight with a frontal attack.

However, there are obviously some disadvantages to it in exchange.

Monster: Patchwork
Level: 67
HP: 189/228
MP: 12/66

The [Death Sword] takes 【18】 MP to activate.
With the Patchwork not having that much MP, it can only use it three times at most.
That’s the reason why I deliberately showed it some openings; to manage my HP and make it use up its [Death Sword] shots.

Furthermore, once a Patchwork falls below one third of its max HP, it mostly gives up on attacking and shifts to a more defense centric fighting style.
If that happens, it turns the fight into a drawn-out slog.

I needed to take down its HP to a level where I could defeat it in one go with the help of [Half-Dead Savage Dragon], and make it use up the MP it needs to activate [Death Sword].
This was the sequence of events that needed to happen for me to be able to defeat the Patchwork.

“[Life Shield]!”

My life force manifested and covered my body with a radiant defensive membrane.

〈Life Shield〉【Normal Skill】
It takes 20% of your maximum HP to activate.
A shield with the same durability as the HP deducted covers the entire body.

And with that, I can activate another one of my Skills.

〈Half-Dead Savage Dragon〉【Special Skill】
When the user’s HP is less than 20%, Attack and Agility is increased by 100%.

Red light started covering my body.
I could feel the power welling up inside me.

“I will put an end to this!”

I kicked the floor and charged in.
With the Patchwork’s current HP, I will be able to defeat it in two hits.

Our swords collided.
However, my movements were faster now.
I didn’t lose out in terms of strength anymore either.
I was able to fend off all three swords.

The Patchwork’s body stiffened.
With it lacking a head, I couldn’t tell by its expression, but it seemed to be overwhelmed by the change in my movements.

“You don’t have a fourth sword at the ready now!”

A blade flashed out sideways.
A large gash appeared on the torso of the Patchwork, spilling out a black sludge.
I immediately dashed to the right of the Patchwork.

It tried to pursue me right away, swinging its swords towards me.
I did not dodge, but deliberately stopped running and blocked it.

My [Life Shield] broke, the impact sending me flying.
Where I landed was right behind the Patchwork.
I knew that if it tried to hit me from that angle, then this is where I would end up.

There were other possible ways of finding an opening without using up my [Life Shield], but time was the most important right now.

“This is the end!”

I swung my sword that was covered in a red light.
The three swords slipped from the Patchwork’s fingers, and its large body ended up on its knees to the floor.

【You have gained 4349 experience points.】
【Your level has increased from 64 to 66.】
【You have gained 2 Skill points.】

It was a very troublesome monster, but somehow I was able to overcome it by myself.

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