Hello Work – Volume 8 Chapter 16 (1/2)

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Chapter 16 – Aid for the beastkin (1/2)

“Aside from the food which we can buy more if we run low, we would like to have some weapons.”

With the negotiations taken over by the granny, things went a lot more smoothly. It seems like the Chief didn’t discard his suspicions just yet, but he wasn’t stopping the granny either.

Maybe it was because the granny said that she would take responsibility, even if it costs her head, but that’s something I will never demand, so….

“Didn’t they take all your fight capable people?”

“There are many among the women that can fight too and the children will grow up soon as well. Also, we need to think about what will happen when they come back.”

Even if we succeed in getting Hiragis back, it will still be teeming with monsters for a while. They will need weapons to protect themselves, but all of their good ones were given to the people that went to join the reclamation army, leaving nothing for themselves.

“What do you need exactly? I have an Item Box, so I can go and buy something from a large city somewhere.”

“Then swords and spears would be best.”

“Shields and armors?”

“Wooden shields will be enough, and as for armors, there are ones here that can make leather armor as long as we have the materials for it. It’s the same for the bows and arrows as well, so it would be better to use that money for getting more steel weapons.”

Orc leather is pretty inexpensive and perfectly enough for beginner use. They will process the ones I brought and make leather out of those it seems.

They can also make bows enough for beginners, so there is no need to buy those either.

But as for the weapons made by a blacksmith, even if they have some on hand, they wouldn’t be able to do anything since there are no blacksmithing facilities nor material to work with in this refugee camp.

“I understand. I will go and procure them.”

I will only use the money I got from betting at the Capital. I should be able to buy enough with that.

As for where…..the elf village is out I guess. They only make high quality weapons there. The Capital should be fine. I think I’ll ask the elves to do it.

“Aah, as for that money, you should use it for anything you need here. Who knows how long you will still need to live here, so the more you have on hand the better, right?”

“Are you fine with that?”

“I got that money with a small bet, you see. I still have other money I did properly earn, so I can add more if it’s really needed.”

“Then we will gratefully accept.”

“Next, are there any injured or sick people? I can also use Earth Magic, so I can make houses, wells, and such.”

“Everyone was just waiting patiently since we had nothing to do, so there were not many sick people. The priest visits us from time to time as well.”

It seems the Church is doing its job properly.

“As for a well…..I guess it would be nice to have clear water to drink. Dort, what do you think?”

It seems the Chief’s name was Dort.

“….I think that it would’ve been better if you became the Chief here, Elder.”

“Don’t ask too much from this doddering old woman. You are doing fine as the Chief. See? Everything worked out at the end.”

“Can you really make a well too? You give us food, money, create wells and homes, even buy us weapons. This is too good to be true.”

I stopped Syrah-chan from saying something and stood up.

“Let me demonstrate what I can do first. You need a warehouse to store the rest of the food anyway, so if you have a good place for it, then――”

There was an open space next to the Chief’s shack, so I built a warehouse there. It will be a refrigerated warehouse, so I made the walls thick, but I left them to handle the door, since they most likely have the carpenters to do it.

I put the rest of the hunted monsters inside and placed down plenty of ice.

Next, I made a well in no time as well.

“A rank mages are really something.”

“I still have enough mana, so I can make another ten or twenty buildings if you want.”

“Dort, give the word or we won’t get anywhere.”


The building and well was built in but a moment, and after seeing all the monster corpses stream from my Item Box, the Chief seemed like he was finally starting to believe me.

The money did not prove anything, and the first pile of monsters we distributed was mostly gone by the time he arrived, so I can understand why he thought my offer was too good to be true.

“This guy was the Chief of a small village before this, so he became the Chief here because we had no other candidates fit for the position. Even if he’s getting old he can still fight so he wanted to go and be a soldier, but for everyone’s sake he refrained and did his very best for us since then. And there you came in with a cool demeanor and just gave us a bunch of meat and money; he must’ve felt his powerlessness especially keenly because of it.”


“Being responsible for two thousand people in this situation is not an easy thing to bear. Please forgive him.”

“Well, uhm, I don’t mind it really.”

The most his suspicions did was make me feel a bit unwelcome and that’s that.

“My Master might be saying that he came to that money easily, but he in fact worked for it by pushing his body to the limit and even vomiting blood. Do not treat it lightly.”

“Syrah, there is no need for that.”

“I know. I’m a former adventurer as well. I’m very well aware that not even an S rank adventurer could easily get his hand on a million gold and that many monsters. Dort, you too.”

“I’m sorry for doubting you. I swear that we will not waste the food or money, this lifeline you gave us.”

“It’s all good as long as you don’t spend it frivolously.”

“Master, could you bring out the alcohol we got before?”

I took out a barrel of alcohol, just as Syrah-chan suggested. We got twenty barrels, so there are two for everyone to do what they want with it.

“Let’s drink and forget about bad things for today, Chief-dono.”

That was the start of a party.

The door to the Chief’s shack was thrown open and there were a bunch of villagers gathered on the other side of it, so I gave them some alcohol as well.

A bunch of food made from the ingredients I provided was already being done, so many came to share some of it and thank us one after the other, but….

“You! All! Go take a bath!”

I already mostly got used to the smells here. Taking baths is a luxury for commoners and the uncovered toilets and fields covered in manure smell a lot as well, so even if I were to throw a tantrum about it, nothing would change.

I’m also well aware that the beastkin here in no way had the leeway to take baths or showers. The kids were also pretty filthy and smelled somewhat, but I didn’t even think of chasing them away because of it.

However, it’s too much when a bunch of unwashed people just force their way into a small shack like this. Of course there are some that cleaned themselves properly, but about half of all of them seemed like they did not clean or wash themselves at all. They stank so bad, it made me lose all appetite!

“I will make a bath and provide water too. If you want to say hi to me then go and clean yourselves up first.”

Eating is the very few things I enjoy in this world. I won’t let anyone disturb that.

The party was postponed.

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