Redo Prince – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – I tried out using Dark Magic at the end of my life

“──So this is Dark Magic….”

Watching the writhing black miasma in my hand, I let out a deep sigh.

I felt the vast amount of magic power I had never used before gathering at my fingertips.

Dark Magic is a forbidden magic.
If a human tries to use it, they will be overwhelmed by Dark attributed mana and turn into a devil without fail.

“Even so….I can’t just die without trying to use it even once.”

It happened thirteen years ago.
When I, Alec Arnotes Luxia, was seven years old, I received this writhing black mark from the gods ─the crest denoting the blessing of Dark Magic─ on the back of my hand.

Thanks to that Dark Crest, the entire world scorned me as the cursed prince ever since.

Despite that, I did not give up on trying to learn magic. I diligently did my best to learn Holy, Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, and Earth Magic; everything aside from Dark Magic.

However, I’ve reached a plateau in every one of those magic attributes in the end. I could only gather enough mana for low ranking spells with those.

That’s why I wanted to use the Dark Magic I had a blessing for, even if only once.

“So this is that darkness── what a tranquil color.”

I almost feel like my body is being pulled into the bottomless darkness.

Is this what they call becoming a devil?

Those that become a devil gain enormous mana capacity and inhuman physical capabilities.
However, they also lose their very selves, leading to them indiscriminately attacking everything around them.

I of course don’t want to end up like that.

My only redeeming qualities were that I was diligent and did not cause harm to anyone in my life.

Therefore, before trying to use Dark Magic, I drank some poison that will kill me for sure.

It took some courage, but I will certainly die today.

I got caught up in a revolt by the citizens of the empire and was left behind at the palace.

“Well, even if I managed to escape….”

There is no place for the cursed prince anywhere. So I will just keep to the shade, as always.

I just got tired of this too bright world. So I decided to die today.

That being said, I don’t want to end things by getting torn apart by an angry mob. So I thought I would fall into an eternal sleep while watching my Dark Magic.

I wasn’t even afraid. I felt calm looking at the swirling black mist instead.

“Finally, I can sleep.”

The words escape from my mouth without my intent.

“But….what’s going on? Shouldn’t I have turned into a devil by now?”

According to the incident records where someone turned into a devil, they all started turning not even ten seconds after starting to use Dark Magic.

This was already a minute…, two minutes, since I started using it.

I don’t see my vision being engulfed in darkness, nor can I hear the whispers of a devil──or wait, I’m starting to hear something now.

‘Why!? Why can’t I take over this body!? Get out, I said get out you bastard!!! This piece of junk!!’

The whispers turned into screaming by the end there. I guess that’s the devil, who, for some reason, can’t take my body over.

──Who are you calling a piece of junk?

Anyway, it seems I was too hasty.

Who would think that I wouldn’t turn into a devil? That I was special like that?

However, the poison kept eating into my body without remorse. My vision started to tremble and my consciousness started to fade.

If I’d known that, then I would’ve mastered Dark Magic before this.

“It’s already too late for regrets now….”

I had not questioned this world until now. This is the limit for me, who simply lived according to the rules of this world.

“Aah….if only I could redo it all again.”

I gave voice to my wish amidst the dying light.

Then, an everlasting darkness arrived──

Or that should’ve been the case.

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