Heavy Knight Volume 3 – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Bandits and a monster bird

Luce and I headed towards the direction I heard the scream from, but….when we got there we found an unexpected scene.

Snow and Izabella were surrounded by five armed people.

All their attires screamed that they were bandits.

Only, the progress of battle clearly favored Snow’s side.
The five of them were already severely injured and their spirits appeared to be beaten down.
It seems the scream I heard came from the attacker’s side.

“They assured us that we could make some easy money, but this is nothing like what they told us….! Wasn’t it supposed to be just a simple idiot noble daughter delving into a Dungeon as a hobby!”

The leader-looking guy at the front started whining.

“Boss, some other adventurers are here!”

“What did you say….? R-retreat! Shit!”

The bandit leader ran away in a hurry in the opposite direction from us.
Snow and Izabella didn’t seem to intend to pursue them; they kept glaring at their backs, but didn’t move from where they stood.

“It seems there was no need for us to help.”

“It was quite bothersome to have to face off against that bunch. We are somewhat thankful that you hastened their departure.”

Izabella said in a displeased tone as she swung her sword to clean it of blood.

“Were they bandits?”

“It seems like it, but they were about the same as a C rank adventurer. With strength like that, they wouldn’t have any problems feeding themselves in La Colina. They are probably people that became criminals and can’t openly enter a city anymore. Those are the most problematic ones. Though their numbers should’ve greatly decreased recently.”

At the level of a C rank adventurer….huh.
That’s on the stronger side among bandits.
There are numerous examples of strong people turning to crime due to not being able to make end’s meet.
Though if they have become criminals only due to financial difficulties, then rather than attacking a noble like this, clearing a Dungeon would be much more helpful.

However, I’m still somewhat doubtful.

“It seems they got too greedy. Did they really think that they would be able to get away with it if they manage to kidnap a noble young lady…..?”

And someone from the famously cunning and ruthless Howlod Family to boot…..
I have not personally met the current Lord, but according to what I’ve heard from my father, Izas, if his daughter, Snow, were to be kidnapped, then he would have no cumpunction about slaughtering every bandit group in the area to the last man, then capture, torture, and finally execute, everyone directly responsible as a warning to others.

“Bandits are all like that. They are all short-sighted idiots. They live away from residential areas, so they are ill-informed of current events and norms. Despite that, they are greedy simpletons who don’t question any plans, no matter how foolish they may be.”

Izabella all but spat out.

“Izabella, there are a number of suspicious points about what you’ve just said.”

Snow interjected.


“It’s strange that those ill-informed people were apparently aware of the appearance of a noble girl like me, and that I entered this Dungeon as well….They seemed to know that I was visiting various Dungeons too. So, they had proper information, and yet, their execution was severely lacking for some reason.”

“Then…..what does that mean, Snow-ojousama?”

“Someone must’ve only let them know the part that was convenient for them. Perhaps they were supposed to get their money from that person as well.”

As expected of the eldest child of the Howlod Family, I think I should say.
She seems to be quite clever.

“That indeed sounds logical, ojou-sama. Though that means I should’ve made sure to catch at least one person. However, we are low on both HP and MP. If fighting monsters hadn’t worn me down, then I would’ve been able to take down those five right away.”

Izabella muttered, sounding highly annoyed.

“However, for assassins, they were quite half-baked. Was this supposed to be a warning? Snow-ojou, do you have any idea….”

When I tried to talk to Snow, she twitched, went red in the face, then quickly hid behind Izabella to hide from me.
…..although she seems to be quite clever, apparently her shyness is greater than even that.
That seems like a crucial weakness for an heir candidate to me…..

“Don’t try to talk to ojou-sama just whenever you want! She is a noble personage who will one day rule this territory!”

Izabella tried to cover for her in a hurry.
That was obviously not the real reason for it, but….well, I will refrain from digging further.

Was this the work of a different heir candidate?
That is the first thing that comes to mind in a situation like this, but I think this was really much too direct…..
I don’t think even the current Lord would keep silent if something like this were to happen within the family.

However, Izabella should be around the level of a B rank adventurer and it looked to me that her fighting style might be more suited for fighting humans, rather than monsters.
She is highly proficient in fighting with a sword against people, that’s for sure.
Since she is here in this Dungeon, Snow shouldn’t be that weak either.

Sending hired bandits after people like them could never amount to anything more than a simple warning.
Is there anything else this could be?
If their aim was to wear them down….and also to make sure they stayed put in a place deep inside the Dungeon, then….

“Izabella. It would be best if you took Snow-ojou and left the Dungeon right now.”

“Hmpf, that was my intention even without you saying that.”

After she said that, Izabella turned back to Snow.

“Let’s go, Snow-ojousama….Ah, your leg was injured!”

Blood was dripping from a wound on Snow’s leg.
It seems a bandit managed to hit her just now.
She herself was acting like nothing serious happened, but the injury seemed to be quite deep.
The higher level a person is, the faster they heal, but even so, she would be at a disadvantage if she were to fight in the next few days.

“No need to make a fuss about something like this. However…..could you lend me your shoulder on the way back?”

“Those bastard bandits…..! After things calm down, let’s ask permission from the Lord to mobilize the soldiers and hunt every bandit in the area to extinction!”

It was at that time that something happened.

“Gaaaaaaah! Sa-save me! I don’t wanna die! I don’t wanna die!”

One of the bandits from before was desperately running in our direction.

From behind his back, a long neck stretched out.
It was a giant human face, filled with a lot more teeth than normal.

The monster opened its large mouth, then…..swallowed the head of the man whole.
Blood seeped through between its teeth.
After losing its head, the man’s body unceremoniously flopped to the floor.

“Gyuuuh……gyuuuuuh, gyugyuh”

It quietly cried in a strange, hoarse voice.
It was a giant, nearly three meter tall bird with the face of a human.
It also had four legs, all of them covered in tough scales.

“So this was their real aim….!”

I clenched my jaw as I looked up into the human face of the monster.

Monster: Podarge
Level: 80
HP: 722/734
MP: 272/272

The Dream Lord of the Phantasmal Dungeon.
We really tend to get caught up in Wandering Lord incidents it seems.

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  1. So they send useless bandits to keep them busy while they drag the dream lord to the sounds of fighting.

    The bandits are too weak to waste MP on, nor be helpful against the boss, but strong enough to keep them busy.

  2. It gets real repetitive when EVERY dungeon he’s entered thus far he has unwilling had to face the Dungeon Boss. It’s really predictable at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if it evolved before he started fighting.

  3. Well this isn’t good, I’ve just finished a good couple games where I had low as hell hp so I know that this isn’t good.

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