Hello Work – Volume 8 Chapter 10 (2/2)

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Chapter 10 – Border village Part 2 (2/2)

“How about you? What did you want to do after learning magic?”

Now that I think back on it, I never just sat down and talked with this guy before. I’ve heard a bit about how he wanted to learn magic and a bit about his family situation, but what does he really want?

His objective was completed and yet he doesn’t want to go back to his family either.

“I wanted to….become someone who is properly useful. I wasn’t as smart as my brothers, so I thought if I could be at least good with magic, then….”

Among the adventurers in his age group, he’s quite skilled, but even if he’s a bit talented with the sword, that doesn’t mean much for an empire’s prince.

“I couldn’t handle the thought that at this rate, I would just get married away in a political marriage, get handed a not that important territory to govern, and live a thoroughly mediocre life.”

So he ran away, huh. From my perspective, that’s an excellent life plan though. If I could exchange roles with him, then I would.

But that’s how it was, huh. He basically wants to live an exciting life and become competent enough so he can show off to his family.

I don’t really know how his former companions were, but he wouldn’t be a good fit to people who are only working as adventurers to make a living; people like Crook and Silver.

So despite that aspiration of his, the reason why he tends to get scared is because he spent his whole life living peacefully in the royal palace until just recently. He’s pretty much just as fearful of monsters as I was at first.

Then, should I have him focus on archery and place him in mid-range after all? That’s also pretty powerful when mastered. If this guy had a bit more talent with magic, I could have him learn some attack magic, but splitting focus between magic and swordsmanship may make him half-assed in both.

So I decided to discuss what kind of Skill he would like to get in the future as well.

He’s a swordsman at a base level, but I also brought up the possibility of getting some rare magic for him. Summoning would need a lot of mana, so that’s out, but Spatial Magic would be coveted everywhere. If he learned it until Teleport, then he wouldn’t need to worry about earning a livelihood for the rest of his life. However, the life of a Spatial Magic user is pretty plain, far from the dramatic one he would like.

“There is also Light Magic you know.”

I opened my journal and explained the particulars.
It’s quite costly, but once mastered, it should come in quite handy.

“Isn’t that just like being a Hero!?”

“Indeed, it’s like a Hero. If you want to do it, I could let you have the role.”

“Taking something like that from you Aniki, I don’t think…..”

“I don’t really want to be in the limelight. I would rather live a simple life in the background. How about you go back to your family, declare that ‘I’ve become a Hero!’ and lead the imperial army to invade Hiragis?”

Will seemed to be moved by my suggestion.

However, there is also the matter of the demons. I explained that since there are currently no Light Magic users, if one were to appear and become famous, they are very likely to target him.

“I-I will refrain.”

I guess that’s a no go then. Well, even if I said I would like him to learn it, it would’ve been too dangerous at this point, so I would’ve stopped him from doing so if it came to that.

For the time being, we settled on taking a detection Skill and just further increasing the sword and archery related Skills. With Sense Presence he should be able to avoid sneak attacks, making it easier for me in the long run. It was a good choice.

Our discussion took quite a bit of time in the end. The others were all asleep by then of course. Using Covert Action, Stealthy Steps, and Dark Vision I surreptitiously slipped into the small free space next to Ellie. Her body was warm.

If we were still at the mansion, this would most likely turn into a night visitation. I would play some tricks on the deeply sleeping Ellie, then getting scolded by her when she woke up. But, then she would accompany me anyway. Ah, this brings back some excellent memories.

Still, that’s not something I can reenact in a communal room like this. Even though I was happy that I’d get to stay with everyone.

We could only go so far during bath, so I was a bit keyed up right now.

The next time we are able to stay at an inn, getting smaller separate rooms might not be a bad idea. We should be able to do a lot more in private rooms like that. Yeah, good idea. I thought abstinence would’ve been the name of the game during the trip, but it seems there is some leeway, so it might not be absolutely necessary to hold back entirely.

 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

The next day, I was woken up at daybreak. Apparently, we were continuing with the volunteer work before breakfast.

Ann got requests for digging a well and building two buildings. Also, a lookout tower. Ellie was directed to repair and reinforce the outer walls of the village.

Ellie got pretty good at creating things with Earth Magic, so she could be counted on taking care of simple stuff by herself.

“Ooh, that’s amazing! How much do you charge for work like this?”

Francesca, who came to observe us, asked after seeing me build a lookout tower in the blink of an eye.

And it goes for the low, low cost of nothing at all!

Well, it’s really just a tower, without stairs even. I made it pretty sturdy, but to make its insides properly would take some doing. I’ll just leave it to the villagers to make stairs or use a rope to get up there.

“You are doing this for free? You didn’t get anything for the harpies yesterday either, so do you get something from the church?”

“No, nothing like that. This is just Ann’s personal hobby.”

“Don’t call it a hobby. We have the power to do it. Masaru is perfectly happy to help with church activities as well.”

I wouldn’t go so far as calling it ‘perfectly happy’, but I have the mana to do it now and I can build it easily in no time at all, so having people appreciate even this minor exertion from me feels nice.

The next is the well, huh. First, I check the location of the water source with Earth Sonar….there it is. And here…it…goes. The well is done as well.

“You really are quite good at magic. What else can you do?”

“I can use most types of magic, but I guess I’m best with Fire and Earth.”

And a lot more than that, but I have no obligation to tell her everything.

“Hey, would you like to become my subordinate?”

“You should wait until you become a lot more distinguished before asking me again.”

She didn’t even say what kind of subordinate. Though it seems it was for the role of head bodyguard.

“Will you accept it if I do?”

“If you become someone at the level of royalty, I might hear you out for some minor jobs.”

Our current plan is to live within the kingdom for the time being, so some of that will be unavoidable.

“Only ‘some’ even then, huh.”

“I’m quite a bit busy these days.”

“Just give up, Fran. Even the elves tried to offer him a lot of things to make him stay there, and here I am, accompanying him instead.”

“Even the elves, huh….”

She won’t be able to offer better conditions than the elves. Just give up already.

“If you want Masaru to do what you say, then you should become his. Then he will listen to you, you know?”

It seems Lilia is still trying to increase the number of comrades. Well, it’s true that in exchange for sexy stuff I would agree to her requests.

Even if I have no intention of making a move due to her troublesome background, if the possibility is brought up like this, I can’t help but entertain the idea for a bit.

Ooh, she blushed. Then she put up an arm in front of her breast area and took a step back.

“D-don’t stare at me like that.”

“Oops, sorry about that.”

It’s because Lilia was saying strange things that I forgot my gaze on her and made her shy away. One can’t help but take a look after hearing something like that, okay?

“There doesn’t seem to be a connection there. That’s too bad, too bad.”

Yeah, too bad. No, no, that’s not it!

“I’ve never once made a move for that reason alone, okay?”

“Yes yes, Masaru is great, very impressive. Come here and do this next,” Ann interjected.

As I moved on to work on the next building according to Ann’s instructions, behind me Lilia said ‘See?’ to Francesca.

I’m doing this because it’s my wife asking me to do it, and I did not have her become my wife in exchange for me doing these things, okay?

Though I can’t deny that I’m the type to enthusiastically do something if a cute girl asks me to do it….

Before we went on our way, the villagers gave us some harpy meat and other ingredients. It seems they managed to process them during the night.

The food situation of the village was apparently not bad, so we got some freshly harvested produce as well.

Well, if we can’t hold them all by ourselves, then we will just leave it at home at the next opportunity. Or we could sell them if we come across a town on the way.

We were seen off by a bunch of villagers as we left behind the first village on our journey.

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