Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – First Kiss

While we were eating the after meal pudding, Angela showed me the books she brought. Even if we call them books, they are just simple notebooks. However, looking at their contents, they properly have table of content, the writing is neat and looks easy to read. Although, as one would expect, it doesn’t have things like illustrations.

Looking at their titles, ‘The Dragon and the Wizard’, ‘The Golem who wanted to become a human’, ‘An Elf of the Forest and the Black Knight’, ‘The Dragon of the Fire Spitting Mountain’, ‘The Elf Princess’, they wouldn’t be out of place even as a fairy tale on Earth. I guess Dragons and Elves are popular. That reminds me, apparently Elves exist here, but I haven’t seen one yet. Maybe they are rare.

“Thank you, Angela.”

“Mm. You can give them back whenever you want. Since there are other identical ones at the orphanage.”

“Tilika-chan lent me this one.”

Sati hands me two books. They are splendid leather bound books that look expensive. Their titles are ‘The History of the Garey Empire’ and ‘The Founding of Lishura Kingdom’, no matter how you look at them they aren’t books that you should make a child read who is still learning to read.


Tilika-chan said.

“I, I see. Thank you.”

Flipping through them quickly, I see that they are really about the history of our neighbouring Empire and this country. Well, she should learn about history too, so I guess I will use them to read for her. I also have some interest in it.


Angela went home after saying she will come by later and Sati and Tilika-chan is studying using the notebooks. Elizabeth and I moved to the living room and I asked her about Narnia-san.

“It went well.”

But she has a dissatisfied expression for some reason.

“Listen to this! It’s all good and well until the part where Orba confessed to Narnia and she said okay.”

Right, that’s good indeed. Is there something else besides that?

“The problem is after that! It ended only with holding hands and smooching!”

“Well, isn’t that enough for their first time?”

Going all the way right after the confession sounds more problematic for me.

“There is no time. We are soon leaving the town. Then there will be no time for that.”

“Your vacation is coming to an end soon, huh. What will you do when the vacation is over?”

“The vacation ends tomorrow. We will head to the Golbas Fortress the day after tomorrow, then to the demon border.”

“I heard that the demon border is a very dangerous place.”

“That’s right. So it’s better to hurry it up, isn’t it? You don’t know when you will die.”

Is it that dangerous that they may die……?

“Even when talking about the demon border there are many types, the place where we are scheduled to go is not that dangerous, but the demon border is a place where no one knows what might happen.”

Says Elizabeth who didn’t falter even against a dragon. It must be really something. I’m worried.

“And yet, only a smooch……. Maybe I didn’t get him fired up enough?”

“A lady shouldn’t say smooch smooch. You are being vulgar. Also, what about you, Elizabeth? Do you have experience?”

“I-I don’t have something like that. What about you anyway, Masaru?”

“Of course, I don’t.”

Stirring people up like that, in the end she doesn’t have any experience, I look at the blushing Elizabeth. Her lips look really soft. It must feel nice to kiss them. While thinking that my eyes met with Elizabeth’s.

Somehow we quietly lock eyes with each other. Her face is close. What’s this? After all that talk about smooching I started having strange thoughts and my heart is pumping…..

Elizabeth opens her mouth.

“As a test, how about a smoo……”

“Masaru-sama! There is a big problem!”

Uwa, it’s Sati. That startled me. No, wait. What did Elizabeth say just now?

“What is it, Sati?”

“I tried to make pudding, but there is no more firewood left!”

If firewood is the problem, then I have a few big logs in my Item Box. I have to cut them up.

“In that case, I will make some firewood now. Wait for a bit.”

I go outside to the garden and take out the logs and an axe. It’s a bit difficult to do it without a stand. Well, the ground should suffice. I cut the logs with axe by relying on brute force. My strength went up so it’s amusing how well I can chop it, but it’s still troublesome in the end. At times like this I should rely on the children! I should get some trees from the forest and have the children make firewood out of them.

Still, I wonder what Elizabeth didn’t finish saying just now. As a test, how about a smooch? Yeah. I can’t think of anything other than that.

But, a smooch huh. Perhaps, maybe Elizabeth likes me perchance. I thought she is just coming to eat to a friend’s place, but maybe she…..no, it’s no good. If I ask her ‘Do you like me?’ now, there is a chance she would just make fun of me. If it’s just that then it’s not a huge problem, but if she starts to keep her distance because of that and she doesn’t come over anymore, then that would be very damaging for me.

I go back to the living room. When Elizabeth looked my way she haughtily turned her head away.

“Uhm, about what you wanted to say just now……”

“I was just joking.”

She says while facing away from me.

I see. That’s right. I’m glad I didn’t ask anything weird. I almost embarrassed myself.

“Maybe I should also learn how to cook.”

Elizabeth mumbled unexpectedly.

“I guess you should. If you can’t do any housework, then Narnia-san will keep being worried about you. How about you try and get Angela to teach you a bit today? Apparently Tilika-chan also became able to do it somewhat lately.”

“I guess…..”


After that Elizabeth told me about the details of the request regarding the demon border. The request consists of creating a pioneer village, guarding it, and eliminating the surrounding monsters. With that pioneer village, they will be able to build a strong fortress that will serve as a foothold for further into the demon border. When the pioneer village is established it will become a base for the army and for adventurers, and with that it will expand the domain of humans. The mission will take multiple month. To a certain extent they will return to the Golbas Fortress by taking turns, but they will basically be living in the demon border the whole time. However, many high level parties will also be participating and it won’t be as dangerous as the dragon battle before, she said.

“Hey, Masaru.”


“I already asked this before, but want to come with us?”

“I can’t leave Sati here after all. I can’t really bring her with me either, right?”

Looking at Elizabeth’s earnest expression, I thought that maybe if Sati wasn’t in the picture, then maybe I would’ve ended up going with her. Although if I seriously wanted to go with her, then there was the option of leaving Sati to Angela or Tilika-chan. In the end I was just scared of the demon border I heard about in stories before.

“That’s true. It would be sad if you just left Sati behind.”

Elizabeth said with a lonely expression.

“Then why don’t you stay instead, Elizabeth? There is no need for you to go the demon border even at the risk of your life, right?”

“……it’s not a bad idea. This house is very comfortable to live in anyway.”

Saying that, Elizabeth shows a tender expression.


“But I can’t. That wouldn’t be my way of living my life. I’ve been fighting since the day I left my home. I will soon be able to reach A rank too. I have no time to stand still.”

Ranks like A or S, are they that important, I wonder. So much that you would want to risk your life for them?

“We left our home with Narnia when I was fourteen. Many things happened, you see.”

“Many things?”

“An attack by monsters. My and Narnia’s father lost their life that time.”


“You don’t need to make that face. It’s a common story. Also, my family is a military family. So then my older brother succeeded the position, but I almost ended up married away. My husband-to-be was an over 30 years old old man. I didn’t want that, so I ran away and became an adventurer.”

Elizabeth had a talent for magic since she was little. Narnia-san excelled as a knight. They had the strength to be successful as adventurers since the beginning.

But they weren’t used to the adventuring business. Many times they ended up endangering their lives because they reached too far. Each time Elizabeth was saved by Narnia-san.

“There was no need for Narnia to become an adventurer at all, even so, she stuck beside me the whole time and saved me time and time again.”

It was because of Elizabeth’s selfishness that they ended up as adventurers.

Even if we disregard Elizabeth’s running away from home as something that can’t be helped, they didn’t need to choose something as dangerous as being adventurers.

“It was my dream since I was little to become an adventurer. Also, if I could become a high ranking adventurer, then I would be able to clear the name of my dead father a bit.”

They got by for about half a year with just the two of them, but as expected, they reached a limit. With small ones like orcs their earning were bad too. They formed temporary parties a few times, but even if their abilities were sufficient, they are a duo of pretty girls. There were many troubles.

When they were on the cusp of distrusting all men, Orba-san appeared.

Even as an adventurer, his interactions with them was gentlemanly. He was handsome. He had the ability. Narnia-san’s evaluation was very high it seems. Now that she thinks of it, Narnia-san had fallen for Orba-san at that time.

Since they joined the Dawn’s Battleaxe there were a few cases where they undertook a dangerous request, but very rarely could it be called reaching too far. After gaining three skillful vanguards, Elizabeth’s magic showed its true value. Although dangerous, but steady working conditions. Steady income.

By sending the money she earns home, she made her older brother approve of her adventurer work.

After three years, while putting her own and Narnia’s life in danger many times, they finally were able to reach B rank. Reaching A rank would make them heroes. Then she could show those people that made fun of her late father.

“Hey, Masaru.”

After both of them kept silent for some time, Elizabeth called out once again.

“After I get back from the demon border…..(should we continue where we just left off) “


I didn’t hear what was it that she said with a small voice.

“No. Nevermind. When I get back from the demon border, let me eat some pudding again.”

“Okay. I will treat you to plenty.”


Elizabeth also helped with dinner, she overturned the pan and it became a commotion.




I’m currently fidgeting while waiting for my turn for the bath. Tilika-chan already finished taking a bath, currently it should be Angela getting washed by Sati. I got washed yesterday, but there is big difference emotionally between she coming in, versus me going in. If I think how a naked Sati is waiting for me I get nervous.

Angela comes out and Elizabeth goes in in her place. I’m next after this!?

Sitting on the sofa, Angela looks a bit more blushed than she usually does. I tried asking her.

“Did it feel good?”


“I see.”

“Masaru, you don’t have her wash your entire body, right?”

“Just my head and back.”

“I see. Then it’s fine.”


Elizabeth also came out. She looks refreshed.

“That Sati, she is good. Don’t want to give that girl to me?”

“No no, I won’t give her!”

What are you saying when you are scheduled to go to the demon border!

“Is that so. Well it’s fine. Go in quickly. Sati is waiting for you.”

Sati, what kind of washing method did you use on those two……

As I timidly entered the bath, I found Sati there with a towel wrapped around her. I’m relieved. Good work, Sati. You can do it if you try!

“Angela-sama said that I should be like this when it’s Masaru-sama’s turn.”

I see. As expected of Angela. She has common sense.

“That’s good, isn’t it. It looks good on you, mn. You should keep it this way in the future.”

“……I understand.”

She looks a bit disappointed. Do you want to show your naked body to me that much? I’m also nearing my limit, maybe when it’s just the two of us I should let her show me?

I got washed the same way as yesterday, then the two of us got into the bath.

Hm, today she didn’t say she wanted wash my front too. Maybe that’s also because of Angela. That really helps me out a lot. If she were to wash my front too, then I wouldn’t be able to hold out, I think.

Today I calmly get out of the bath and properly dry myself. Of course, quickly. Because Sati is following behind me. She wanted to help me dry myself, but I declined.

Because Sati, you are still stark naked……




The next day. I’m making pudding since the morning. In large quantity. I bought ice to cool them and also made temporary refrigerators.


“Make some pudding and fried meat for me. Of course, tartar sauce too. I will pay as much as you want.”

“About how much?”

“I want at least two month worth. So I can eat it whenever I want over there.”

Unexpectedly a lot!?

Well you can preserve it as much as you want in the Item Box, but how much is two months worth anyway.

Counting with 60 days with 2 meal a day, it’s 120 meals worth? If I count fried meat with the amount that Elizabeth eats……with 300gr for a meal and since it’s for 120 meals, it’s 36kg of fried meat. I have a feeling this won’t be an easy matter.

First I make pudding then cool it, make and cool it.

The refrigerator gets full in no time, then the temporary refrigerators also fill up.

I bought a lot of containers and since the amount of horse milk they had for sale at the shop wasn’t enough, I went to the source, that was the horse ranch, and bought up a large amount of it.

“Let’s see. Two per day…..no, that way……one per day, please.”

Elizabeth was looking at the finished puddings, looking satisfied. She is looking over them while smiling.


For the making of the fried meat in the afternoon Angela helped out.

The amount of wild rabbit wasn’t enough, so we used dragon meat and the meat of the huge wild boar as supplement. We also used up all the mayonnaise for making a large amount of tartar sauce.

We need to make more mayo again……..sorry for that, children. If you want to blame someone, blame Elizabeth.

Right after we finish them, we put them in Elizabeth’s Item Box. Apparently, she ran out of space partway, so she took out some miscellaneous items and some clothes, then she put more of the fried meat in.

Even if it’s two months worth, it’s for one person. I feel that the ingredients themselves ended up less than I expected, but the problem is the containers.

The puddings are each in ceramic containers, so their combined weight is huge.

“Don’t you need to bring those tools and clothes with you?”

“I will carry with me as much as I can. It’s not a big deal if I don’t have the clothes anyway.”

“No no. You would be fine without the fried meat too, wouldn’t you!?”

“No I wouldn’t! It would be a problem if I didn’t have it.”

How much do like that fried meat…….

Late afternoon we finally finished everything, so Elizabeth is putting her things into a bag and checking its weight. The bag is filled to bursting, but there is still quite a bit of luggage left over.

“Are you fine carrying something heavy looking as that?”

“Yeah, since we are moving mostly by carriage. Please look after the luggage I left here.”

“That’s fine, but won’t you be needing these?”

“There will be regular service over there if it goes as planned, so I would be fine even if I end up only with the things on my person. Since I’m a mage.”

That’s how big a deal is the fried meat is, huh. Well, putting aside the pudding, you could make fried meat over at the demon border too, I should make her learn how to make it next time she comes back.

“I will think about it. Cooking looks easy, but it’s unexpectedly difficult, huh.”

Nah, flipping over the pan and breaking plates that extravagantly, you are the only one like that, Elizabeth!


The next morning, all of us are seeing off Elizabeth.

Sati and Tilika-chan. Angela is also here.

“Farewell, all of you. Be diligent even when I’m not here?”

No, we should be saying that.

“Please be careful, Elizabeth-sama.”

“Request. Do your best.”

“Really look after yourself properly, alright? If it gets really dangerous it’s okay to just use Fly and escape.”

At the end I hand her a piece of paper.

“I wrote the method for making pudding and fried meat in detail. I don’t know if you will be able to get the ingredients for them over there, but if so, then have Narnia-san make them for you or something.”

“Thank you, Masaru.”

Elizabeth said that and hugged me tightly.


Then as she was backing away, she kissed me lightly by just putting her lips on mine.

“That was my first kiss. You should feel honored.”

She whispered to me by my ears.

While I was frozen from surprise, Elizabeth promptly left by walking away.

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