Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – The Corpse General’s drop item

We managed to defeat the Dream Lord of the Graveyard of Sorrows, the Knight Bone turned Skull Lord.

The corridor shook greatly, cracks appearing on the floor and walls.
The Dungeon was starting to break down.

I picked up the Skull Lord’s magic stone.
Even in a situation like this, we shouldn’t forget to gather up the loot.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a 【Lv:85】 magic stone….I wonder how much that will be.”

Celt walked closer.

“Hmm, let’s see….it should be just under 10 million gold I think?”

The value of a magic stone is determined by its level.
There is no exact ratio for it, but I can more or less remember what level is worth how much.

“T-ten million gold……!?”

Celt’s voice went into falsetto from surprise.

“Even though just this one means at least 2 million gold per person…..we also have two magic stones from the Patchworks. The reward we will get for the Raid Quest pales in comparison. And yet neither you nor Luce look too fazed by getting a lot of money like this.”


Luce was trying to avoid the implied question by laughing it away.
To be honest, for Luce and me, a 10 million gold drop is pretty common.
Much gratitude to Luce for that.


I noticed that the shield remained next to the Skull Lord’s remnants that almost entirely turned into dust by now.
Well, not entirely the same as it was; a somewhat smaller version.
It was made of carved bone, with a creepy skull design in its center.

〈The Corpse General’s Shield〉《Recommended Level: 85》
【Market Value: 55 million gold】
The shield of the Corpse General.
It carries with itself a strong sense of malice, not letting through all but the most serious hits.

I picked it up to check it from closer, unintentionally letting a quiet sound of exclamation escape from my lips.
It’s worth just above what I managed to rip off….I mean, acquire, as the result of a perfectly legal duel with Hilde.
Selling this for a good price could cover the price of the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] Skill Book in one go even.

“Even though Dream Lords do tend to drop items more easily, it really left something so conveniently…. As expected of a party with someone with the [Great Fortune] present.”

“Are you thinking that you should’ve tried to force yourself to get the last hit?”

Mabel said with sarcasm after hearing what Celt said.

“If I tried something like that against a damn monster like that, then I would not be standing here right now….”

Celt bit his lip in an uncomfortable manner.

“However, you took the drop from the Patchwork too. At least buy me a drink of something in turn, Elma.”

“I just checked its value, it was 50 million gold.”

“F-f-f-fifty million gold!?”

Even Celt’s mood has suddenly changed from his joking tone just now.

“That creepy looking shield!? It’s really worth that much!?”

Even Luce, who should be used to valuable drops by now, looked pretty startled.

“Though I don’t really want to sell it if I can help it. It’s somewhat above my level, so it’s a bit heavy, but….this Defense bonus is really attractive. With this I can retire my Mad Demon Shield.”

Since that one only has a 【Defense:+25】 bonus.
It was already starting to get too difficult to even divert the attacks due to its limited performance, but with this I should be able take those straight on and block most of the damage anyway.

In this word, weapons above my level feel heavy, making them harder to use.
However, even so, its abilities are very attractive.
I will check with Luce to make sure, but I really don’t want to let an item like this out of my hands if I can help it.

“However, I really feel bad if I end up getting everything like this. Even though I had the last hit, should we split its value somehow…..?”

“Us healers get our rewards with all that calculated in. What’s more, during the Skull Lord battle I was out of MP, so I couldn’t even really help out and my level went up by four even so…..I almost feel bad to take advantage like that instead. And you have no obligation to give anything to the Hunter-san either.”

Mabel delivered another figurative stab into Celt.
I-I think it wouldn’t be so bad to show some appreciation still…..

Our surroundings were enveloped in a white light and the walls and floor were starting to disappear.
It’s almost time for us to get booted outside.

“We will meet up one more time to distribute our shares, but once we exit here, this is it for this party for now. Many things have happened, but I’m glad to have teamed up with you two.”

She kept sending those metaphorical stabs at Celt right until the end.
Celt couldn’t really say anything after all that happened, so he just had a sour expression on his face.

“I’m kidding. I’m also happy about teaming up with Celt-san. If it was anyone else, then we most likely couldn’t have defeated that Skull Lord at the end.”

Mabel said after chuckling a bit.

“Tsk, saying things you don’t even mean, you black-hearted Priestess.”

Celt just turned away, scratching at his head.

It was a very amicable atmosphere, but….there is a worrying point.

We defeated the Dream Lord of the Graveyard of Sorrows, the Skull Lord, and cleared the Dungeon.
We’ve found evidence of what caused the numerous abnormalities in the Dungeons in the area.

However….. the person who set up all this with malicious intentions should still be around here.

Our bodies were starting to go see-through as well.
Before we noticed, we were already at the entrance of the Graveyard of Sorrows, within the remnants of the ruined cemetery.

“What happened…..?”

“Hey hey, somebody took down the Dream Lord first!? That’s against the rules!”

It seems there was an adventurer who really didn’t know what was going on.

“Are….are we saved? A terrifying monster came out of nowhere….we were almost wiped out. T-there is someone who managed to take that thing down?”

A large man said, while drenched in blood and twitching.
It seems he had a direct run in with the Skull Lord.

I glanced around the area.
Six people have disappeared….
Out of the twenty adventurers, only fourteen were present now.

Those who die in the Dungeon don’t get transported outside.
Their corpses also disappear together with the Dungeon.

However, there wasn’t anyone new here.
I was thinking that if there was a person who brought about the Wandering Lord, they should’ve been here right now.
They could be hiding among the Raid members, or they could’ve escaped outside before we took down the Skull Lord, or perhaps they lost their lives somewhere along the way….

“Impossible….Some adventurer was able to take down an Evolved monster like that….? No way, who could’ve…..”

Kalos kept looking around in a panic.

“It was my party that took it down.”

I walked up to Kalos’s back and called out to him.
A commotion broke out among the adventurers around us.
It seems Kalos was surprised as well; he kept staring at me with wide eyes.

“You all….! No, so it was you! Elma, I knew there was something special about you. But…I didn’t think that you would be able to defeat the monster I was helpless against.”

He is talking me up like it was me alone that defeated it.
If even one person was missing from the other three in my party, I couldn’t have done anything against it.

“So you fought against the Skull Lord too, Kalos?”

“Indeed….once I caught a glimpse of it, I knew immediately that the other three in my party could not hope to stand up to it, so I tried going against it alone. However, to my embarrassment, I couldn’t measure up to it. I ran away to notify other adventurers, but….when suddenly the Graveyard of Sorrows disappeared, I was really shocked.”

I glanced at Hilde.

“Teacher…..I’m really glad that you’re alright. I wouldn’t know what to do if Teacher had died all of a sudden….!”

“You’re exaggerating….is what I would like to say, but it was pretty close this time. Really, thank you, Elma. You have as good as saved my life….no, everyone’s lives here.”

Kalos shook my hand.

“I want to thank you a bit more in the near future. Also….you’ve certainly caught my interest.”

After saying that Kalos leaned closer and continued with a more quiet voice.

“…..it became clear with how this ended up. The Dungeon calamities were caused by human hands….and the Howlod Family…..or at least the Guild had to have had a hand in it too.”

Saying no more, Kalos walked away from me.
….he was probably trying to say that he wants to talk again once we are back in the city.
It seems Kalos came to the same conclusion as me.

I carefully looked through the remaining members.
…..there is a chance that the person that caused the Wandering Lord incident was among us here and now.
I thought about bringing this up to everyone, but I kept my mouth shut.

I don’t know the opponent’s Class, level….or how much HP or MP they currently had.
In contrast, most adventurers here were already exhausted.
It would be too dangerous to bring up the Mourning Trapezohedron and try to look for a culprit at this current time.

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