Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Grand Blaze

“Masaru-sama, Masaru-sama”

I slowly wake up from my body being shaken by Sati.


“Masaru-sama, it’s morning.”

“Mn….ah, Sati. Good morning.”

I sit up and greet Sati.

“Good morning, Masaru-sama. So then, what is all this……?”

The bed count increased and Elizabeth and Angela are sleeping with us. Maybe she doesn’t remember what happened last night due to being half-asleep?

“Uhm. During the night Elizabeth and Angela came and told me they wanted to sleep together.”

I explain as such in a small voice.

“Does Elizabeth-sama and Angela-sama also like Masaru-sama, I wonder?”

After thinking for a bit, Sati asked me this.

“These two like me? Nah, that…. is….not…..?”

It was only because Elizabeth wanted obfuscate her trying to steal a march by brute force that we ended up sleeping together and Angela just got caught up in that. Also, they were drunk. However, no matter how drunk they were, they wouldn’t think of sleeping together with a man that they don’t even like, right?

“Or maybe they do? What do you think?”

“Wanting to sleep together is because they like you. Tilika-chan was also the same.”

Is that true? Wait. It would be bad to get too cocky here. It will become the ‘Let’s be friends.’ course.

I should carefully assess the current situation. While I was thinking these things Angela woke up.

Her eyes popped open and she sat up.

“Good morning, Angela.”

“Ah…..Masaru…… G-good morning. Ah, uhm. I’ll go wash my face!”

She hurriedly got off the bed. Elizabeth also woke up from the ruckus.

“Mmm…..what….so noisy…..”

As she was turning over half-asleep she started to feel about with her hand in my direction.  Ah, hey, that’s-! I wake Elizabeth up in a hurry.

“Elizabeth, Elizabeth! It’s morning, wake up.”

“Mnn, just a bit more….Narnia….”

“Hey, I’m not Narnia. Wake up.”

Elizabeth woke up. She still has a dazed expression, so she is apparently not entirely awake yet. She is blankly looking at my face.

“Good morning, Elizabeth.”

“Good morning, Elizabeth-sama.”

She stretched her body, yawned with a ‘fuaaaa’, then said ‘Good morning’, then crawled off the bed and left the room.

“Mm, we should get up too. Please wake up Tilika-chan too.”

“Yes, Masaru-sama.”


I haven’t really slept enough. I was sleeping together with girls so it wouldn’t have been strange if a ‘kyaa kyaa, ufufu’ type of development were to have happened. The feeling of tension from that. I couldn’t even turn over in my sleep, so my body is hurting all over, I want to take it easy today…..


For breakfast, I tried making egg sandwich using the last of the mayonnaise. Also the usual bread and salad. I will have to have Sati make some more mayonnaise.

During breakfast Angela was acting quite embarrassed, she would glance my way then immediately avert her eyes. Even if we say we shared a bed, there were five people altogether and there were two between us, so there wasn’t any contact whatsoever, but it looks like it’s embarrassing either way. Angela is somehow different from how she usually is. She is 30% cuter? If she didn’t stab my hand with a knife and didn’t teach me magic in a strict manner, then she would be a cute girl with nothing to complain about. By all means, I would like her to maintain this demeanor.

Elizabeth doesn’t look like she cares about it too much. She is happily stuffing her cheeks with the sandwich. She already changed from the house gown and is wearing the black robe. Yesterday’s house gown was very cute. If I ignore Elizabeth’s lordy attitude then she is also a cute girl whose head I want to pat. If she wants to complain about other people’s attire then she should do something about that black robe of hers first.

As soon as we finished having breakfast Angela set out.

“Understand? Until I get back you absolutely can’t teach magic to Masaru!”


“I will take Tilika-chan to the Guild, what will you do, Elizabeth?”

“Right. I think I want to do some magic training during the morning.”

“No, Angela will get angry at us if we do that.”

“That’s not it! For myself. I didn’t really play an important role that time with the dragon, right? I thought I would develop a new spell.”

“Heeh, what kind?”

“A high-rank wind spell. An even stronger version of Wind Storm.”

Elizabeth is also doing her best, huh.

“So, Masaru, won’t you come along too? If I go out of the city alone Narnia will get angry at me.”

“Okay. Then let’s take Tilika-chan to the Guild first.”

We are going out of the city, so Sati and I prepare our equipment. Sati was happily showing her equipment to Tilika-chan. Elizabeth is of course already equipped with the black robe, so she can set out anytime.


“So then I burnt my fingers because of that”

“Ahahahaha. You think of some stupid things, huh. But it can’t work that way. Because if it goes too far then the effect of the spell wears off.”

So it was no good from the first concept, huh. When I threw the knife it was from very close to the target too. If that’s the case then you should’ve told me from the beginning.

“I forgot. If it’s made from a magic conducting high-grade metal then the distance would grow, but you can’t use those for disposable things like an arrow. Other than that, let’s see. You can use Wind Magic to increase the initial velocity of the arrow.”

It’s convenient, that Wind Magic. You can fly, you can make a shield, and you can also use the two attributes of Wind and Thunder.

“That’s right. Wind Magic is the greatest among the magic attributes!”

I don’t know if it’s the greatest or not, but, as opposed to Fire Magic, it seems like it’s an attribute that has a good balance between offense and defense.


We reach the Guild, go through the hall and head towards the back room. It’s something like an office of the Vice Guild Chief.

“Oh, Masaru. Thanks. Tilika-chan, did you have fun? I see, good for you.”

“Onee-chan, Masaru, thank you. It was fun.”


“Mn, I’ve become the younger sister.”

“Wahahahahaha. That’s nice to hear! Hm, but younger sister, huh. Ah, sorry. Sorry I laughed.”

“Tilika-chan, you can…anytime…..”

Sati is glancing this way. She must’ve wanted to say that she should come by anytime, but she hesitated to say it as someone in the position of a slave.

“That’s right. You can come to play anytime. As Sati’s younger sister that house can be considered your house too.”

“Mn. I will go again.”

Tilika-chan nodded immediately.


We said our goodbyes, then as we tried to go through the Guild Hall we got entangled with a hoodlum adventurer duo. Sati was walking cheerfully when she bumped into an adventurer.

“Ouch, you pipsqueak. What’s this? You are wearing some cute getup. You think of yourself as an adventurer, hah?”

Crap. It’s a stereotypical hoodlum. They are trying to intimidate us with a terrible facial expression.

“Gahahaha, ain’t it lookin’ good on you there. Quite an adventurer, oy.”

Indeed, Sati only looks like a child that is dressed up as an adventurer as a game. When I mustered all my courage and tried saving her, saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’, Sati said this without feeling particularly intimidated.

“Ah, it looks good on me? Really?!”

She said looking happy. She was probably happy about the ‘cute’ and ‘looks good’ part and ignored all the rest.

“Mn, ah. Well, it does look good, but…..”

The hoodlums lost their hostility from the unexpected reaction. They tried intimidating Sati and make her cry with their bad people appearance. They didn’t expect that she would be happy about it. Noticing the disturbance, other adventurers also came over.

“Hey, you two. Why are you bullying those kids.”

Sati is small, but Elizabeth and I are also small. Almost all adventurers are big, really.

By the way, apparently to avoid a trouble situation, Elizabeth immediately hid behind my back.

I asked later and it was apparently because ‘I can’t really start shooting off spells in the Guild, can I?’.

Apparently, Elizabeth got into trouble because of her lordy personality a few times in the past, so lately she learned to be more subdued. If Elizabeth starts shooting off her spells, her only method of offense, inside the Guild, then she would immediately get caught, and she would have to listen to a sermon and pay a fine. So said the person with experience on the subject.

Apparently Elizabeth was also pissed off at them, if it was outside it would’ve been different, but we were inside the Guild. If it came to that she also made preparations to shoot some spells, but she judged that it wouldn’t become a serious matter.


“No, we aren’t being bullied. These people praised me, saying that I look good in this.”

Oh, how positive.

To Sati, who was bullied from a young age by people saying, ‘You useless!’, ‘Good-for-nothing!’, ‘You’re a nuisance!’, this kind of thing didn’t even count as bullying. It was just being talked to with a somewhat threatening voice. Sati doesn’t look like she at all minds the grim appearance of the hoodlum adventurers either. Since her eyes were bad until recently, maybe she can’t tell scary people apart from not scary people.

“Mn, I guess it’s right, it looks good?”

One hoodlum said.

“Mm, it’s cute indeed. It suits you.” “It lovely, it’s lovely.”

The gathered adventurers also praise Sati unanimously. Sati is happy.

“Thank you very much! I’m Sati, I’ve just became an adventurer yesterday. Let’s get along in future everyone.”

Sati is bowing her head with a full-faced smile.

“So your name is Sati-chan!” “You have good manners.” “Lovely, lovely.”

She is very popular. Sati has steel nerves, huh. I thought she was more like a small animal.

One of the adventurers noticed me while I was hiding my presence.

“Hoh. Isn’t that the Wild Rabbit Hunter? You guys, this is the Dragon Slayer.”

“Heh? This brat?”

“They say he is an excellent fire mage. If you make him angry, someone like you guys will be burnt to cinders?”

No no, what cinders, how brutal do you think I am? Although it’s not like I’m not able to do it.

The two hoodlums apparently got scared a bit after hearing ‘Dragon Slayer’.

By the way, it’s not like everyone who participated in the dragon subjugation can call themselves Dragon Slayer. Apparently people like Crook and Silver, who didn’t really play an important role, can’t call themselves that. Information like that is usually exchanged in bars that adventurers frequent, so apparently the news that the survey party came back after defeating a dragon immediately became a gossip topic, but I don’t really drink alcohol and try to stay away from places where rough-and-tough adventurers gather, so I’m uninformed.

“Ah, uhm…..”

“Ah, no no. Sorry that our Sati bumped into you.”

“M-mm, right. No problem at all.”

“Hey, Sati, we are going.”

Pulling Sati with me, we put the Guild behind us.


After we leave the Guild, I slowly exhale. When it was just me, I came-and-went stealthily while hiding my presence, so I didn’t get mixed up in things like that, but I guess there really are people like that. I thought of warning her about it, but seeing the cheerful Sati, I decided against it. Well, she handled the situation by herself, so I guess there is no problem. Sati may unexpectedly be an outstanding person.

Elizabeth somehow looks like she has something to say about the situation before, so she is mumbling something.

“I would too, if I tried wearing cute clothes like that then…..for sure…..”

Elizabeth, you should do something about that black robe first, is what I was thinking, but decided against saying it.


We go out of the city.

“So, what will we do?”

“I’m thinking about it now.”

Elizabeth said.

“To tell you the truth I want to make Mega Thunder more powerful, but I don’t have enough mana, you see.”

So she wants to make the wind attribute stronger.

Right, she was gasping for breath after shooting Mega Thunder.

“Is there any way to increase mana?”

“Steady training, and also they say that there is a spring of Ultra Magic Water in the depths of a Ghost Cave, and if you drink it your mana will increase.”

Ultra Magic Water sounds really dubious.

“A Wind Mage comrade of the Hero powered up that way!”

It’s knowledge from a story!? And also, Hero you say, that was hundreds of years ago!

“Neither is something we can do now.”

Let’s think about it for a bit. How about instead of increasing the power, we increase the number.

I first show 【Fire Wall】.

“Right, it’s the Fire Wall. What about it?”

“Right, as you can see it looks like this if it’s a single one. Its power isn’t anything great either.”


“However, if you shoot multiple ones then wouldn’t it be effective even on large species like a dragon? Like this.”

I chant 【Fire Storm】. Activate. Guou, a few pillars of flame rise up and burn everything in the vicinity.

The flame pillars of the Fire Storm move around while rotating, so maybe it’s not the best example, but she should understand what I want to tell her.


She is surprised, she is surprised. I was also surprised when I first saw it. Fire Storm has a showy effect.

“You have quite an amazing one, don’t you? I was a bit surprised. But why didn’t you use it before?”

“If I were to use something like this in the forest it would become a forest fire.”

“I guess that’s also true. But multiple ones, huh…..”

Elizabeth folds her arms and starts thinking.

“Right, maybe something like this”

She started chanting. It looks like it’s not a specific spell this time.


It was much smaller than Mega Thunder, but there were two bolts of lightning that fell on the grasslands.

“Looks like this will work.”

“Thunder looks so cool! Ah, I want to learn it too.”

‘Right? Right?’, Elizabeth said with a triumphant look.

“If I shot about ten of these all over the body of that dragon, then it may have stopped too.”

Since it hit its head that time. If it hit the body instead then it may have stopped.

“If you shoot about twenty then it should be more than enough.”

“Twenty, you say…….well enough of that. I will call this spell Thunder Rain.”

What Rain, it was just two, is what I was thinking while I gave some Magi-Tea to Elizabeth.

“Ara, thank you. How thoughtful of you.”


I suddenly thought that how about not increasing the number, but instead combining them into one. By combining the flame pillars of the Fire Storm into one, it will be something of a huge pillar of flame moving around.

“I also want to try something.”

I use the same amount of mana as for the Fire Storm, then converge it in a single point. Mm, about this for the mental image. It’s my first time using this spell and it’s also quite powerful, so I carefully solidify my mental image of it inside my head.

Starting the chant for 【Fire Storm】. I pour in the mana. Imagine, imagine. Chant complete. Activate!

Doon! With that sound, an enormous sky-high pillar of flame rises. It’s twenty meters, or maybe even more. Then, after maintaining the pillar of flame for a few second, it slowly disappears. It was somehow bigger than I thought!?

“It’s that, huh. It’s a spell with very few use-cases.”

I also think so. If I want to hit a dragon with it, then 【Large Explosion】 is good enough, it’s a spell that makes one question its reason for existence. Well, it’s showy so it can at least be used for intimidation.

New spells are not that easy to think of by an amateur, huh. But now that I developed it, let’s believe that I will have the chance to use it someday and name this spell 【Grand Blaze】.

“We are continuing the training!”

Then Elizabeth got carried away and when she increased the number of lightning bolts in Thunder to seven, she fell over.


Sati, who was quietly observing thus far, also ran over in a hurry.

“Get a grip! Here, it’s Concentrated Magi-Tea!”

“Uh-, buho-, gefo-, gefo-“

Crap, I made her drink too fast so she started coughing!?

“Pull yourself together, don’t die, Elizabeth!”

“I won’t die!”

I got whacked.


When we returned to the city, the guards at the gate were angry at us.

“We could see the flame pillar even from here. I told you to do it farther away if you want to practice magic.”

I’m sorry.

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