31. The path towards becoming a Spellsword

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――After that, I was hit by a barrage of questions from my parents and the Priest.

About the nature of [No Fatigue].
About the nature of [Appraise].
About Goleth.
About <Yatagarasu>.
About magic and Skills.
About the memories from my previous world.

I decided to share all the information I know.

First, the way to raise the maximum MP.

――Every time someone with a magic related nickname or with a Blessing from a God uses up all their MP until they faint their maximum MP rises by 1.

I heard this straight from Goddess-sama, so there is absolutely no mistake.

Julia-kaasan has the 《Flame Prison Witch》 nickname, so if she uses up her MP and faints, then her maximum MP should rise.

Although in contrast to me, who has [No Fatigue], every time mom faints she needs a 3 hour long Growth Sleep, so it’s quite inefficient.
Even then, if you keep doing it every day before sleep, in one month your maximum MP will rise by about 30.
If you have 30 MP, then you can shoot 《Flame Lance》 3 times in theory.

When mom heard what I said, her eyes lit up in fiery blaze, then

“That’s, amazing, Edgar-kun! I have to use up my MP before sleep starting from tonight!”

, she said happily.

Regarding the story of how I received the [Enchant Magic] Skill from the Goddess-sama after the battle with Goleth, the one who latched onto it was the Priest.

“What kind of person is Atrazenec-sama!?”

He asks me with a momentum of all but grabbing me.

“A black haired, kind and beautiful person.”

As I answered like this,

“Umu. Indeed, according to the legends in the Temple, Atrazenec-sama is known as a Goddess. Although the general public knows her as a man…..”

, he mumbled as such.

“That reminds me, mom and dad, you should also undergo the Transference. According to the appraisal results, there are big changes to your Skills and Blessings.”

“What did you say! In that case, let’s do it immediately.”

“…..I think it would be enough to just ask Edgar-kun.”

“I want to verify, the results of appraisal.”

“Ed is careful, huh. That is also knowledge from a different world?”

“Mm. Apparently it’s better for the sample size to be bigger.”

It doesn’t look like they grasp what it means that I have reincarnated, so, in the end, it was settled as having [Knowledge from my previous world], as the Priest said.
I also didn’t have the courage to tell them that their child has an already 30 years old soul.
You may call it half-baked, but I think only this secret I will take with me to the grave.

Even so, with my not having to keep my Status a secret anymore, I feel the weight on my shoulders lessen by a large amount.
It’s also a big plus that since they know about me having knowledge from my previous world, they won’t find it odd if I say something a bit strange.


“Right, something like, eksample.”

“Example, maybe. That is indeed true.”

So then, in the order of dad, then mom, they underwent the Oracle of the Priest.

The result――

“I received the attention of Marslat-sama!”
“Hooray! [Fire Magic] Level 9! And even the 《Spirit of Fire’s Blessing》!”

“Yaay!” “Hooray!”, in an unusually festive mood, my parents high-fived each other.

The servant that brought the drinks over(Marcella-san) is startled by the dancing, with their arms linked, Viscount husband and wife duo.

It’s no use watching that, so I try asking something from the Priest.

“You can measure aptitudes, right?”

“Oh, did you find that out by using [Appraise]? That is amazing. However, I don’t really mind, but you shouldn’t recklessly reveal things you find out with [Appraise]. Do you understand the reason?”

“It harms the feelings of people?”

“Of course, that is also part of it, but problems don’t end with that. Due to my occupation, I’ve seen many thousands of Statuses so far. As a result of that I can say that those who carry secrets in their Statuses are surprisingly many. If they think that their secret was discovered, then in some cases people may think of silencing Edgar-kun. Therefore, it’s best if, as much as possible, outsiders don’t know about you having [Appraise]. ――No”

The Priest stopped talking for a bit and looked towards mom and dad.
Seeing that we started having a serious conversation, mom and dad stopped dancing from joy and returned to having a subdued expression.

“You shouldn’t speak about having an above Legend class Skill to anyone outside the family. It’s not just how people would think that their secrets are discovered because of [Appraise]. If people find out that you have more than one of such rare Skills, then it would most likely provoke the jealousy of others. Also, there are most likely many that would think of using you for their own purposes.”

“…..I understand.”

I nodded in assent.

“So then, we were talking about Aptitude Diagnosis. Of course, I will do it. As expected, I’m also interested in how the aptitudes of a Godsend child, such as Edgar-kun, are.”

The Priest says that and closes his eyes half-way.

He points his palms upward and makes motions like he is using a scale to measure something.

After waiting for a bit.

“This child is….hm”

Saying that the Priest starts pondering.

“I-I wonder how it is….? What is Edgar suited for?”

Dad asks half uneasily and half expectantly.

After nodding once, the Priest slowly said this.

“Edgar-kun doesn’t have any ability that he especially excels at.”

Everyone present fell down.

“No no, I’m not saying that in a bad way. There is no particularly outstanding ability――Right, he indeed doesn’t have a talent like Julia-dono’s fire attribute magic or Chester-kun’s archery skills, but on the other hand, as far as I can see, there is nothing that he is particularly unsuited for either.”

“Doesn’t have anything he is unsuited for….is it?”

Dad asks.

“Mm. Most likely, there is nothing in magic or martial skills that this child won’t be able to do. As I can tell, Edgar-kun has an at least average talent in every category that I’m aware of.”

“Is that a rare thing?”

“Rare, I’d say. Rather than that, this is the first time I’ve seen someone with aptitudes like these. Most likely it has something to do with Atrazenec-sama’s Blessing…..”

That’s bullseye, Priest-sama.
Let’s see the help info for my 《Blessing of a Benevolent God+1》.

《The blessing of the goddess who governs the transmigration of souls, Atrazenec. Accelerates the soul’s growth. Releases all skill acquisition conditions. Medium compensation for the skills’ learning | growth. 》

Even if I have [No Fatigue], if there are many skills that I can’t acquire, then it would greatly lessen its meaning, so it should be Goddess-sama’s forethought.

“……aptitudes, all the same?”

“Of course, they are not exactly the same. It’s just the difference between them doesn’t fall outside of the limits of conventional wisdom. With Julia-dono, Chester-kun, or Edgar-kun’s other two elder brothers, and of course Alfred-dono, in contrast to their outstanding aptitude in one domain, they have other domains in which their Skills won’t go up no matter what they do.”

“Like with dad’s archery skills?”

Dad fell down a bit.

“Hohhohho. That’s right. By the way, if I have to choose a higher one from Edgar-kun’s aptitudes, then I would say [Lightning Magic] first.”

“Lightning magic…..”

“[Lightning Magic] is a magic developed in recent years, its projectile speed is fast, it also has an effect of numbing the target, therefore many magicians try to learn it, but there are only a few that have the aptitude for it. Apparently, it’s hard to form a concrete enough image of [Lightning] for the magic to activate. It’s probably a born-with talent of Edgar-kun, having a concrete image of [Lightning].”


The Priest called it born-with talent, but it’s probably because I reincarnated from a modern Japanese person that used electricity all over the place.

In other words, it’s not born-with, but reborn-with.

…..right, saying it myself, even I think it was lame.

“Compared to Julia-dono’s super first-class magical aptitude it’s somewhat unfavorable, but compared to a second-rate magician, it’s can be said to be a high aptitude.”

……then, doesn’t that mean that I have a more than high enough aptitude?

“Sorry about that. The family of Viscount Chrebl is full of monsters, right? And what’s more, someone that has the Blessing of a God, it’s impossible to not have high expectation, I would say.”

I guess that’s also true.

“How are the martial skills?”

Dad asked.
Since he is a military man, he probably interested in that.

“Right. Projectile weapons in general, bows, spears, and also guns, yes.”

“Projectile weapons, bows, spears…..what was that last one?”

“Guns, it was. I’m not too familiar with it myself, but it’s apparently something like a crossbow that existed in ancient times that had a unique firing mechanism. They are sometimes discovered in ancient ruins, but since the projectile itself can’t be produced with our current technology, it can’t be used properly.”

Hearing 「Gun」 I was interested, but since dad heard that it can’t be used properly, it looks like he lost interest.

“Does that mean that he is good with weapons that are used to shoot from a distance?”

“It’s most likely not wrong to say that. Also, abilities that 『throw』,『shoot』, or『deflect』 things. Long things and throwing things, regarding these two points, he has the aptitude to reach first-class. Regarding spears, I would say he barely doesn’t reach the level of Alfred-dono.”

“What about close-combat?”

“……somewhat slow on the uptake.”

That’s harsh, damn.

“He seems to have a shining talent in regards to setting up battles, but the best should still be a combat style where he keeps the enemies at bay while using magic to decide the fight. He is not suited for close proximity hand-to-hand combat, so if they close in, then the best course of action would be to put some distance between. Of course, he has at least average talent in it, so if he resolves himself and trains hard in close combat fighting then he should be more than able to fight with it.”

If I use fighting games as an example, then it would be a shooting character, I guess.
Keeping the enemies in check with projectiles from far away, slowly whittling away the opponent’s vitality, then when the opponent shows some kind of opening, sends a powerful attack as a souvenir, something like that.
It somewhat resembles the combat style of Alfred-tousan.

“His talent in magic, although it doesn’t reach the level of Julia-dono, it surpasses the level of an ordinary mage, and most of all, the fact that he has no attribute that he is weak at is a strong point. Instead of specializing in a single attribute like Julia-dono, the best would be to employ various kinds of magic depending on the circumstances. Of course, it would be bad if he became a jack of all trades, but master of none, so he should also polish a single one that will become his core attribute. But, regarding that, he fortunately has the aptitude for [Lightning Magic], so he should develop that. However……hmm.”

The Priest started pondering while speaking,

“….if I look at it this way, then this is terrifying talent. Indeed, he doesn’t excel in any one talent, but I can’t find any weak points. Ordinarily, if one has an aptitude for martial skills then that one doesn’t have an aptitude for magic, if one has an aptitude for magic then that one doesn’t have an aptitude for martial skills. Or perhaps, if one excels at sword techniques then he’s bad with archery skills, if one is good with fire magic then that one can’t learn water magic, like that there is a hidden underside to the aptitudes that is their weak points. Rarely some people appear that have a talent for both magic and martial skills, but most of the time those people fall to become a jack of all trades, but master of none, so I advise those to put an emphasis on one of them and keep the other as a support. Edgar-kun is still young. Much too young. If he can keep training of his own volition from this age…..then perhaps…..”

After pondering a little more the Priest said.

“――Perhaps aiming to become a Spellsword would be a fine choice.”


A word that greatly excites male instincts.

“Mm. Rather, this is probably the intention of Atrazenec-sama for you to do just that. If not then she wouldn’t have granted a great Blessing such as this.”

“For Ed… to become a Spellsword…..”

“Edgar-kun, a Spellsword…..”

Mom, dad, your eyes look like they started sparkling.
Will this be alright?
Please don’t suddenly become a spartan papa & mama, okay?

“There are some people that call themselves Spellswords. It’s especially common amongst energetic adventurers. However, those who were called Spellsword in its true meaning, besides the original 《Hero》 Albarn, who fought the Evil God Monguenes to a standstill, there were only a few.”

H-, Hero!
And he fought the Evil God to a standstill, you say!?

“According to the legend, a Spellsword is not simply someone who mastered both magic and martial skills. Magic and martial skills――Mastering both of those entirely distinct paths, then by making those two into a 『Combo』, one can gain a long forgotten Legendary Skill, this is what they say.”

“O-, ooooh……! “

The young boy part of me started trembling from excitement.

It looks like this world doesn’t have a concept of Jobs, but this Spellsword sounds like a so-called Advanced Job (which you can become after mastering multiple other Jobs first).
If you max out multiple Skills, then, I think, depending on the combination of those Skills you can acquire new Skills.

After thinking it through to that point, I suddenly remember something.

“Father. Do you know something, about the process of Skill acquisition?”

“Hohoo….about the process of acquisition. Can you tell me about it more?”

“If you max out a Skill, then you can gain a Bonus Skill. But, there are people that have gained that Bonus Skill without maxing out the Skill. Mom had [Fire Element Magic] even before maxing out [Fire Magic]. On the other hand, dad maxed out [Spear Skills] and gained [Spearmanship] as the Bonus for that in my opinion.”

As I explained it like this,

“Indeed, it was like that for me, but it’s not necessarily the same for everyone. There are many spear users that are not awarded the [Spearmanship] Skill even though they should’ve mastered [Spear Skills]. In contrast to that, although rarely, sometimes people that didn’t reach Level 9 in [Spear Skills] gain the [Spearmanship] Skill.”

Dad added this.

“For me, when the 《Flame Prison》 nickname appeared on my Status, I think I also gained [Fire Element Magic] together with that.”

“Mmn…..it’s also known among the priests that there are various paths to the acquisition of Skills. However, we are bound by our Pledge to the God of Samsara, so we can’t exchange and examine that information. Of course, from my individual experience I have built a few semi-hypotheses about how I think things work.”

The Priest started speaking after clearing his throat with a ‘Khhm’

“First, the path of acquisition for [Spear Skills] to [Spearmanship], or [Fire Magic] to [Fire Element Magic], is very easy to understand. The same applies to various martial skills and attributes of magic. Somewhat unique are the throwing type Skills. A certain portion of the masters of knife-throwing, axe-throwing, or spear-throwing gain the same [Throwing Techniques] Master Class Skill. Edgar-kun will most likely also gain this Skill eventually.”

I didn’t know that.
Goleth also had [Throwing Spear Techniques], but he didn’t have [Throwing Techniques].

“Probably the same can also be said about various other Skills, but the verification of those is very difficult, you see. There is also the fact that those that make a living from battles don’t want to reveal how they gained those Skills. I’m sorry that I can’t be of much use to Edgar-kun, but if you learn something about the path of acquisition of Skills, then I would be very grateful if you could also tell me. Of course, I won’t say you should do it for free. I will prepare a suitable compensation for it.”

“I understand.”

I answered, then suddenly realized something.

Melby is very quiet.

As I was thinking that, I looked to my side and saw Melby keeping an eye on the door to the kitchen with a complex expression.

“……what is it, Melby?”

“Mnnnnnnnn….. Just my imagination, maybe?”

I tried to further talk to Melby, who was still frowning while tilting her head, but

“Ed” “Edgar-kun” “Edgar-kun”

, I was caught by the three curious adults and it was put off.

Even after that, I was hit by a barrage of questions from those three.

I don’t get tired because of [No Fatigue] and I also had many questions I wanted to ask, so it was time well spent in the end.

――However, only a few hours after this, I came to greatly regret that I didn’t try to hear out more of what Melby had to say this time.

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