27. Provincial City

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“Waa, it’s been a long time!”

Mom is in high spirits while leaning out through the window of the carriage.

――Two days after traveling by carriage from Trenadette Village.
The day after the attack by the men in black, we reached Fauno City.

Fauno City is the provincial city governed by Alfred-tousan――Viscount Chrebl.
It’s on the way to the Capital from the mansion in Corbette Village.

We, the jolly group of Viscount Chrebl, went through the main street still in the carriage and arrived at the villa of Viscount Chrebl standing next to a big building.
It’s mostly the same size as the one in Corbette Village, but due to the larger buildings nearby, it looks somewhat smaller.

When it’s not used by Viscount Chrebl, it’s apparently utilized as a guesthouse, so

“Since we can’t really afford to let an unused mansion stand idle.”

dad said this tough life sounding sentence.

We asked the servants of the mansion to prepare a late lunch, so first we have a meal.

Steph is beside me under the pretext of getting rid of the fatigue from the trip.

While we were enjoying some tea after the meal, dad said this.

“I’m going to greet the city council after this….. Julia, what will you do?”

“Let’s see…. maybe I will visit my friends, it’s been a long time?”

“Then you should do that. What do you want to do Ed?”

“….where is mom going?”

“Me? I’m going to the Adventurer Guild.”

Adventurer Guild!?

“Going with!”

“Oya, Ed is also interested in being an adventurer? As expected of a boy.”

‘Rather, this was the first time I saw him react like a child would’, said dad.

“I will leave the man that is most likely a member of Yatagarasu in the care of the guards of this city. Since we took out the poison in the molars it’s probably alright, but I will ask them to be careful anyway. Also, I should tell them to have one of my subordinates be present during the examinations.”

That reminds me there was also that.
I lost my head from hearing Adventurer being mentioned.

Dad, patting me on the head said,

“If you have an interest in adventurers, then you should take a good look. Maybe you can even meet Chester?”

Chester is my second oldest brother.
The C brother from B C D.

Let’s take a look at it after a long time.

Edgar Chrebl (Fourth son of Viscount Chrebl, Santamana Kingdom Noble)

Brothers from a different mother
Bernhardt, 19 years old, Knight, Knight of the Santamana Kingdom Imperial Knights, 《Young Falcon》
Chester, 17 years old, Adventurer (B rank), 《Second Arrow Unnecessary》
David, 16 years old, Santamana Kingdom Royal Library Assistant Librarian《Prodigy》

“I think Chester-kun is currently west from here. Since there is a demand for archers during this season.”

“Aah, was it the season when flocks of harpies migrate? Certainly, with Chester’s skill it’s probable he received a summon.”

Hnn. 《Second Arrow Unnecessary》 is not just for show it seems.

That reminds me,

“….dad, how are you, with the bow?”

As I asked, dad put on a bitter smile.

“Ah, me? It’s strange because I’m a half-elf, but I’m quite bad with the bow somehow. I can use it as much as a normal person, but I am far from being a match for Chester.”

Does that mean that the 17 years old Chester is higher in Skill than the 39 years old dad, who doesn’t look like he would be negligent with training?

That means the difference between skill levels can’t be explained simply by the difference in the amount of effort put into it.

“Since Chester-kun has atavism”


“Chester is an elf. Chester’s mother―― my first wife was a human and I’m a half-elf, but sometimes this kind of thing happens. That being said, I don’t think there are many experts with the bow like Chester, even among the elves.”

I see. The village chief of Trenadette Village (Steph’s father) said that the Viscount Chrebl Family is a gathering of geniuses, but it seems it’s really true.

“My other, brothers?”

“Come to think of it, Ed haven’t met any of them yet. We sent them letters that a child has been born, but everyone is busy.”

I take a glance at mom.

Mom is the second wife of dad.

My brothers are not mom’s children.
Furthermore, in terms of age mom is 20 years old, comparable to the eldest Bernhardt, who is 19.
In my previous world, it wouldn’t have been strange even if they were classmates.

I thought there may be a feeling of reservation between them, but

“Bernhardt-kun is a knight in the Imperial Guard and David-kun is an apprentice librarian in the Royal Library, right~. It good and bad to have outstanding children~”

It looks like mom already thinks of the three of them as her own children.
Really, it’s not even enough to say that she is big-hearted.
Dad is also very capable, but in front of mom, he is overshadowed.
Better yet, dad should be praised for his ability to keep up with mom as her husband.

“When we go to the Capital we can meet Bernhardt and David. We won’t know where Chester will be though.”

“Right, he likes travel~”

“Chester really gets along with Julia.”

Probably because mom was also an adventurer.

“――Well, let’s continue with this topic another time. I’m going to the City Council.”

“Okay, be back soon.”

Julia-kaasan said in a happy mood.

Mn? Why is she happy when dad is going away?

I thought of this for a moment, but then I realized immediately.

Being able to say ‘Be back soon’ and see dad off is a happy occasion for her.

Come to think of it, dad was on fortress duty for a long time, so she didn’t really have the opportunity to do so.

“――Mn. I’ll be back, Julia.”

Dad said this like he had similar feelings, hugged mom, then kissed her on the cheek.
After performing the actions that are only allowed for handsome guys, he left, looking a bit embarrassed.

After this, mom was squirming for a while, so the time when we left the mansion was a whole 30 minutes later.


Fauno City is the center of commerce in this area.

Corbette Village, Riverette Village and Trenadett Village are also the same, but the whole territory of Viscount Chrebl and the neighbouring areas are all grain producing regions.
About half of the grains produced there is gathered here in Fauno City, then get bought up by merchants from the Capital.
Tax income from that grain market is nothing to sneeze at, it’s a precious income source in the territory of Viscount Chrebl.

That being said, it can’t be called a big city, it remains within the scale of a provincial city.
The heart of the city has large buildings like the city council, the feudal lord’s mansion (the mansion of Viscount Chrebl/guesthouse where we were just now) and the guardhouse for the knights, but the outer regions have less and less buildings the further out you are.
Especially now, since it’s a bit early for the grain harvest to flow in, the streets are deserted.

Walking down the main street of that Fauno City, mom entered a building made of stone.

As we walk in by swinging open the half-sized, chest tall wooden doors that is often used in westerns, there is something like a business counter and a bar.
Sitting behind the counter is a pretty young lady and at the bar a few stern looking fellas.

Right, there is no mistake.

Just as it said on the sign outside, this is the Adventurer Guild of Fauno City.

“Hoy! It’s the 《Flame Prison Witch》!”

“But I heard she married a noble….?”

A number of questioning gazes shot towards Julia-kaasan from here and there in the guild.

Among them an almost 2 meters tall scary faced man is glaring at not Julia-kaasan, but me instead.

I’m scared.

Boldly ignoring the gazes gathering towards her, mom greeted the young lady at the counter.

“It’s been a long time~! Are you doing good?”


The lady the counter and mom start discussing each other’s current situation.
Mom is talking about her married life, her child that was born (me) and such and the young lady is talking about the state of affairs of the guild and Fauno City and the like, they are talking in a manner peculiar to women where topic jumps around all over the place.

There are some topics that interest me, but I have too little knowledge and there are times when I don’t really understand what they are talking about, but most of all, the discussion is too whimsical.

While listening to the discussion I’m restlessly looking around inside the guild.

Then, all of a sudden someone embraced me from the back.


I reflexively let out a weird noise.

Mom turned back towards me looking surprised.


“Yo, Julia. It’s been a while.”

Answering from behind me while still hugging me was a young looking female warrior.
She may be over 30 already but her profile that is peeking out next to my face looks fearless and youthful.
She gives off a feeling of a flexible female panther.

By turning my head within the range I could move, I saw that the woman called 《Scarlet》 was wearing a exceedingly revealing armor.
Using the terminology from my previous world, it’s a bikini armor.
In addition to that, it’s a completely red one.
Maybe because her skin is mostly exposed, the woman’s body temperature and scent are directly transmitted to me, even though my body is of a child I get a weird feeling.

While poking my cheeks the woman said,

“Is he the rumoured 《Baby Scarlet》? Ain’t he a cute one.”

From her words my head instantly cools off after it almost got dyed pink.

“…..where did you hear about that?”

With the same expressionless face as me, Julia-kaasan asked.

“From a certain source, is all I can say. Well, don’t worry. It’s nothing more than a rumour at this point.”

《Scarlet》-san said while caressing my cheeks.

“…..big sister, is mom’s, friend?”

I ask in a charming manner.

“Huhun. That’s right. My name is Moria. Moria Mittelt. I’m called 《Scarlet》 among the adventurers. The reasons for that are my red armor, my dual flamberges…. and also, this scarlet letter.”

After saying that, Moria-san opened her cleavage and showed me.
…..well, it was pretty open from the get-go.

Moria-san was somewhat sunburnt, but the cleavage she opened, maybe because it was in the shadow of the armor, was surprisingly white.

“Hey. Not that one. This, this.”

Moria-san knocked me, who was looking intently at her pale cleavage, on the head and pointed towards the space between her breasts.

Hey, if it’s that place, then it could’ve been seen even without opening it, couldn’t it?

There was something like a brand carved in.

It’s somehow――no, this is the magic letter for fire.
In addition to that, it’s not the modern one, but it has mostly the same shape as the ancient one.


I unintentionally said it softly out loud.

“Hhnn. As expected of the son of the Flame Prison. That’s right, it has an unusual shape, but it’s the magic letter for fire handed down in my tribe.”

“Why…. is it there?”

“This is a Brand of Sin. In my tribe, those who commit a crime have this magic letter carved on their body.”

I was shocked.

“What did….Moria-san do?”

“I fell in love with a certain man. And that man had a wife. Since I seduced a man who already had a wife and children I received this brand and was exiled from the tribe.”


I can’t think of any words to say to Moria-san, who said this with a lonely smile.

“Oops, that wasn’t something to tell a small child. Anyhow, that is the origin of my nickname. I may not look like it, but I was an Ace Adventurer of the Fauno Guild, just like your mother.”

“We grouped up many times to do jobs, right~”

“Julia is an amazing caster, but she is a bit reckless sometimes. She was always making me panicky.”

“She told me to talk casually so that’s why I talk to her like this, but she is really my great senior.”

“Hey, I told you to not say those things. Also, my age will get exposed.”

Mom and Moria-san were laughing together in a friendly manner.

Let’s [Appraise] her for the time being.

《Moria Mittelt Zkornash (Adventurer (A Rank),《Scarlet》)
32 years old

Level 50

HP 117/117
MP 25/25

・Master class
[Twin-Sword Techniques] 5
[Discern] 3
[Sense Presence] 2

[Twin-Sword Techniques] 9 (MAX)
[Sword Techniques] 7
[Assassination Techniques] 5
[Throwing Axe Techniques] 4
[Keen Hearing] 5
[Stealthy Steps] 5
[Martial Arts] 3
[Battleaxe Techniques] 3
[Shuriken Techniques] 2
[Knife Throwing] 2
[Farsight] 2

I see, so this is the status of an A rank adventurer warrior.
If you take away the 《The Evil God’s Curse of Calamity》 from Goleth who I fought at the Ranzrack Fortress, then she would probably be able to fight him evenly.

I also [Appraise] the bikini armor with the risky design along the way.

《Armor of the Flame Spirit:Due to the protection of the Fire Spirits, this armor halves the damage inflicted by fire-type spells.》

Ooh, it looks like it’s an amazing piece of equipment.
But, even if it’s halved, isn’t there no meaning if it exposes that much skin….?

While harboring those doubts, I also [Appraise] the flamberges hanging from both sides of her hips.

《〔Flame Spirit Steel〕Flamberge:Can be used to cut apart fire-type spells.》

I see, she cuts apart the fire-type spells with this, then the bikini armor protects against the remainder.
According to mom, fire-type magic is simple yet versatile, also, many people have an affinity for it so this is the attribute used by the most people.
It’s not just easy to form the image for it, but it deals heavy damage against people and could be used to set buildings on fire.
The men in black the other day also used [Fire Magic] to launch a sneak attack, but that also had the aim of confusing the defender side.
Since everybody is afraid of fire.

In any case, that means if you want to prepare equipment to guard against a single element then the first candidate is undoubtedly Fire.

As expected, that means Moria-san made the logical choice.

…….sorry for thinking that you are an exhibitionist at first.

As I was continuously looking at Moria-san, it somehow got misunderstood.
Moria-san hugged me tightly,

“We are both ‘Scarlets’, so that brings us closer. Baby Scarlet sounds like he is my child instead, doesn’t it?”

“Edgar-kun is miine!”

Mom said while snatching me back.
Are you a grade schooler?

“Good grief. You are the same even after becoming a wife.”

Contrary to her words, Moria-san was speaking with a kind smile on her face.

It seems I wasn’t the only one who noticed the sadness flash across that smile.

“…..well, is he still not found?”

Different from usual, mom was hesitant to ask.

“…yeah. He should be 9 years old soon. If he is still alive, that is….”


“It was my fault…… I was cast aside by that man and I was frantic….. when I realized he was already taken by somebody…..”

“You mustn’t blame yourself. Miguel-kun absolutely wouldn’t want Moria to despair.”

“…..you’re right.”

Since I didn’t know the circumstances I couldn’t say anything, but then Moria-san slapped her cheeks and changed the subject.

“That reminds me, I heard you are butting heads with 〈Yatagarasu〉?”

“Yeah. We don’t really want to butt heads with them, but….”

Mom told Moria-san what went down until now.
About how we stopped the kidnapping cases in Riverette Village (and the neighboring villages), how we were attacked by 〈Yatagarasu〉members on the way here and how we turned the tables on them. Also, that we managed to capture one of their members.
Different from her usual carefree style of speaking, it was concise and to the point.

“――Kidnapping children systematically, huh. That’s disgusting. They probably sell those children to fund their activities. If I was there I would’ve torn them limb from limb.”

Moria-san said with a frown.

“Anyhow, that was a great work. I will report about the remnants of <Black Wolf Fang> and <Yatagarasu> to the guild chief. He will be vexed when he hears that Julia was here while he was away. That guy was a big fan of Julia.”

“Oh? Baldo-san is away?”

“It seems like the number of harpies are high this year. The guild chief went out to take command himself.”

“The guild chief against the harpies?”

“Not just the guild chief, but apparently many former party members are also participating.”

“By former party members, you mean of the <Northern Six Stars>?”

“Right, right. They said Sigmund-san and Menas-san will rendezvous with them. There were many confirmed sightings of rare species among the flocks of harpies, so they want to be on the safe side it seems.”

“Chester-kun is also participating, right?”

“Yeah. Not just that, but apparently he is working with the former <Norther Six Stars> members. Since he is the hopeful star of the Fauno Guild.”

After that mom kept chatting with Moria-san and other people.

Maybe I looked bored, the scary looking adventurer came closer and gave me some candy.

It was the near 2 meters tall giant adventurer that I thought to be scary at the beginning.

It seems the reason why he was glaring at me was because he likes children.

Sorry for twitching a bit when you came near me.

While mom was talking to other people, I was shown around the guild by the adventurer who introduced himself as Huffman-san.
Huffman-san has a scary face, but when he laugh he gives off a naive feeling.
From what I heard during the time I was riding on his shoulders, Huffman-san is a B rank adventurer and he also groups up with my brother Chester sometimes.

We spent the time with various things, so when mom and I left the guild the sun was already going down.

…..Melby looked a bit bored, so that was a bit unfortunate.
The plan is to jump to the Fairy Village during our one night stay here in Fauno City and whittle away at the Separation Barrier, so let’s have her forgive me with that.

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