33. Willing Kidnapping

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I take my time and digest the words of the leader of 〈Yatagarasu〉, Gazaine Müntzer.



I unintentionally let out a dumbfounded voice.

“Like I said, we want you, you see.”


“Who are you calling a pedo. Damn, what the hell have you been taught.”

“I would like you to stop bad-mouthing my parents.”

“Then don’t say weird things.”


I seem to be at a disadvantage.

After thinking it through again, I ask once more.

“What do you intend to do after kidnapping me?”

“――I will raise you.”


“I will raise you. As a first-rate assassin.
 ――Oy, you lot, come out.”

Due to the man―― Gazaine’s words, a number of black-clad people emerge from inside the mansion.

Those black-clad people uniformly have a short stature.

No, that’s not it.


《Beck:〈Yatagarasu〉Member of the 1st Group. Age: 8 years old. Level 15.》
《Miguel:〈Yatagarasu〉Member of the 1st Group. Age: 9 years old. Level 19.》
《Eremia:〈Yatagarasu〉Member of the Specialist Group. Age: 7 years old. Level 21.》
《Donna:〈Yatagarasu〉Member of the 1st Group. Age: 11 years old. Level 18.》

They are ――all children.

Not like I’m the one to say, with me being 8 months old and all, but they are just children with most of them not even 10 years old.
With their bodies wrapped in black clothes and knife in their hand, the children line up behind Gazaine with brisk movements.

“I see….. So the reason why you abducted those children was to make assassins out of them.”

“Pfu. Don’t make it sound that bad.
I only just educated them.
I taught them happiness of accepting the teachings of the Great Glutometsa-sama, who is a prophet that receives the supreme will of the Evil God Monguenes-sama, and living together with that sacred duty.
――Isn’t that right?”

“Yes! We are proud emissaries! We are sacred apostles who kill the devils on behalf of Monguenes-sama!”

The girl with the highest Level said this.

“So this is it, Edgar-kun.
We will have you become an apostle of 〈Yatagarasu〉.
Be proud that you will be able to work for the sake of the Great Evil God-sama.”

“….and if I say I don’t want to?”

“You are bright, so you already know, don’t you?
We could’ve used lethal poison instead of Repchipa.
Nah, even now I could order the bunch here and have everyone killed in the mansion.
Even if by some chance you manage to defeat everyone here, either your father or mother will no doubt be dead by then.
Even before that, at the least the neck of this soundly sleeping missy could be neatly broken in a few seconds, right? In some kind of accident, you see.”


I grimly stare at Gazaine, but he just keeps telling his ludicrous story like he isn’t concerned at all.

“If you are reluctant to the end, then there is no helpin’ it.
We can’t help but do this to settle things.
The compassionate Evil God-sama will perhaps forgive you, but we as a religious organization can’t just overlook the guy that dealt a serious blow to us like that.
Even if that is a not even 1 year old brat……no, exactly because of that it would be bad for the almighty 〈Yatagarasu〉 if we don’t make you as miserable as possible.
―― So, how is it, Edgar-kun.
Won’t you become our comrade for the sake of your papa and mama?
You are too young by our standards, but it’s not like there is no precedent for that either.
We can raise you up to be a splendid holy warrior?
But then, as one would expect, you are the first one with such an outstanding talent that can easily turn the tables on our subordinates.
I guess the 《Baby Scarlet》 nickname is not just for show, huh.
Haha. Interesting. I really look forward to your future prospects.”

“…….I might kill you in your sleep?”

“If you can, then do that.
The greatest assassin should be at the top of an assassin organization, right?
That’s also how I got hold of this position.”

“That is very adherent of you.”

I think for a bit.

This time the inhabitants of the mansion were easily made to sleep with a pollen.
They probably have a collaborator among those that can get into the mansion.
I don’t even have to say that Marcella-san, who was meeting with Gazaine, is suspicious.

However, most likely Marcella-san is threatened by these people.
They probably got ahold of a weakness of hers or took her family hostage.
These people have the ability and the nerve to do something like that without anyone noticing.
In other words, even if we accept our losses this time and raise the level of vigilance around the mansion, there is a high chance that they can do the same thing again and use some kind of drug or come up with a plan to assassinate us.

Of course, mom would be able to repel a run-of-the-mill assassin.
Dad also has the ability to win a complete victory against a few black-clad people.

But no matter if it’s the 《Flame Prison Witch》 or the master of [Spearmanship], they can’t exhibit those skills if they are forced into a coma by a sleeping drug.
If they aren’t afraid to use any means, then they should be able to kill much easier by scattering poison instead of a sleeping drug.

――In other words, it was already checkmate when I became their target.

“If I come with you, then you won’t do anything to the people inside, right?”

“I will promise you that.
For us the nobles are good customers.
Killing nobles is not something we do unless there’s a lot of money involved.
We won’t deliberately do things that would chase away customers.
It would cause too much of a fuss if the family of Viscount Chrebl with those recent military exploits got massacred.”

“The drug you used on the people inside, is it harmless?”

“The effect should wear off by morning. Although a mild headache may remain.”

“You took the family of one of the inhabitants hostage, right?
You will release them properly, right?”

When I asked that Gazaine opened his eyes wide.

“Fu…….hahaha! You are really one helluva kid.
Of course we will release them.
We kill those that should be killed, we don’t kill those that don’t need to be killed.
That is the law of an assassin organization.”

If they don’t have a law like that, then an assassin organization would just end up with an internal discord in no time, Gazaine said.

I guess that’s true.
Professional killers are gathered together, so it would be bad if there is nothing to keep them in check.
Otherwise there is no guarantee that a battle between assassins won’t start from even the smallest disagreements.

That’s why, in place of that, as a way of venting it’s allowed to plot the assassination of the Leader.
However, if they fail they are killed.
Only if they risk their lives to kill the leader can they succeed the role of the leader.

I see, it’s well thought out.

I said this while letting out a sigh.

“I got it……all I can do is go with you.”

There is one more reason why I decided on this.
That is――

《Gazaine Müntzer (Religious Assassin Organization〈Yatagarasu〉Leader/Religious Organization Instructor, 《Mosquito》, 《Hazy Moon》, 《Closer(Certain killer)》, 《Religious Assassin Organization》)
37 years old

Level 55
HP 140/140
MP 439/439 (39+400)
Deal with the Evil God (Due to the Deal with the Evil God Monguenes, powerful bonuses have been gained. Terms and conditions: Raise 100 children into assassins until the deadline and make them each kill at least 5 people. Degree of completion: 89/100, Deadline: 3 months 24 days until.)

Legendary class
+[Sense Danger] 9 (MAX) (Allows sensing the signs of all kinds of dangers and things that lead to danger)
+[Illusion Magic+1] 9 (MAX) (Project the imagined scene to the mind of the targets. Illusions are able to incite certain emotions. Depending on the Level and the amount of MP used, the illusion can be shown to more people. Due to the Deal with Evil God, the effect of [Letterless Invocation] 9 is constantly applied.)

Master class
[Discern] 6
[Assassination Techniques] 6
[Throwing Techniques] 4
[Stealth Techniques] 3
[Detect Presence] 2

[Assassination Skills] 9 (MAX)
[Stealthy Steps] 7
[Unarmed Combat Techniques] 7
[Dagger Techniques] 7
[Shuriken Techniques] 7
[Knife Throwing] 7
[Keen Hearing] 5
[Steel Thread Techniques] 5
[Command] 5
[Jump] 5
[Night Vision] 4
[Darkness Magic] 4
[Sword Techniques] 3
[Fire Magic] 3
[Farsight] 2
[Bow Techniques] 2
[Pharmacist] 1
[Tool Creation] 1

The result from [Appraise] from just now.

Like Melby said, this guy is an apostle of the Evil God.
No, maybe he can’t be called an apostle, but there is no mistake that he is deeply connected.

If that’s the case then they are my and the Goddess-sama’s enemies.
Sooner or later, I would have to settle things with them.
In that case, it’s best if I deal with them before their victims further increase.

――That’s why, I decided.

I will infiltrate their interior, then I will extract every single bit of information or material they have.
And after that, I will catch that Archbishop of theirs and completely, thoroughly annihilate them.
I’ll have to make you deeply regret making a move on my family……!

But, this is not yet the time to show my anger.
Let’s calm down.
Remember the time when I was pissed off by my fighting game opponents.
All getting angry did was it made my movements dull and allowed the opponent to take advantage of it, right?

I pretend that nothing is wrong and say to Gazaine.

“I can at least leave a farewell letter, right?”

“……knock yourself out.
It will be found out that this was done by 〈Yatagarasu〉anyway.”

I wrote up the letter under the surveillance of Gazaine.

The contents are like this.

『Dear dad and mom,

It’s Edgar.
It’s sudden, but I decided to get kidnapped by the Religious Assassin Organization 〈Yatagarasu〉……
They told me if I didn’t listen to them they would kill everyone is the house, so all I can do is obey.
They are people that managed to drug us easily. Even if they are repelled this time, they would plot against us in the future for sure. And sadly I’m not sure if we can get rid of them with our capabilities.
They said they want to make a professional assassin out of me, so they probably won’t kill me anytime soon.
One day, I will return to your side without fail.

From Edgar.』

I show the letter I wrote to Gazaine.

“Kuku……you are showing me this, huh.
Damn, you brat got some thick nerves.”

Even as he is laughing sarcastically, the leader doesn’t tell me to change the farewell letter.

――So this is how I became the captive of the Religious Assassin Organization 〈Yatagarasu〉.

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