29. Priest

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In the evening, before dinner, a servant (a different person from Marcella-san from before) informed us of a visitor.

Alfred-tousan said “Ooh, he arrived.” and went to personally welcome him.

Julia-kaasan and I are sitting at the table waiting for dad.

The servants in charge of the kitchen (that also includes Marcella-san) are arranging the food on the dinner table.

The meal is for 4 people.

Those four should be dad, mom, me, and the guest.

By the way, next to me there is a small cup filled with juice for Melby.
In the juice there is a ― apparently very valuable ― thin glass straw.
Using that to drink the juice, Melby looks very much like a flower-nectar-drinking fairy.

Next to that I’m reading 『Abaddon Magic Compilation』 as I’m waiting for the preparations for the meal to be done.

“――Everyone present?”

Dad appeared in the dining room while saying that.

He brought a middle-aged clergyman looking person with him.

The abundant white hair and drooping eye-corners give off an ineffable kind impression.

Dad says to that person,

“However, this was fortunate. I didn’t think that you were stopping by this city at just the right time. There, please have a seat. Sadly we can’t offer that much.”

“Mm, thanks for your concern. My body has become somewhat dull lately, you see. Those cheap lodgings are hard on me sometimes.”

“You are not young anymore, please take care of your body. Can’t you just stop patrolling and settle somewhere as a priest?”

“I can’t really do that. Lately, there are more temples, but there aren’t many people that have the [Oracle] Skill.”

“Right, there are many requests, but there are only a few priests who can fulfill them. ….oh, let’s take a seat before continuing.”

Dad is offering the seat on the opposite side from his to the priest(?).


“Father Solow. This is my son, Edgar. And you already know my wife, Julia.”

“Ooh, this is a really lovely child.”

“My name is Edgar.”

I don’t really know what’s going on, but I introduce myself and bow for the time being.

“It’s been a long time, Father.”

Mom also greeted him while taking a seat at the dinner table.

“――Ed, this is a patrolling priest for the Samsara Temple, Solow Atra-Abaddon-sama.”


I raised my voice unintentionally.

Then I showed the 『Abaddon Magic Compilation』 I left on the seat next to me to him.

“――Hou. That’s nostalgic. That is a book written by my great-grandmother.”


That means that this priest is a great-grandson of Abaddon.
Or rather,

“Abaddon, was a woman?”

“Mm, that’s right. But it looks like people are under the impression that she was a man. Nobody could match her in scholarly sciences, but she was also proud and passionate. Because of friction with her surroundings she apparently spent her last years deep in the mountains to keep people away.”

…..that’s somehow very understandable.
I always thought it was written by a grumpy old man.

“Nevertheless, quite an astute child. To think that he is reading that famously difficult book in that age. Even I was already over 40 years old when I could truly understand the value of that book. Is it the result of madam’s guidance?”

“No, I didn’t do anything. Edgar-kun is a smart child.”

“Hohhohho. It looks like the 《Flame Prison Witch》 also has the virtue of modesty.”

From the words of Julia-kaasan Father Solow was smiling sarcastically.
Well, it’s very well impossible for a child to read a difficult book soon after being born and without the guidance of his parents.

“――Also, there is a lovely Fairy-san with him, I see.”

As the priest said that I turn my gaze toward where Melby is.

“You can see her?”

I asked.

“Mm, I can’t see her completely, but I can vaguely tell that she is there.”

Hearing those words from the priest, Melby and I exchange glances, then

“Good evening, Father Solow. I’m Melby. As you can see I’m a fairy and I’m currently acting together with Edgar.”

“Hou…. with Edgar-kun. To be liked by a Fairy at this age.”

“I-It’s not about liking him or anything… it’s just something that’s necessary….”

Melby is mumbling while sipping juice through the straw.

“Then, Alfred-dono. You said there was something you need to ask of me this evening…..?”

Dad nods to the Priest’s words.

“To tell you the truth, we would like you to perform Transference on him.”


Leaving the frowning me aside, the two adults continue their conversation.

“Hou. But, isn’t it a bit early? He looks like quite an astute child, but he shouldn’t be at the age where he could gain skills yet?”

“Well, that isn’t the case. …..I would like you to keep everything I tell you from now on a secret if possible.”

“But of course. I will keep the secrets regarding Skills even if I have to die. If that’s what I have to do as a Priest of the Samsara Temple.”

After confirming the nod from the priest, dad says.

“This child is only about 8-month-old.”

“8 month, you say…..? He looks surprisingly big for that?”

The priest was surprised.

“Is Father familiar with the recent incident at the Ranzrack Fortress?”

“Mm, of course. It was unfortunate for Alfred-dono, but it was unexpected good fortune for the Kingdom of Santamana for you to be there at that time. I heard that you, together with your wife, played an important role.”

“Who played an important role was mainly my wife. No, to be precise, it was my wife and this child.”

“This child….? Edgar-kun did?”

“Yes. I reveal this information because I believe in Father’s duty of confidentiality. The one who defeated the head of the enemy, the leader of <Black Wolf Fang>, Goleth, in a close to one-versus-one confrontation was this child――Edgar. The reason for his body being larger than his age would suggest is the side-effect from the Level Up that time.”


The priest is taking a good look at me, looking confused himself.

Or rather, dad, is it alright to reveal that much?
That probably means that he trust this priest that much, but….

I’ve become a little uneasy, so I try using [Appraise] that became harder to detect under Melby’s guidance.

《Solow Atra-Abaddon (Samsara Temple Patrolling Priest, Senior Priest Atra, 《Soul Saint》)
67 years old
Level 35

HP 40/40
MP 55/55
Condition: Pledge to the God of Samsara (Due to the pledge towards the Goddess Atrazenec, who governs the endless cycle of death and rebirth, cannot reveal any information gained by the use of the Skill [Oracle] to a third party.)

Mythical class
+ [Aptitude Diagnosis] –

Master class
[Oracle] 5
[Healing Magic] 4
[Mental Toughness] 2

[Prayer] 9(MAX)
[Medical Care] 9(MAX)
[Water Magic] 4
[Pharmacist] 4
[Command] 4
[Light Magic] 3

《God of Samsara’s Attention》 (Due to the many years of devotion, gained the attention of the Goddess Atrazenec, who governs the endless cycle of death and rebirth. When using the Skill [Oracle], can discern the aptitudes of the subject. Small supplement to the acquisition and learning speed of skills related to Divine Skills.)

Ooh, so many Skills I haven’t seen yet.

But I will look at the Skills sometimes later.
I can take a look at them later through the [Database] anyway.

What I should focus on now is the 「Pledge to the God of Samsara」 in the Condition column.

It seems that due to the pledge to the Goddess I know well, a priest can’t reveal any information gained by that [Oracle] Skill.
It sounds like he could reveal information that was gained not via the Skill, but judging from dad’s demeanor the priests of the Samsara Temple should have something like a duty of confidentiality, like doctors and lawyers from my previous world, that prohibit them from revealing any information gained while on the job to a third party.

Goddess-sama also said I should visit a Temple sometimes.
In addition to that, it looks like they trust each other with dad, so it should be alright to trust him for now.

……that being said, my status should be quite an aberrant one already, so I am somewhat reluctant to reveal it completely as it is.

For times like this, I learned the way to repel [Appraise] from Melby, but I’m unsure whether it can also be used against [Oracle].

While I was deep in thought, the priest seemed to finish gathering his thoughts.

“….I don’t think Alfred-dono, who is famous for being upright and clean handed, would tell a lie like this. Therefore, the fact that this child defeated the leader of that mercenary group should be the truth. I shouldn’t pry too much either. I will just accept the fact that such a thing happened.”

‘But’, the priest continued.

“Your parents must have been very worried over this. Due to my occupation, I have seen many children before that were born with unique statuses. But as one would expect, I haven’t seen one that could defeat a leader of a mercenary group soon after being born yet. Parents are usually dismayed by even the smallest abnormality. Alfred-dono and Julia-dono, everything that happened must’ve been very confusing, but being able to keep that to yourselves and deal with it calmly like you two did is something that people are rarely able to do.”


Alfred-tousan solemnly nodded to the priest’s words.
…..Julia-kaasan is tilting her head like she doesn’t know what he is referring to.

“Very well. Normally I would refuse to perform the Transference on a less than 3 years old baby, but this time, I will accept it especially.”

“Thank goodness…..”

Dad lets out a sigh of relief.

“Then, about the compensation….?”

“This time is special. I don’t need compensation.”


“Since I’m doing something outside the conventions of the Temple I can’t accept any fee. If you are not satisfied even then….. then you should make a donation to this city’s Temple.”

“But I’m the Lord of this City. I can’t do something as unreasonable as that.”

“Fufuh. Even though it wouldn’t be found out if you don’t tell anyone, Alfred-dono really has a stubborn personality. Then you should think of it this way. I’ve been on the path of a patrolling priest for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this. For me, this is excellent research material. Think of it as receiving student fees from me and give up on the compensation.”


“Your expression tells me you are not convinced. What I said just now is not really a lie to me. I’m of the opinion that there is nothing more interesting than the Statuses around the world. Looking at someone’s Status I can see not just their abilities and extent of Skills, but also their combat experience and tactics they are good at. If I analyse it further then their way of life, their personality and their beliefs also shine through, everything that led to that person having that Status…. Furthermore, behind those, I can even catch a glimpse of the intentions of the God of Samsara, Atrazenec and the protections bestowed upon us. It’s a shame that due to my pledge I can’t publicize my findings, but for someone that serves that God of Samsara, there can’t be anything more interesting or more appreciated than Statuses. That is why, to me, the opportunity to look at this small child’s Status is a reward that can’t be exchanged for gold.”

“….I understand. If you say this much I will make sure not to mind it. However, If there is anything that I might be able to help with, then by all means tell me. At that time I will do everything in my power to help.”

“Umu. If I don’t accept that consideration that it would be a lack of courtesy instead. I will make sure to ask without reservations at that time.”

As both dad and the priest compromised bit by bit, the discussion was settled.
Both of them have a stubborn personality.

That being said, thanks to that I could decide to have faith in this priest.
The respectful attitude towards dad even though their age is as far apart as a parent and child, his adherence to the regulations of the Samsara Temple while having the flexibility to help those that are troubled.
And the most important, I recognized his careful handling of Statuses, filled with interest and piety.
As one would expect, people that gained the attention of the Goddess-sama are extraordinary.

“Then I will start with the Transference, but before that, I would like to mention a few important points regarding the Transference. The Transference is a ritual, where, under the permission of the subject, I make an enquiry to the God of Samsara, Atrazenec-sama with the [Oracle] Skill. With the [Oracle] Skill I come under a kind of semi-possession by a God, then my arm moves under the command of the God and notes down the subject’s Status on the previously prepared slip of paper. However. Not necessarily will the entire Status be noted down. About the part of the Status that the subject wishes to hide, one has to only think of it silently and it will be exempted from being noted down by me. This limitation was created by the God, thinking of the cases where the Status could hold confidential information of grave importance to the subject. So Edgar-kun, if you have a Skill that you don’t want to reveal, then you don’t have to disclose it here and now. I would like you to undergo the Transference after thinking it through well.”

The priest said this with a serious expression.

I see… so that’s how it works.
Then there is no need to expressly reject the [Oracle].

“That being said, there is absolutely no need to worry about whether I would reveal those secrets or not. When I became a priest I made a pledge to the God of Samsara. A pledge that I absolutely can’t divulge any information gained by the [Oracle] Skill. This pledge can’t be broken even if I want to. This pledge once made will not go away until the grave, a type of Abnormal Condition. Therefore, you don’t need to think about hiding your Status from me. That being said, if you want to hide it anyway, then I can’t stop you from doing so.”

As the priest finished his explanation a silence fell near the dinner table.

I raised my head and clearly said.

“――I will be in your care, Father”

The priest nodded with a solemn expression.

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