Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – The story of the knight and the princess

On the way home we buy some ingredients in the shopping district. The girls ate up most of it yesterday, so we are almost out anyway. Eggs, sugar, and horse milk. We buy many other things too. I also get more dinnerwares.

When I gave some pocket money to Sati and told her she could buy anything she wants she happily started browsing around the shopping district. Since after this I will have her work hard on many things. It’s an advance payment.

Sati bought some sweet looking bread and a few pieces of fruit. The scent of this fruit, it’s the same as the juice we drank last time. She must’ve really taken a liking to it. After sampling one of them right there, it turned out that they are juicy and delicious so I bought a lot of it. Seeing that, Sati looks very happy.

On the way back we also stopped by the clothing store. Sati’s clothes were just bought at a second-hand shop so I wanted get some more. Are they selling maid clothes too, I wonder? It would suit her for sure. Also, I was criticised by Elizabeth that I’m always wearing the same clothes.

‘I don’t want to hear that from you with your black robe’ is what I’m thinking at times like this, but I felt the criticism itself was valid, so I decided to buy some clothes for myself too.

Sati and Elizabeth is in the middle of choosing clothes saying ‘this, or maybe that’. Well, it looks like Elizabeth’s tastes are not bad so there should be no problem leaving it to her. I, on the other hand, already bought a few sets of clothes so I have nothing to do. Seeing me looking free, Elizabeth told me to go and have my hair cut and I was sent to a barber shop a few shops away. Indeed, my bangs are in the way lately.


The barber shop was just a simple shop with a round stool standing there, the one who received me was an elegant looking fellow with a crew cut and mustache.

I sit on the chair and when I simply said ‘Short’ he started snip snip cutting it. The fellow is silently cutting my hair. Indeed, hair-cutting should be like this. I’m really bad with places that try to speak to me on and on. When I was still in Japan, at the place I frequented all I had to say was ‘Like always’, and they cut it quickly so it was nice and easy.

It ended soon after and my head felt refreshed. I was shown a hand mirror, then I nodded. That’s the end of it. I got the cut hair cleaned off, then I payed and left the shop. Mm, this is a good shop. Let’s come here next time too.

When I returned to the clothing shop it looked like they finally finished choosing, so I got both my hands put full of clothes. There are some that have frills on them. I’m starting to look forward to having Sati wear them.

There was quite a few of them, so it was somewhat pricey in the end.


When we get back it will be time to make mayonnaise. Elizabeth requested fried meat for today too. Of course, with tartar sauce. When will she return to the inn, I wonder? She is staying in my house like she owns the place and like it’s natural for her to be here. However I also have a reason why I want her to say, so I can’t complain.

If I think of it as compensation for her teaching me magic, then something as simple as providing a room and meals is really cheap, also there is the thing with Sati. It’s all good when Tilika-chan is here, but she is working during the day and it would be bad to be alone with Sati, just the two of us. Even if I want to make a move on her at some point, I want to take it a bit slow for the time being. So by all means I would like Elizabeth to become a breakwater for me.

Also, although she doesn’t wear the hood in the room at least, but I would like her to do something about wearing that black robe all the time. If she could at least wear some more normal clothes then I think it would be easier to welcome her since she would brighten up the house.


“Well then, Sati.”

“Yes? Masaru-sama.”

“Time to make mayonnaise.”


“Mayonnaise. You do want to eat some, right?”

“I do…..”

“Then you know how to, right?”


“It’s alright. Let’s do it together. If we work together it will be done in no time.”

“Yes! Masaru-sama!”

Making a lot of mayonnaise in a big bowl is really hard work. Mixing, mixing, keep mixing. If you don’t add the oil one bit at a time and mix it properly then the oil would separate and not become proper mayonnaise. We mix it with Sati by taking turns.

I tried letting Elizabeth do it too, but she immediately spilled it. Useless.

Finally, a lot of mayonnaise was finished. I wonder how many days will this last. Even though we made more than yesterday these girls eat a lot. I don’t want to do this every day. Should I ask someone to make it? Ah, I should have the children do it! Let’s try asking Angela. We mobilize the children and mass produce it, then I just have to put it away in the Item Box. Mm, a truly excellent idea.


I’ve become somewhat free. There is still time until noon and it’s not like I want to go somewhere either. Elizabeth is nodding off on the living room sofa. She must’ve become sleepy from running out of mana. Sati is currently cleaning the second floor.

I take out the book I bought yesterday. I tried reading the first bit from the story of the Hero, but the writing style was old and it felt hard to stomach. There is no helping it since it’s a story from hundreds of years ago. I open the other one which is a picture book.

A certain knight fell in love with a princess. However, due to differing social statuses he is chased out of the castle. The despairing knight sets out on a wandering journey where he comes across some people trapped by monsters. Using his quick wits he destroys the trap and defeats the monsters. One of the people he rescued was the feudal lord of that province. The feudal lord took a liking to the knight and made him his heir, so the knight went to see the princess and they got married. And they all lived happily ever after.

Damn, I finished reading it ten minutes. Well, it’s a picture book so there is no helping it.

When I put down the picture book and started reading the story of the Hero, Sati came down from the second floor.

“Done cleaning?”


“Then come here.”

Like this, I have her sit on a chair. ‘Here’, I hand over the picture book.

“I bought this book for Sati. Do you want to try learning how to read and write?”

“I want to learn!”

Her eyes are sparkling with the book in her hands. She bit on just like when I taught her how to cook. Let’s read it out loud for her for now.

She put a chair next to mine and sat close to me. This reminds me of the time I forgot my textbook in elementary school and a girl showed me hers. Something like that ordinarily happened to me that time. I didn’t really pay it any heed at the time, but now I know how precious event that was.

I open the picture book, then I slowly read the sentences while pointing at them. Sati is listening to it with a serious expression. She is leaning forward while continuously pushing her body against mine.

Right, I’m just simply teaching her. I don’t have any improper thoughts. In no way am I sniffing at the scent of Sati’s hair that is right next to me. I’m just breathing normally? But why does she smell this good. Even though we are using the same soap……


As I finished reading, Sati sighs with a ‘Haaa’.

“Did you find it interesting?”

“Yes, uhm, the princess was amazing.”

She said while looking at the picture of the marriage ceremony at the end. Mm, the artist really did his best with the princess. She is really drawn very well.

“Then I will give that book to Sati. Let’s take it slow and steady with the learning to read and write.”

“Yes, thank you very much. Masaru-sama!”

But there was a problem. I can read the letters and there is no problem with the vocabulary. However, I don’t know the order of the letters. I’m talking about the aiueo of the Japanese syllabary and the ABCDEFG of the alphabet. The numbers are no problem since their orders are the same, but even with hiragana there is the Iroha order beside the aiueo. This kind of information must be not included in the Skill. It’s an information that wouldn’t have mattered ordinarily, but when I tried to teach Sati, it came up. I can’t put on such a shameful display in front of Sati. I entrusted Sati with the preparations for the cooking, then I woke up the soundly sleeping Elizabeth.


“You can use that much powerful magic and you don’t know the letters? No problem with reading and writing? You just don’t know their order, what are you talking about….”

“I taught myself to read and write you see. I was thinking of teaching it to Sati, but my knowledge is only vague, you see.”

When I handed over the notebook and the pen she just started writing it without asking anything more. Hn hn, so that’s how they are ordered. Elizabeth has a pretty hand-writing. She finishes writing it and I receive the notebook back.

“Thanks. This really helps me out.”

“You are welcome. By the way, will there be pudding today?”

“Nn, I made some of course. You can eat two as a thanks for today.”

“Oh my, thank you.”

Saying that Elizabeth smiled cheerfully.

Not counting the time we met, Elizabeth is really polite and kind most of the time if you get to know her. Even this time, even though I disturbed her napping she gave her guidance without saying a word of complaint. Why is it then when it comes to Angela she becomes that unruly….


The lunch menu is bread and soup, fried meat, and I also made something like yakisoba from pasta and sauce. The flavor of the sauce is a bit different, but it can still be called yakisoba. Maybe I will try making okonomiyaki next time.

Angela arrived after we finished lunch so we eat the pudding together with everyone. There I tried making the request about the mass production of mayonnaise to Angela.

“Yeah, no problem. I will bring over the children tomorrow afternoon. How many would be good? Okay, five then. Got it.”

With this the mayonnaise will be fine. Let’s stock up on the ingredients for the mass production.

“You are making a lot of mayonnaise? That’s very good. The fried wild rabbit was also delicious today.”

Hearing about the mayonnaise mass production plan, Elizabeth also joined the conversation. The fried meat is of course delicious by itself, but the fried meat with tartar sauce is also exceptional.

“It’s a shame you couldn’t eat any of it, huh Angela.”

Says the main culprit sarcastically who ate all the ample amount of fried meat I made today. Elizabeth looks slender, so I don’t know where could that much food go. Well, Sati also ate well enough.

“Not particularly. Good for you for being able to eat something delicious.”

The smiling Angela pays it no heed. Nn, she is an adult. However, was the minute thorniness in her tone something I just misheard….?

“I-I will make some for dinner too. Angela will also eat with us, right?”

“Then maybe I should accept the invitation.”

“But will it be alright to be out for two days in a row?”

“Nn, when I asked, somehow Priest-sama just said I can go.”

Does this mean….. that the Priest-sama gave his official approval? Is that the case? Is that really the case?

Saying that it’s alright to go over right after staying the night. No matter how I think about it, this should mean he gave his permission!

Right, well, I think it won’t be that easy, but at least there should be no problem with a small relationship. I was worried that being a priestess would mean being more rigid in that area.


“Then we will start now!”

After finishing the dessert, as we were taking a breather, Elizabeth announced.

“Are we really gonna do it? I don’t want another like yesterday.”

“Oh it’s alright. We will be gentle.”

“Yes yes, just relax and let us handle it.”

It’s not like I can run away, so I obediently follow.

If it becomes the same as yesterday then let’s immediately use some Points. Tilika-chan is not here either.

However, the two of them were gentle. What was that yesterday. ‘Hey, was it really necessary to be that strict? Are you both stupid? I will die?’, is what I was thinking.

“Right, just like that. Converge the mana properly. Nn, you are doing well.”

“You have to shout the spell properly. It will be 20% more powerful that way.”

“Hah, are you still saying that? Only a few people say that. Masaru, you don’t really need to say the spell. The point is how much mana are you converging.”

“That not true at all! This is a proven theory! Masaru, you have to say the spell properly.”

It seems that the 20% increase and whatnot is part of the original style that Elizabeth learned. As for me I would more like to support Angela’s theory. 20% increase when shouting is probably from just throwing more mana at it by getting more fired up. In that meaning Elizabeth is not wrong either.

The two of them are fighting with each other all the time, but they became gentle towards me. Sometimes Elizabeth looks like she wants to throw out some abusive language, but she would get some sarcastic remarks from Angela so she controls herself.

Then, halfway through the afternoon, the Water Ball magic succeeded. Opening the menu I see that it indeed says Water Magic Level 1.

“My win!”


“Well, Water Magic was the one I started learning first.”

“T-that’s right! That’s not fair! If he manages to learn Wind Magic today then the match is a draw!”

“What are you saying…..”

Angela has a dumbfounded expression. She even tried to get ahead in the middle of the night and she really doesn’t know when to give up.

“If he learns it today then it’s a draw!”

She is desperate. Is there a need to be fixated on this match that much? For me, I’m fine with it if I can learn it, but…..

“Okay okay. Then if he manages to learn it by dinner then it’s fine being a draw.”

Angela subtly increased the difficulty.

“G-got it. That is fine. Masaru, let’s hurry! Learn it by dinner no matter what!”

“Oh my, oh my. You shouldn’t be that strict? You said you will be gentle, right?”

“I know that! Well then, let’s do it Masaru.”

Your smile is twitching a bit, Elizabeth-san.


“Uhm, it’s about time for di…..”

“Extension! Wait a bit with the dinner!”

Elizabeth chases away Sati who came to call us.


“O-one more time, just one more extension!”


“U-uhm. This will really be the last time…..so let’s do our best a bit longer? Please?”

I still have mana, but my willpower is really at the end of its ropes.

But seeing Elizabeth saying please in a cute way, I mustered my last bit of willpower!

“Air! Hammer!”


With the three-times extensions, dinner was delayed until after sundown and I finally managed to learn Wind Magic.

Elizabeth was rejoicing and I was burnt out entirely.

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