Heavy Knight Volume 3 – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Reaper Assassin

“Maybe we can really win this with the help of this Skill….!”

Said Luce after getting the [Reaper Assassin] Skill Tree.

“The more time goes by the more unfavorable our position becomes! We need to attack with everything we have right now!”

I pointed my blade at the Podarge.
Now that Luce became able to deal a critical blow against the Podarge, there is no point in dragging our feet.
We need to overwhelm it before it manages to take one of us down.

“W-what should I do then!”

Izabella glanced at me while desperately holding onto her shield.
She looked to be quite distraught.
Must be pretty low on HP as well.
She must be thinking that she might not survive if she comes into contact with the Podarge a few more times.

“Same as before. Izabella and I will be the anvil while Luce serves as the hammer. But no need to worry, this fight won’t take long now! No need to conserve your MP anymore!”

We will take the Podarge down before it could do the same to us.

“In that case….[Slash Wave]!”

Izabella swung her sword.
A slash manifested and cut into the Podarge.


The moment the Podarge focused its attention on Izabella, I immediately charged towards it.
Using its front talons, the Podarge tried to squash me.


I pushed its talons away with my blade.
I managed to deflect the attack, but my timing was not perfect.
My arm went numb and my balance was very much disturbed.

“I messed up…..!”

The talons of the Podarge’s other leg came flying.
I gripped my shield and shoved it towards the incoming talons.

“[Shield Bash]!”

After a few moments of struggle I was blown backwards.


The [Shield Bash] is Skill that pits each other’s 【Defense+Attack/2】 numbers against each other.
With the Defense bonus of the equipment also factoring into that, the Corpse General’s Shield, with its very high Recommended Level, allowed me to surpass my opponent in terms of Defense, however it seemed the same could not be said for our Attack stats.

The fact that I lost out on that exchange was not that big of a problem.
My aim was to retreat backwards from the Podarge’s immediate range, keep fending off its attacks, and try to regain my balance at the same time.

Also, there were some unexpected gains too.


Since the struggle during the Shield Bash was so close, I was able to push away the front talons of the Podarge as well.
Using that opportunity, Luce managed to get close.


A magic circle was deployed in front of the Podarge’s beak.
It seems it was trying to target Luce with wind magic.
It was most likely [Sylph Cutter], with its fast activation time.

Luce crouched down and slashed out with her knife.

“[Dragon Killer Thrust]….!”

That was the Skill she got from 【7】 points in [Reaper Assassin].
It initiates an attack focused on dealing critical damage.
The initial movements needed to activate it are somewhat on the slow side, but it greatly increases the critical rate of the attack.

It’s an all-or-nothing, gamble type Skill, but it’s still more reliable than [Dice Thrust].
With Luce’s high Luck in the picture, a critical hit is all but guaranteed, but only if she manages to land a hit, of course.

“A Dragon Killer type…..it’s not a bad Skill, but to take on that monster her Attack is simply too low right now. Even if it ends up as a critical hit, it won’t end up as a decisive……”

Just as Izabella was saying that, it happened.
At the point where Luce’s blade made contact, a skull made of purple light emerged.


The Podarge’s eyes went wide.
In the next moment, the wound opened up a lot more, spraying out a large amount of blood.
The Podarge’s large body swayed greatly back and forth.

“W-what was that….absurd power!”

Izabella shouted out.

It was the 【14】 point Skill of the [Reaper Assassin]….the [Abyssal Dagger].

〈Abyssal Dagger〉【Special Skill】
It doubles the Attack on a successful critical hit.

It doubles the critical damage.
Although simple, it’s an extremely powerful effect.
It’s the largest reason why the [Reaper Assassin] was considered one of the more terrifying Skill Trees, despite its erratic nature.

Although it’s very limited in terms of when it could activate, it doubles the 1.5x boost to a 3x one.
Even against a high level opponent, it could cause significant damage.

Monster: Podarge
Level: 80
HP: 436/734
MP: 213/272

The Podarge’s HP greatly decreased.
The first damage done by Luce’s [Dice Thrust] already healed some, so the damage this time was almost 【200】.

We can do this….. With this pace, we can do this.


The Podarge kicked the floor, spread its wings, and started to hover near the ceiling just like that.

“W-what is it doing now…..?”

Izabella said, sounding confused.

“Is it perhaps terrified due to that hit just now? Hahah, so even a Dream Lord can get scared of things! Maybe we can get away now!”

“…..no, it’s not like that.”

It seems the monsters really got smarter compared to their game selves.
The situation was very much suboptimal now.
Apparently, the Podarge was intending to keep in the air, where it was safe from close range attacks, until its wounds recovered to some degree.
However, I don’t think it has any intentions of letting us escape either.

It must be aware that we have no high powered magic user on our side and our MPs are very close to empty as well.
Even if we tried to run away, it would just follow us while keeping its distance.
I never would’ve thought that a Dream Lord would use its high recovery speed and ability to fly to make sure to take us down as we try to escape.
In Magic World, no monster would’ve used a delaying tactic like this.


The Podarge’s lips curved up into a truly malicious smile.

“[Ice Pillar]!”

Snow raised her voice.
A pillar of ice suddenly appeared right next to Luce.

“Please believe in me and go!”

Snow shouted out next.

Snow’s Class…..the Ice Crystal Knight.
Being able to shoot ice projectiles is only the tip of the iceberg for her.
Its true nature is creating footholds wherever she pleases, widening the dimensions of the fight to best be able to take opponents by surprise.

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  1. Reading this novel I found very few if any inconsistencies in the classes, as always there are some better than others but that’s the bread and butter of any mmorpg with it’s constans buffs and nerfs.

  2. Boss: Haha, you can’t fly stupid players!
    Players: Maybe, but we can run on walls and create platforms wherever we please… sooo…
    Boss: Uh oh.

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