Heavy Knight Volume 3 – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Drop from the Evil Sentinel

“Did your level go up?”

I asked Mabel.

“It just managed to go up by two, but ahhh….I kind of feel bad about this.”

Mabel said with a frown.

“Actually, that’s exactly what I wanted. And although healers get additional compensation for Raids, I couldn’t help but feel bad about you not getting anything from the previous Raid. This was a good opportunity to remedy that.”

“Well, I wanted to raise my level as well, so if you’re sure, then okay…..”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Even in the Graveyard of Sorrows, only you didn’t get some proper experience, right?”

Celt also agreed with my words.

“Even that time, I got nearly ten times the experience point I would normally get from a delve. Healers have a hard time leveling up, so you all don’t need to worry about it, really.”

As if she just remembered something, Luce suddenly dashed towards the remains of the Evil Sentinel.
It looked kind of like a mummy to begin with, but by now almost all of its flesh disappeared into thin air.
Luce pushed aside the dried up remnants of the Evil Sentinel to find a bangle with a silvery shine.

“Ah! An equipment item has dropped!”

Luce exclaimed with a happy voice.

“….say, I don’t really think that item drops are supposed to show up this much. There were a few that dropped in the Graveyard of Sorrows as well. Is that something normal around you?”

“Well, they tend to drop more than not I guess when we really need something. It’s because Luce’s Luck is abnormally high.”

“She could influence the prices of a small town by herself like that…..”

Just having the [Great Fortune] Skill Tree as a Clown as a starter took quite a bit of rerolling a character to finally get back then when this was just a game.
As for the hidden Luck parameter, you needed to first get one with the [Great Fortune], then level up enough to get a Skill that’s influenced by Luck, and only then could you approximate how much Luck it could have by using that Skill around a hundred times.
Even when it was a game, it was very rare to see a Clown with an optimal Status like this.

The bangle Luce picked up was decorated with engravings of a number of fishes with a merfolk in the middle.
The eyes of the fishes were small embedded crystals.

I checked the Status of the bangle.

〈Bangle of Mer〉《Recommended Level: 76》
【Market Value: 43 million gold】

A bangle from a country in the depths of the ocean. It carries a strong magic of the merfolk.
It grants its user [Water Resistance] and [Paralysis Resistance].

“Ooh, those are great stats.”

Bangles belong to the decorative equipment category.
In Magic World, you could only equip two of those at one time.
Even if you tried, only the one with the highest stats applied.

In terms of stats, what they provide falls far short of weapons or armor, especially on the lower level you could barely tell if they had any effect at all, therefore many have decided to not care about them at all since they would shortly become useless anyway.

However, one at the late seventies in terms of Recommended Level, where further leveling up becomes quite a bit slower, and which gives a nice stat bonus and two types of resistance Skills on top of that, is quite a find.
Especially the Abnormal Status: Paralysis can be quite devastating, so it’s good to have something against it.

“F-fourty three million gold, you say!?”

Celt, who checked it at the same time, could only stare at the Bangle of Mer in open mouthed shock.

“You should be focusing on its abilities and not its gold value here. Resistance equipment like this could always stay in your Magic Bag until it’s needed and there are times when you would want to pad your Magic with a bit of extra as well. The ones who know its value would put an even higher price on it for sure. Even so, selling this bangle would simply be a waste….”

“You should always look at its Market Value first! Your common sense is the strange one here, you know!? Are these high value items really dropping one after the other for you two!?”

Celt spoke rapidly.

“Then, this bangle belongs to Mabel-san, who got the last hit, right!”

Luce handed the Bangle of Mer over to Mabel.

“E-e-ehh!? That’s going too far!”

“But, that’s the rule here…..”

“I got an even more valuable item last time as well. Also, it’s not like we have any need for an item that boosts Magic. You should be the one using this, Mabel.”

“Deciding the handling of an item worth 43 million gold in such a carefree manner is really strange, you know!? Your money sense must both be really out of whack, you know!?”

“….h-hey, Elma. Can we go and take down another of those Evil Sentinels?”

Celt said while patting me on the back.

“In this Raid, we really need to get to our destination as fast as possible.”

“Even if we don’t hurry that much, there is no way there could be another who would come close to the speed you could get us there. It should take another few hours for the others to arrive there. So, how about it? Hm?”

Celt’s heart was completely stolen by the Market Value of the Bangle of Mer.
I just tried to laugh away the topic with a strained smile.

“You should put it on for now, Mable-san. If your Magic goes up, then we will have an easier time fighting as well.”

“Uuh….I’m afraid of damaging this 43 million gold…..”

Persuaded by Luce, Mabel put her hand through the Bangle of Mer.

“….oh yeah, Mabel. Please put the Skill points into [Staff of Faith].”

I asked Mabel.
It’s best to take care of it before we forget.

“G-got it.”

Mabel opened her Status and distributed her Skill points.

“Hmm, I really can’t imagine this Skill changing the tide of battle after all. Its cost-performance ratio is bad as well…..So, I will be able to use it on the Dream Lord here?”

“Well, it’s just secondary insurance in the end. I also think that it’s unlikely that it will be needed. However, the [Staff of Faith] is an exclusive Skill Tree anyway, so you can be assured that it won’t be wasted for sure.”


Mabel tilted her head in confusion.

“….tsk. I guess I shouldn’t be too greedy in a high level Dungeon like this one. Hey, Elma, how about you take me with you after…..!”

When Celt with a fake smile reached that point in his question, his expression darkened and bit his lip.

“What is it, Celt?”

“….footsteps. One person. Someone is coming closer.”

I immediately readied the weapons I’ve just put away.

We’ve arrived at this room near the Dream Lord with the help of a map more accurate than the Guild had, using the shortest path, all while ignoring the objectives set by the Guild.
Even if we got delayed a bit, it’s hard to imagine anyone could’ve reached here while acting in accordance with the Guild’s instructions.

“Don’t let your guard down, no matter who shows up. If you show any weakness, it could end in the blink of an eye. When people are fighting each other, they could die much more easily than against monsters.”

The stats of monsters and adventurers are greatly different.
The higher level a monster is, the larger their HP pool becomes in comparison.
That means when fighting against a monster, it’s a matter of how you can shave away their enormous HP pool.

A fight between people could end in an instant.
With the help of your skills and Skill Trees you’ve improved until now, it’s expected that if you manage to properly get into the flow, you should be able to kill someone dead without even leaving them an opportunity to react.

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  1. Bad efficiency? Probably not regeneration then.

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    1. It’s because they don’t plan to fight things with paralysis, they would normally just grind the one safe dungeon, money is far more alluring to them than strength

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