Hello Work – Volume 8 Chapter 17 (2/3)

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Chapter 17 – Elves that are gone and renown (2/3)

There are no obvious signs when we teleport back to our house in the village, so there is a bell in the teleport rooms we used to call the maids.

This time it was Luftona-chan, who dislikes men, that showed up. After seeing me, she quietly faded back out of our sight.

She is at least nominally still a slave that belongs to me, but she still treats me like this anyway. Well, I guess I bought her especially because of her dislike of men, so it can’t be helped.

It was the older of the elf knight sisters, Titus, who came to replace her.

“Princess, Masaru-sama. Welcome back.”

“We are going to the Village. Come with us.”

“Understood, Princess. Should I get Patos as well?”

“I will explain during transit. You can tell her about after, if you want. Masaru, if you’d please.”

I used Gate to get us to the Elf Village right away.

“Did you hear anything about the elves that used to live in Hiragis? We arrived at the Brumdahl Fortress today as scheduled and――”

After delivering Lilia I was about to head to the blacksmith when I remembered the fact that I needed to buy weapons for the beastkin as well. That would most likely take a good while to do, so I decided to visit the Kingdom’s Capital first.

After leaving a message to Lilia with the elf that was standing guard at the teleportation point in case she comes back early, I teleported to the Capital. There was a bell in the room set aside for our exclusive use here as well, so another elf arrived shortly.

“Ah, I have a request for you. I would like you to go and buy some swords and spears. A lot of cheap ones would be best.”

I explained the circumstances to the elf and told her my max budget. I did not have much money on me anymore, so I promised to reimburse them later.

With that, the weapons should be taken care of. Now back to the village….or maybe I should buy some food before that? I need ready food and food that can be stored for a while.

“Here is some alcohol as a souvenir. Make sure to drink it with everyone.”

Saying that I handed over a barrel.

“I have one more request. I would also like you to buy up a large amount of wheat and other foodstuffs that preserve well.”

I described the situation at the refugee camp and professed my intention of helping them.

What should I do about buying the rest of the stuff? I’d like to go myself, but it would be bad if I were to come across someone I know. My face is pretty well known since I entered the Grand Tournament as well….

I guess we could make the ready food ourselves and store it for later. I will however ask them to get the fruits. They are cheaper here than at the fortress and they have a lot more types as well.

And there is the soap. That one I’ll need to get from the Elf Village. I guess I need to go back to my village too. It’s almost time for the first harvest there, so I can buy the surplus from them as well.

With my requests conveyed I returned to the village, where I found Patos at the teleport room.

“Masaru-sama! Is the Princess back too!?”

I explained things in detail and asked Patos to get the food from the village.

There is plenty of meat down in the basement, some of it even dragon meat. The ordinary meat I could just get out as needed, but the dragon meat we should sell and turn into money instead. Though I’ll need to discuss that with everyone first.

The village is firmly in the black overall and our party finances are entirely separate, so there would be no problem even if we were to use up our personal savings. We can just make more money later and we have the backing of the elves as well.

Just like a neighboring Count once said, the sense of safety having a backer gives in case of emergency is sure something else.

That Count owes me one too. I might as well use it to get more food.

Next, I returned to the Elf Village and flew to the blacksmith.

“Is the boss in?”

It was the blacksmith workshop I was very familiar with already.

“Masaru-sama. Your order is already finished.”

Will and Syrah-chan’s full plates and shields.

There was also the heavy greatsword for Sati.

“Ooh, that’s huge.”

I took it from the two elves that were needed to bring it out. It was around two meters long and its shape was mostly the same as a two handed sword, but its width and thickness was more than three times normal. Since it will be used as a crushing weapon thanks to its weight it had no real edge, instead it focused on being sturdy.

“Just as requested, it’s tough enough that it won’t break even if you swing it at a rock.”

It was heavy, but I could still swing it with both hands without problems. If I’m not careful, it tends to tug my body too much, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Sati.

“Thank you as always. There is another thing I would like to ask.”

I made a request for weapons at the Capital, but if I don’t tell these guys upfront about it, they might get cranky later when they finally find out.

“Swords and spear for beginner use, huh.”

“Elven made ones would be simply too high quality and what we needed was quantity first and foremost.”

“I see….How about the practice pieces made by the apprentices?”

The boss went to the back and brought out a few swords and spears.

“They aren’t quite good enough to be sold, but it would be a waste to melt them down too.”

As expected of ones they would call a shame to melt down, they were perfect for beginner use, probably good enough for somewhat experienced people too, but still not enough to be sold among the elves.

They are a bit better quality than I was looking for, but if they have all this just lying around, then I might as well take them. There must still be some skilled people left among the beastkin who could use them.

“They would be too much for a beginner, but I’ll let the promising ones have them.”

I took the practice piece swords and spears, and the other chipped or mildly rusted weapons they had stored, and returned to the castle.

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