Hello Work – Volume 8 Chapter 16 (2/2)

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Chapter 16 – Aid for the beastkin (2/2)

There was quite a bit of space near the fence on the river side, so I built the new buildings in that area. I also dug a sewage channel and connected it to an existing waterway.

I think I will make it an open air bath. All that one needs is walls, so it’s much easier. There is also the undressing room for men and women. Since the gender ratio is heavily tilted towards one side in the camp, I made the women’s side twice as big as the men’s.

I leave any kind of bathtubs out and instead create a long and narrow channel where hot water runs, which the people can scoop out and clean themselves with. I also made a large hot water tank which can replenish the water as needed. This way a lot of people could wash themselves at once.

I no way had enough soap for everyone with me, so I left just enough for our own use and put the rest out. The elven made soap is a luxury item, but that’s all I had on me, so it can’t be helped. With how dirty these people were, it wouldn’t be easy to get it off without soap in the equation.

I confirmed that the hot water flown down properly until it reached the sewage channel and left the rest to the chief.

For such a quickly built building, I think it turned out just fine. I thought about keeping it around even after this, but it would be much too costly to keep it working without magic.

I can just come around every so often and make some hot water for them.

“I guess we can take a bath as well. I want to get out of this armor too.”

In the corner of the open air bath, I also made a smaller one for family use. That was also open air, but it only contained a simple tub where about three people can get into at once.

“Tilika, how did it go on your end?”

Since it was just us in the bath, I decided to bring out Tilika’s summoned mouse and ask after them. She should be aware of our situation since she was able to listen in to everything through her summon, so I don’t need to explain anything about what happened here.

“How is the inn? Big? And not that good? I see. Then we will just stay here. Do you want to come here as well? Okay, then we should meet up for now. Do you want us to go there? You’ll come here? Got it. We’ll wait here. Then, later.”

It seems we’ll just have to wait here. The Guild matters can wait until tomorrow I guess. Then we might as well have that party.

Working for the Blessings is more important than Guild business anyway.

“See, it was big brother after all. I told you I heard his voice!”

I looked up when I heard those voices and saw that the children climbed up the separator wall for the family bath corner and were peeking in. I don’t know his name, but he was one of the kids that led us to the Chief’s place.

I intentionally did not leave any entrances, but it seems leaving off the roof was a mistake. Syrah-chan and Sati were still in the middle of taking off their armor, so it was still fine if they were seen though.

“Hey, don’t peek. Did you wash yourself already?”

“Not yeeet.”

“I’ll play with you lot after, but you should wash up first.”
“Got it.”

“And don’t peek anymore. Tell it to the other kids as well.”


After that the kid got off the wall.

I hope the adults won’t try to peek. If someone does, I will send them flying.

Today is almost over I guess. All that’s left is to make a few buildings for the beastkin if they need it, meet up with the others and decide what to do after this, then have a party.

It should be fine to take it easy in the bath for a bit.

However, sexy stuff is a no go sadly. I can still hear the kids wandering the area.

“Syrah, about the massage I told you about recently-”

“I understand, Master.”

“Let me do it to you, Syrah.”


It’s a massage done with scented oil. A beauty treatment in truth.

“Well then, just lie face down there. No need to hesitate. You must be tired from all that training you did every day of our journey, right?”

I put down a leather sheet and gestured to Syrah-chan to lie down on it. Syrah-chan kind of thinks of the ero stuff as her duty, so even though she’s very cooperative, she’s not proactive. It feels like she would rather use the time for training instead.

Therefore, I will make sure to take care of her today as much as I can.

First, starting with her back――

When we got out of the bath, Syrah-chan was still kind of limp, so I made sure to thoroughly towel off her body. When I was done, Sati held out something to me. The cat-eared headband?

“Isn’t that Tilika’s?”

It was part of the cosplay costume I had Sati make for Tilika. She must’ve brought it with her.

“I made one for you as well, Masaru-sama…..”

On second glance, the hair on the ear part looked like mine. She must’ve gathered it when I had my hair cut.

There was a tail as well, which was a simple one that you just had to tie to your waist with a string, but with Levitation I could make it seem not much different from a real one.

“If we stay here for a while, then you can blend in more with this… and I thought it would look good on you, Masaru-sama.”

I guess that makes some sense? I would’ve worn it anytime if Sati asked me too, but it seems she was shy and just couldn’t find an excuse to bring it out.

I had her put it on me properly, but when I asked ‘how is it?’ I noticed Syrah-chan just looking at me open mouthed and in a daze.

“What is it, Syrah?”

“Ah, Master….that, looks very good on you.”


“Yes. It looks amazing on you, Masaru-sama!”

Sati was just smiling normally, but Syrah-chan’s reaction was just strange. Up until now she seemed just resigned to my ministrations, but now she was obviously fidgeting like crazy and avoiding eye contact with me, aside from the occasional glances towards me.

“Did this turn you on?”

Syrah just nodded in confirmation.

“Uhm, Master. Can….can I touch it?”

What is she even saying at this point? We indulged in quite a bit of skinship every day already.

“Feel free.”

Syrah reached out gingerly and started patting my head. Her touch was gentle, but her breath was starting to get heavy.

“It feels so real….”

It seems it was well made. As expected of Sati.

“I’ve hid it until now, but to tell the truth, I was a beastkin all along.”

There is no way that could be the truth, but Syrah-chan was shocked by my words and her eyes went wide.

This is fun. The normally cool and collected Syrah-chan is being all flustered. I might as well give it another push.

“Syrah, love you,” I said in a quiet voice.

It was a bit of an embarrassing thing to say, but when Tilika said ‘Masaru, love you’ in her cute costume, it had some serious firepower.

Hearing what I said, Syrah turned away from me and started trembling. It was working, it was working.

I would like to continue this with something else, but we’ll have to leave that until later.

“We’ll continue this tonight, okay?”

“Y-yeah. Masaru-sama.”

Sati had indeed created something good. I will make sure to praise her properly later.

When we got out with it still on my head, the children kicked up a huge fuss.

“Big brother, you were a beastkin!?”

“One of us? Are you one of us?”

Same as Syrah-chan, these kids must’ve never seen someone in a cosplay. They don’t have such customs, so they have no resistance to it.

“No way, no way. These are just fake ears.”

Saying that, I took off the headband and showed them.

“Oh maan. So you’re not a beastkin.”

“Don’t be absurd. Master is married to Sati-neesama and he’s also my Master, so of course he can be called one of us.”

Beastkin-in-law? Honorary beastkin perhaps? Well, we are related in some way, that’s for sure.

“So big brother was one of us after all!”

“Ooone of us! Ooone of us!”

But, is this really fine? We cleared it up with the kids, but I was in armor until just now, so the adults that only see it from far away might misunderstand that I had them all along, and they were just covered by my headgear.

Sure enough, when we got back to the Chief, ‘You were a beastkin!?’ he exclaimed in shock.

There is no way that would be the case.

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