Heavy Knight V2Ch36

Thank you to the people that commented in the NovelUpdates forum, thanks to that I managed to most likely identify the problem, although resolving it is still another matter.

For the time being I opened up the comment section for unregistered users too, although the spam filter tends to catch most of them, so it will take some time until I approve them and they appear.

I will continue to work on trying to fix the problem, but in the meantime, here is the next chapter:

Chapter here.

Heavy Knight V2Ch35

So apparently the login still doesn’t work.

With people still unable to comment, I would like a few of you to describe exactly what happens when you try to login here in this NovelUpdates forum topic. Maybe then I can narrow down the cause for it since it works for me from wherever I try.

If I can’t fix it within another week, then I will look into alternative solutions.

Chapter here.

Heavy Knight V2Ch34

It seems that I indeed managed to bork up the comment section indirectly by somehow borking up the wordpress login on the site.
I’ve taken steps to remedy that and hopefully it will work properly now.
However, if it doesn’t then you won’t be able to easily notify me of that fact, so I made a strawpoll where you can signal if you still have the same problems.

Strawpoll feedback here.

Yesterday the scheduler also messed up somehow and only published the post part and not the chapter itself, so I decided to make up for that by releasing the chapter earlier today.

Chapter here.