No Fatigue Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – Edvice 2

“Next up is Julia-kaasan. Will you be staying too, dad?”

“I’ll go back to the reception room. It wouldn’t be right to have neither host parents present after all,” dad said then returned to the reception room to call Julia-kaasan.

“Ufufu. Just what kind of advice will I be getting? I’m looking forward to it~,” mom said as she arrived. After getting her permission I used Appraisal on her.

Julia Chrebl (Viscount Chrebl’s Wife, Adventurer (A Rank), 《Flame Prison Witch》, 《Blazing Mother》, 《Wyvern Slayer》)
21 years old
Level 52 (↑1)
HP 91/91(↑2)
MP 366/366(↑96)

・Master class
【Fire Spirit Magic】8(↑2)
【Mana Control】5(↑1)
【Letterless Invocation】1(NEW!)
【Sense Presence】1(NEW!)

【Fire Magic】9(MAX)
【Mana Perception】7(↑1)
【Mana Manipulation】6(↑1)
【Concurrent Invocation】6(↑2)
【Wind Magic】5(↑2)
【Light Magic】4(↑1)
【Water Magic】3
【Telekinesis Magic】3
【Earth Magic】2
【Short Sword Techniques】2(NEW!)
【Night Vision】2(NEW!)

《Blessing of the Fire Spirits+1》(Gained the Blessing of the Fire Spirits. Minor boost to the size and effect of Fire Magic. Fire attribute Skills are easier to gain and grow faster. Minor increase of invocation speed of fire attribute magic Skills.)

…isn’t she kinda a lot stronger now?

“Well… your Level went up?”

“Yeah, it just happened while I was hunting wyverns.”

She hunted so many that she even got the 《Wyvern Slayer》 title.
No wonder her Level went up.

“And the reason the ‘former’ qualifier disappeared from Adventurer is because…”

“That’s because I went back to active duty to look for Edgar-kun~”

“Your MP went up too.”

“That’s because I used Edgar-kun’s super secret MP expansion method every night~”

That’s the trick where if you have a magic related title, and you completely use up your MP, your max MP goes up by one.

“You also learned 【Letterless Invocation】.”

“I tried to copy what Edgar-kun did and I managed to do it somehow.”

I only got that skill as a bonus from maxing out the 【Concurrent Invocation】 General Skill, but mom seemed to have learned it directly instead.

“You even have【Sense Presence】.”

“I somehow learned it while I was looking for traces of Yatagarasu. I was desperate~”

That one was the bonus for maxing out 【Eavesdropping】, I think.
Eremia also learned 【Sense Presence】 without maxing out 【Eavesdropping】, but I didn’t think mom would be able to get it too.
Like she just said, she must’ve been just that desperate.

I planned to suggest learning 【Letterless Invocation】 and 【Sense Presence】 to Julia-kaasan, but I didn’t think she would already have them both.

“What are your affinities? Well, aside from your fire affinity, which I know is exceptional.”

“Fire goes without saying, but my Light affinity also seems to be quite high. On the other hand, I have none with Darkness. Although I think 【Darkness Magic】 would be more useful than 【Light Magic】.”

It seems 【Light Magic】 is generally only used for making a few lights.
That skill is treated as simply something that’s nice to have by at least one person in an adventurer party, but nothing more.
In contrast, 【Darkness Magic】 can be used to hide yourself, like Elemia did in the fire drake’s nest, and can also be used to create a smokescreen to shake off pursuing monsters.
To think that after Water and Wind, even Light is considered obscure… At this rate, perhaps even 【Earth Magic】 is considered as only ‘a magic for digging holes’.

After discussing her other non-magic related skills with mom, her affinity list came out like this.

S: Fire, Light, Magic Techniques, Magic Sense
A: Wind, Melee Combat (Short Sword, Hand-to-Hand, etc)
B: Earth, Archery, Perception
C: Water, Reconnaissance, Sword, Spear
Z: Darkness

…yeah. Now I know why Julia-kaasan is called a genius.

“Mom, you are good with melee too?”

“I’m not though~? I seem to have an affinity for it, but my master, who I learned magic from, told me not to be fickle and keep focusing on magic.”

“Then what about the 【Short Sword Techniques】 you recently got?”

“I learned it from Moria, to use it against Yatagarasu. I’m not that good at it yet, so I wasn’t planning on using it, but I thought it might come in handy in a pinch.”

…it seems I really caused a lot of hardships for her.

“I also seem to be suited for staves and claws, but people who use those are too rare, so I don’t have anyone to teach me.”

I imagined mom twirling a staff around or wildly swinging her claws… Is she really that suited for those?

“I’m not very good at handling weapons that require delicate manipulation, like swords and spears. I’m somewhat fine with weapons that need good perception, but I can’t really hide my presence that well. I tried to get 【Stealth】 on the advice of Moria, but I couldn’t learn it in the end.”

“…to sum it up, you are bad with sneaking around, so you can either blast your opponents with big, flashy spells right in the face, or beat them up with a simple weapon.”

Julia-kaasan’s muscle-brained doctrine suddenly showed its face.

“Well then, what is your advice~?”

Oh, right.

“Weell, you already learned 【Letterless Invocation】 and 【Sense Presence】, so that’s good. And since you have a good affinity for 【Light Magic】, it would be a waste not to use it.”

“Eeeh. But, everyone makes fun of 【Light Magic】, calling it ‘Illumination Magic’…”

“Well, just take a look at this. For example, this one? ∩・∀ (Light Reflect)《Mirage》”

I used the same light bending spell I used in the Gazain fight.

“Wah, Edgar-kun got distorted!”

Mom went wide-eyed and kept looking at the space about one step away from me.
Due to the bending of light she should be seeing my image there.

“Human eyes get their information on their surroundings from detecting light, so if you bend that light, you can do something like this. It works on the same principles as mirages.
Mom, you said you are bad with reconnaissance related skills, but this one should be fine, right?”

“I see~. To think that 【Light Magic】 had uses like this.”

“Attack spells should be possible too, depending on how you use it. ∩・ル (Light Concentrate)《Laser》”

I aimed the light at a scrap cloth I had in my pocket from one of the birthday crackers, which managed to open a hole in it.
I also did the whole ‘forgetting to properly adjust its power and saying ouch when I felt a twinge from it’ bit for fun.

“Wha-wha, how did you do that?”

“I gathered the light in the same place, which caused a significant rise in temperature. You can do the same if you concentrate sunlight with a lens.”

“…what is a lenz?”

Huh, weren’t there lenses in this world?
Does that mean there are no magnifying glasses or eyeglasses either?
I’ll jot down this tidbit of information in my internal notebook.

“If you concentrate light, it becomes heat, so it fits well with 【Fire Magic】. In fact, when I saw the fire drake’s Flame Breath from up close, it caused not just the fire spirits but even the light spirits to act up, so I think that might be a Fire and Light composite spell. And since you have a high affinity for both Fire and Light, you should be able to combine the two and create a light and heat wave spell. Maybe we could work on it together?”

“Yeah! That sounds like fun!”

Julia-kaasan was smiling widely and was all but bouncing in her seat.

“After that, I would like you to try picking up 【Spirit Magic】 with dad, and maybe learn 【Enchant Magic】 to power up dad’s spear attacks?”

“【Spirit Magic】 and 【Enchant Magic】! Both are very rare Skills~”

“The training to learn 【Spirit Magic】 is kind of difficult, but 【Enchant Magic】 should be quite doable. I already know a trick to that one, and with my recently obtained 【Magic Guidance】 Skill I can manipulate your mana to show you the ropes, so you should be able to learn it in no time.”

Eventually, I would like her to learn the Mana Barrier (temp.) spell I plan on developing with Melby, but so far we don’t even have any idea how to start on that one.

“I’m looking forward to it~”

Next, I asked my happily smiling mom to send in Chester-niisan next.


“Hello, Edgar. I’ll be in your care,” Chester-niisan said as he arrived.

After getting his permission, I used 【Appraisal】 on him.

Chester Chrebl (Second Son of Viscount Chrebl, Adventurer (B Rank),《One Shot One Kill》, 《Harpy Killer》)
17 years old

Level 34
HP 72/72
MP 169/169

・Legendary class
【Enhanced Vision】3

・Master class
【Sense Presence】3

【Archer Techniques】7
【Wind Magic】5
【Water Magic】4
【Silent Steps】4
【Magic Tool Creation】4
【Crossbow Techniques】3
【Earth Magic】3
【Short Sword Techniques】3
【Mana Perception】3
【Spear Techniques】2
【Fire Magic】2
【Light Magic】2
【Night Vision】2
【Mana Manipulation】1

It seems Chester’s Status hasn’t changed since I used 【Appraisal】 on him outside of the hideout.

“How are your affinities?”

“My affinities? I don’t think I need to mention my Bow affinity, since I’m an elf and all, but apparently my Magic Sense and Perception related affinities are high too.”

After the discussion the list came out like this.

S: Bow, Spirit, Perception, Magic Sense
A: Wind, Reconnaissance, Water, Magic Techniques, Throwing
B: Earth, Light
C: Fire, Spear, Sword, Melee Combat
Z: Darkness

As expected of an elf, he seems quite blessed with natural talent.
Yet, with the exception of 【Fire Magic】, he doesn’t have any other offensive spells, and with his lacking melee combat skills, he can be said to be lacking in offensive power.

As for magic, I also talked to him about the possibility of developing new, non-fire elemental attack spells, like I did with dad and mom.

“That is good news. Until now, the most I’ve used 【Wind Magic】 for was to support my archery,” Chester said with a brilliant smile.

While flinching away from how much he lives up to the elf pretty boy stereotype, I manage to ask about something I was wondering about.

“Does Archery include crossbows too? There seems to be separate Skills for each though.”

“Yeah, in my case it does. Rather, even throwing counts too, so it would be perhaps more precise to call it Marksmanship instead.”

“…that means you can use firearms too, right?”

“I haven’t seen any ‘firearms’ yet, but those are some kind of ranged weapon ancient relics, right? If Marksmanship can apply to them, then I should be able to use those too.”

“You have good eyesight and can learn reconnaissance related Skills too, so maybe you would be best suited for a sniper role?”


“A highly trained marksman, maybe? In my previous world, someone who used a firearm to shoot someone from far enough that they couldn’t even be detected was called a sniper.”

“…Edgar’s previous world sounds pretty dangerous.”

“I wanted to make some firearms anyway, so I’ll give you one when I do. Well, the problem may not be the firearm itself, but being able to provide a steady supply of ammunition…”

“I don’t know much about that, but even ancient relic firearms apparently have some important parts that degrade as the time goes by, so I heard they are mostly considered as some complicated junk.”

“Sulphur, saltpeter, and charcoal, I think it was…? I don’t exactly know myself, so we’ll have to do some experiments. …ah, right. Since you are good with throwing weapons I’ll give you these,” I said as I took out the separation barrier fragments from their dedicated leather pouch hanging from my hip and handed them over to nii-san.

“…these are?”

“I don’t exactly know what they are, but they are sharp as hell. They are useful as emergency throwing weapons. Their applicable Skill is called 【Shuriken Techniques】, which you should also try to get by throwing those if you have some free time. Especially since you have an affinity for throwing weapons.”

“Thanks, those will come in handy. Sometimes I can’t do much when an enemy manages to get into melee range.”

“Since you have good affinity with reconnaissance type Skills, it would be handy to have the 【Silent Steps】 and eventually 【Covert Actions】 Skills.”

“That’s true. Until now I mainly acted together with a party, so there wasn’t really any need. Archers don’t really go solo to begin with.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, since there is no one to shield me in that case, enemies would be able to close in right away. There are plenty of monsters that can’t be killed solely by arrows too.”

Now that he mentions it, that’s true.

“We really should raise the firepower of bows somehow.”

“I would be more than happy if we could, but can we? Simply using a stronger bow would lead to stamina problems.”

“Perhaps we should try using 【Enchant Magic】 on the arrows. I’ll show you the trick to it next time.”

I explained about 【Magic Guidance】 to Chester-niisan too, and promised to teach him 【Enchant Magic】 later.”

“Finally, I would like you to try getting 【Spirit Magic】, same as mom and dad. As an elf, you may be able to get it before either of them. I’ll set up a gathering to learn 【Spirit Magic】 sometime soon, so can you adjust your schedule around that?”

“【Spirit Magic】, huh. The secret art of elves. I wouldn’t have thought you knew how to use it, Edgar.”

As for the rest, I also showed 《Mirage》 from 【Light Magic】 and stressed the potential usefulness of other elements aside from fire. And with that, my interview with big brother Chester came to a close.

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